We Are Staying Up!

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Pink Panther, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Truro lost 1-3 at home to Concord tonight, therefore Hamlet can no longer finish in the relegation places this season.
  2. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

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  3. YTC

    YTC Human Man

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  4. Scolly

    Scolly Well-Known Member

    ... really?
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  5. Cyclodunc

    Cyclodunc Where's the slam tent, mate?

    Well done everyone.
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  6. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much.
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  7. TonyWalt

    TonyWalt Active Member

    Very happy, staying in the division and getting back to Champion Hill were the two main objectives this season. We have succeeded.

    It’s been a tough season.
    Some lessons learned including: we have far less time on the ball to be creative. We probably need a tougher defence, several times we were beaten by mediocre teams who just knew how to defend, and learning to not give away clumsy fouls to opposition players who know how to draw them.

    In Dipo and Thompson, with Clunis, Cook, Hunte, Green and Wanadio, we have a good attacking force, and with Ferguson and Mascoll who like to get forward and shoot too, going forward we have decent players.
    I like the look (and vocals) of Charlie Allen, I think he and Taj, in midfield, can beak up opposition attacks earlier and take some pressure off the defenders.
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  8. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    Congratulations, genuine achievement. Hope you can push on next season.
  9. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    Great that we are over the line, and we should celebrate this. Once we have done that, then I'm afraid this squad undoubtedly needs changes to challenge for the play-offs next season. I don't subscribe that we can kick-on next season with minor tinkering. Very much agree with TonyWalt that we have been very weak defensively this season, albeit not helped by some kamikaze tactics at times, e.g. starting with a 433 away at Torquay and again at Oxford. I would keep Preston and Michael Chambers, but that's pretty much it! If we want to move up the table, then we need to majorly reinforce here. If we can sign Jamie Mascoll, then that would be ace, but he looks too good for us. He is easily capable of League 2 / National League. I am amazed how much he has improved since he left us.

    In the middle, then we could still do with a cornerstone to break-up play and move it forward. We need a National South version of Kenny Beaney. If possible a new creative midfielder to improve on what we have, but Ferguson remains a good option. Green has been great, and Nyren done enough, and with Wanadio / Hunte, then I think we are fine on the flanks. Up front, then we should continue to work with Dipo - he is improving and it's no surprise a run of games has helped with that. A National League version of Jason Prior within budget would be a great addition! Thompson is worth keeping in the squad as well.
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  10. Jimbob73

    Jimbob73 The Wanley Road Massive

    We are staying up! Was it ever in doubt? ;)
  11. editor

    editor hiraethified

  12. Ben Caldecourt

    Ben Caldecourt Active Member

    I wasn't a fan at the beginning but I would probably keep Magnus as well, think since he has returned he has been vital in our decent run of performances. He's not the greatest footballer in the world, but he is a leader and has experience at a higher level. I dont think anyone can argue we havent looked as defensively solid with him in the lineup in the latter stage of the season. Other than that I agree with everything else. I really like Thompson and hope he can keep fit, but this looks as though it's been his issue wherever he's been, he's never properly settled at a club. For me, the squad doesnt need too much changing, just more depth in strength in my opinion. I havent seen enough of him but Charlie Allen has certainly got a good CV at a decent standard, so I hope he stays on for the season. I doubt we'll get Mascoll, so I think full backs are a priority as Green has to play higher and we havent really had a confirmed right back all season. Ming always performed well and had he continued that form he would've probably been a contender for Player of the Season, but god knows what went on at Eastbourne Borough away.

    The seasons been a big learning curve, but just thankful we're going to get another chance at it.
  13. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    All good points. New full backs are key, as Green can't play there at this level. I like Magnus as well, and I would be happy for a fully fit version of him to stay, but he has been too injury prone unfortunately. I presume he is on a high wage (going by his football league experience alone), and I would like to think we can get in a similar stature player, or even better player given we are will be entering our second season in the National League. The size of our crowds should act as a pull for players too. Agree, it's too early to judge on Charlie Allen. The next few games will be crucial for him I guess.
  14. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    It's unlike me to be the voice of optimism, but I think this side is capable of a significantly higher finish next season. There was a lot of chopping and changing at the start of the season, with the usual culling around September and October. We put together a decent run around November, but then lost Magnus to injury which clearly had a massive effect. Ever since Concord away, I feel we've looked a lot stronger, bar the odd result or iffy performance.

