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Watching Meadow Residential/ Healey Development Solutions

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by darryl, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Radical-Cliff

    Radical-Cliff Old Spice

    If the club were to sign. Who will be signing?
    Nick McCormack as the Director? Or the Comity.
  2. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Nick, but the club key stakeholders (comm, trust, management) are instructing him.
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  3. XV Brigada

    XV Brigada New Member

    Strongly worded email sent and message left
  4. ForwardHamlet

    ForwardHamlet Well-Known Member

    Have just shit down the telephone.
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  5. BrandNewGuy

    BrandNewGuy Well-Known Member

    I appreciate that the discussion of what can be done is going on in private to prevent the scum-sucking bloodsuckers from reading it, but I'd be really grateful if those involved can let us know what the rest of us can do to help ensure the game tomorrow goes ahead, apart from letting Meadow know what we think of their predatory vileness.
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  6. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    The answer, to make sure it goes ahead, is not a lot, just express your anger via media and social media, and hope the exposure/bad PR makes them not enforce their threat.
  7. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    can those coordinating events today please publish revised times venues so we are clear

    ie "carol service" at Meadow (understand BBC attending ???)
  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Now filed in my 'Teams I Like' folder:

  9. mick mccartney

    mick mccartney Well-Known Member

    so from this can we assume that Nick McCormack is now on 'our' side ?
  10. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Nick is on our side, and has been since they pulled funding. Just taken him a while to get up to speed. Which many who knew his dealings of the club previously does not come as a surprise..!
  11. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    Interesting to read in Liam's notes in the magazine that Meadows have invoiced the club £120K for back rent and stadium improvements over the last 3 years. Apparently they had to issue it but it won't be enforced.

    I'm guessing they are loading more debt onto the club to make it less appealing to the council or anyone else to buy in and to hopefully recoup their money if someone does.
    The question is, what is the other money they have run Dulwich Hamlet Football Club limited into debt over the past 2 years is for?

    Also going forward, will they be charging £60K per year for rent of the ground?
  12. liamdhfc

    liamdhfc Well-Known Member

    The current fee for the stadium use is £500 plus VAT per game. Obviously, we then pay for Groundsman, Utilities, Bar Staff, Security, Stewards, Turnstile operators. That agreement runs until the end of the season.
  13. liamdhfc

    liamdhfc Well-Known Member

    Sorry I should also have said that their solicitor is seeking proposals for repayment along with guarantees that we can meet all liabilities. So when they said it wouldn't be enforced that's not what they meant.
  14. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

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  15. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    £60k a year to rent the ground.........................................
    now if we had average League attendances
  16. Radical-Cliff

    Radical-Cliff Old Spice


    Meadow has deliberately made it difficult.

    From the club running the entire facilty - giving us the opportunity to generate income.

    Our lease has been downgraded to football pitch and facilty hire? With debt

    It appears Crystal Palace had a better agreement than we do and they are Prem!!

    Is the utilities divided by all the users of the building equally? Or is based on usage?
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  17. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    On reflection..... they're still cunts.
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