Wandle floods, breaks banks, and destroys key bridge...

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by TopCat, Jul 1, 2019.

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    I took a walk alongside the river Wandle this morning. It burst it's banks at the junction of Bishopsford Road and Ravensbourne Park recently.

    Burst banks are rare and this one flooded umpteen houses including a few picturesque millionaires riverside homes.

    The key road bridge here was under repair but open to traffic. It had been extensively braced with scaffolding underneath ie in the water.

    The storms caused all manner of debris to get trapped amongst the scaffold bracing. The swell increases. Partially down goes the bridge, the attached gas main ruptures as does the attached water main. The latter adds to the flow. Banks burst, houses flood.

    It is such a lovely river. Rarely more than a foot deep ordinarily.

    Now the buses are broken and the bridge won't open this side of Christmas.

    Bit of a fuck.up really. 20190701_114631(0).jpg
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    I'd be interested to hear if the bracing was accepted protocol for the circumstances. Pics I saw looked a bit haphazrd
  3. ricbake

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