    I'd genuinely struggle to think of players that I think need to go: Vose is the only one that initially springs to mind. His performances have nosedived in recent weeks IMO, but even that feels a bit harsh given how influential he was at the start of the season. Green, Tajbakhsh, Dipo, Ferguson and Magnus are 'must keeps' for me, and I'd be disappointed to lose Taylor, Cook, Thompson or Chambers. I think the only problems we have in terms of personnel is replacing the on loan players, in particular Mascoll, who I agree has improved drastically since he left us. I'd look to get a left back therefore, a striker or two (one in the Sheriff-mould and a target man as cover for the fragile Thompson) and a leader of a centre half, just in case Magnus's knee goes bang again. I'd like to sign Hunte, too.

    I'd love to see Clunis back on the right wing (I thought he looked far more comfortable and effective there than he did when we were shoehorning him into the no. 10 role) and Quade back in midfield. I think Charlie Allen is going to have a substantial impact, as well.

    That aside, I'm not in any desperate hurry to leave this division. The crowds are at a good level, people can drink and watch the game, and the squad is still quite young and has room to improve. I'd settle for mid-table and the LSC quite happily.
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  15. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Really?

    My understanding is earlier in the season our financial situation was so precarious that some agents didn't want their players joining Dulwich and being at risk of not getting paid. This made things difficult for the manager.
    Now we are in a stronger position and have recently picked up some decent players.

    I agree, I'd be quite happy to stay in the National League South. In the National League there are increased costs, restrictions and away travel and perhaps it's too serious and less fun. There are a number of National League clubs on the verge of bankruptcy and we don't want that increased risk? Or do you think we should be more ambitious?
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  16. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    Did these agents send them Billericay or Welling way? Both released players at points in the season to “balance the books”.
  17. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Really?

    Ironically spot on you hipster. It wasn't a level playing field. Now where have you read that before?
  18. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    Maybe you texted me.
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  19. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Depends where you draw the line between "minor tinkering" and "changes". Two summers ago it was minor tinkering with just Acheampong & Hayles coming in for Drage, Sekajja asking to leave right on the eve of pre-season, then people like Ferguson and Allassani being added to a small squad once the season was underway. Last summer I think Gavin probably lost more players than he wanted to as a result of all the uncertainty caused by our exile from Champion Hill. Given the mid-season turnover of players I'd like to think we won't need more wholesale changes. Generally our best seasons of the Gavin Rose era have come when we've retained most of the previous season's squad. We've looked more capable of scoring goals in recent months; I think I counted 21 goals in the last ten league matches, with 17 points won, which is good. The defence continues to look fragile at times as we've never replaced the collective experience and leadership qualities of Weatherstone, Acheampong & Hayles, with only Okuonghae matching what is needed, and he's missed around a third of the matches with at least three separate spells out injured.

    I'm also ambivalent about a "challenge for the play-offs". I think it's ridiculous that 7th place out of 22 gets you into the play-offs. That's more or less a third of all the teams in the division. Dartford and St Albans are still in contention and they were no better than us this season when we faced them; we more or less outplayed each of them at home and lost narrowly away. The trouble is that you don't actually have to be that good to finish 7th, it's the sort of thing we ought to be aiming for next season and anything much less will be a disappointment. Last season's two promoted sides from this division (Havant & Braintree) have both come straight back down, as have our old Isthmian rivals Maidstone after three years in the National Division. If we're good enough for promotion great, but I'm dubious about going flat out to reach a level at which we could really struggle.

    I'd be OK with keeping Okuonghae, but we need another centre back who knows this level in addition. I'd also like to keep Cook; we just don't seem to have made best use of him or found the right role for him within our team, but I think he's the type of character we need. Thompson give our forward line a real focal point and is very strong in the air and holding the ball up or laying it off. He's like a quicker Jay May, the player he effectively replaced in the squad.

    I suspect Allen is a possible for the "Beaney role" for next season. He barely seems to have played for the last couple of years and had a dozen or so games for Grays in the Isthmian D1N before joining us. Beaney himself arrived in similar circumstances three seasons ago just before the transfer deadline, didn't really feature at the end of that season but then became fully integrated and was made club captain for the following two seasons as the team built towards eventual success.

    We've actually got quite a small squad right now if you discount the four loan players, which means we should be able to add a few new players before needing to release anyone. Of those loanees Mascoll is the one I'd most like to keep but least likely to be made available. I like the look of Hunte from the few times I've seen him. Not sure about Wanadio or Essuman, can possibly do better.

    Another player I think we really missed, especially during the difficult middle part of the season before we recruited Aryan Tajbakhsh, is Ibrahim Kargbo. He's the best player of his type I think I've seen in our colours, the ultimate "holding midfielder". He mainly just seemed to patrol the centre circle, but he was always quick and alert enough to cover 10 or 15 yards to snuff out danger, he was very calm and composed receiving the ball and moving it on quickly and efficiently. He had all the physical attributes and discipline of a defender with the technical skills of a creative player.

    I hadn't even thought of that. More like didn't want to risk not getting their own cut of their client's wages. Bloody leeches sticking their oar in.
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  20. Roger D

    Roger D Well-Known Member

    To be fair to the agents, they were right to do so. Many players at this level are paying mortgages etc from football and have this as a / the major income source. Failing to flag that up to a client would be negligent. They are paid by the client to represent his interests not ours.

    Someone posted a link on here not long after we returned to the Hill. The article was based on an interview with Ben. He made it clear that had Meadow not allowed us back we were gone and that it would have been a straight liquidation. From memory October 1st was the date we were to be liquidated on.

    It's unlikely a player cut adrift so early on substantial wages is going to get a good contract at this level. Not that many teams have a large free budget for that . Many are likely to have had to accept lower offers elsewhere. The potential financial ramifications could have been serious for players.

    The flip side is that those very same same agents will now be advising their clients we are a good bet to honour contracts.
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  21. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    I'm really apprehensive about next season's budget: I hope we don't just chuck a load of money at it. It must be tempting given that our coffers must be in reasonable shape since our return to CH. I'd be seriously worried about attracting the kinds of mercenaries that have flocked to Billericay and Welling in the last season or two. The quality of the player may be better but I'd hate to see a Dulwich made up of Jake Robinson's and Rob Swaine's, who are just shamelessly turning up for the cash. I'm not naive enough to think that players will play for a lesser packet just for the privilege of playing for DHFC, I just hope we don't become one of these sides with a colossal budget. It just wouldn't feel like Dulwich.
  22. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I don't think that will happen. The Billericays and Wellings have benefactors just throwing money at the playing budget without which they'd be stuffed. (Welling look like a decent bet to win the play-offs to me, given their recent form.) Those type of clubs will always be more attractive to the mercenaries, which is quite useful really as it lessens the risk of their agents persuading us to sign them.
  23. liamdhfc

    liamdhfc Well-Known Member

    Unless there is new money Welling will not have a competitive budget next season. I don't expect Steve King to still be there either.
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  24. Don Reid

    Don Reid Member

    I think the likes of vose is a must to keep, in a stable team he would be our most influencial player going forward Now we know teams are more pragmatic than actually good we have a base to work on
  25. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    Influential because?
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  26. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Are you not his dad?
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  27. Don Reid

    Don Reid Member

    After watching this season we've thrown away games by not having good game management, not because they were better than us, so with a bit of fine tuning to the squad vose's real quality will come out!!
  28. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    He needs to believe in himself and then he can boss the game.
  29. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I reckon Pompeydunc is Ashley Carew's dad!
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  30. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Really?

    Friday 19th April Torquay couldn't be arsed to beat Chippenham and Woking couldn't be arsed to beat the time wasting cheats! So St Albans will not be happy.

    In the Bostik Premier Carshalton are up to third and Worthing drew with Tonbridge.
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