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Discussion in 'books, films, TV, radio & writing' started by ohmyliver, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. ohmyliver

    ohmyliver poppin' like a cork

    Trailer here

    from comic series to tv series.... looks very good.... directed by the director of The Shawshank redemption etc.

    Wonder when it will be (legitamately) be available in the UK
  2. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    Can't wait. Looking forward to taking receipt of Hardback book number 5 too.

    Egg from This Life (?!)
  3. oddworld

    oddworld building a lego house

  4. TruXta

    TruXta tired


    Was really glad to read that the series won't be slavishly following the comic book's plot. Would have made for quite a boring watch for those who've read them....
  5. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    I'm excited by this. Hours of zombie excellence.
  6. S☼I

    S☼I .

    I don't like horror films. Except for zombies.

    This looks proper bo.
  7. gsv

    gsv liminally queer

    Trailer looks very good.
    Airs in the UK on FX? Damn - I've only got free-to-air (Virgin) channels.

  8. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    The set up looks identical to 28 Days Later and from the trailer the rest looks like every zombie movie ever made, complete with the half corpse from Return of the Living Dead and the overhead shots from swarming zombies from the Dawn of the Dead remake This isn't grabbing me yet.
  9. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    The story is character-driven tho, and that's the kicker. As it's an ongoing comic with no end in sight there's no grand finale they have to plot their way towards - hence no need for deus ex and macguffins just to advance the story towards a predefined end. The comic is very much not like 28DL or DotD.
  10. D'wards

    D'wards I'm an excellent driver

    To be fair there is such a plethora of zombie films now it will be hard to do something with the fellas not done before.
  11. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    That's another reason why I'm not that excited about this apart from the fact that I'm not a huge Darabont fan. I'm zombied out. Still as a horror movie fan, I'll keep an open mind and if it gets decent reviews then I'll check it out. With Mad Men and Breaking Bad AMC currently has the two best drama series on air.

    The last time anybody did anything genuinely original and fun with zombies was Charlie Brooker's Dead Set.
  12. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    I'd advice you to check out the comic book series before casting your verdict on the story as such, even if (or especially given that) the show won't follow all the twists and turns of the books. Agreed that it doesn't do anything original about the idea of zombies as such, but is that really the mark of quality zombie output? Dead Set was very much canonical in its treatment of what zombies are and what they do, but that was rather besides the point. Same with Walking Dead; the focus won't be on the zombies as such - they are entirely trad - but rather the fact that we follow a group of characters throughout a prolonged series of encounters with a zombified civilization.

    Probably a good thing then that Zombieland became a film rather than a show, else that niche would've been taken.
  13. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    It's the thing that's almost Guaranteed to ruin the TV series...
  14. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    Why? It wouldn't surprise me if they stick to some of the major arcs, seems like they'll do the beginning pretty close to the books anyway. Can't see that that'll be a recipe for shitness tho.
  15. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    well two clear reasons

    1 it's the stories about the people which made the series really the gradual mentality of having to kill lot's of your friends and people in general and how kids eventually become mental or savage etc growing up in it/around it/ it being all they know how people learn to cope (girl with the corpses of her boyfriend, limbless and jawless will almost certainly not be featured)
    2 if it strays too far away from the series the core likely audience ie the readers of the original series who've wanted to see screen adaptation/version for a long time now will turn off in droves and if the current rating's death of programs is anything to go by it'll be cancelled shortly afterwards... (Lone Star managed 2 episodes before being cancelled the event is looking like being binned off after 3...)
  16. Hoss

    Hoss ...It was the blurst of times...

    For me, the black and white of the comics adds to the bleakness of the story, something that seemed to be immediately missing from the trailer.

    There's no doubt I'll watch this but my expectations are lowered slightly after seeing it.
  17. 8den

    8den No I'm pretty sure that was 8ball...

    Well this is the interesting thing, the one thing that I was disappointed about dead set was that it finishes so soon, the tight finale with the producer killing them all by his own selfishness, instead of exploring how a self contained compound would handle a zombie outbreak.

    Reno when I picked up the first issue I was disappointed that it apes 28 days later. However what's really interesting about the comic book is that it's incredibly fucking grim, the death, rape, murder, vicious infighting, the mental trauma. The body count amount recurring characters is staggering, and before the 5th volume starts the cast of characters is radically different from the start and the ones who have survived are carrying immense emotional and physical scars.

    I can't see how this can stay faithful to the original and be possibly broadcast, the comic is just too fucking bleak and vicious and violent
  18. maldwyn

    maldwyn What?

    Sunday OCT 31

  19. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    I think it could be epic tbf...

    and the level of cast change is going to be immense so that will keep interest in the series...

    I still think that they are pitching it wrong after all he finds his family after what 3 issues... so if people are expecting it to run along the lines of man looking for family then it'll be a fooking short series...

    and whether lori will die at the prison is another thing i think the yanks will change baby killing ain't really their thang...
  20. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    I love zombies. They're like idiot vampires, empty dead shells without intelligence. Brooker got it just right.
  21. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    walking dead zombies don't really have intelligence the detail in the most recent issues about their swarm mentality is kinda revealling in how dumb they are and of course they are starting to get weaker... but the humans are starting to get madder...
  22. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    Twice in one day, Garf! Anyways, I can't wait. At the moment I've only got True Blood to enjoy.
  23. maldwyn

    maldwyn What?

    The first episode was awesome, though 'Egg' took some getting used to.
  24. 8den

    8den No I'm pretty sure that was 8ball...

    Can you let me know where you got the torrent
  25. maldwyn

    maldwyn What?

    This link was working at midday, don't know how long it will be active. I imagine its been posted all the usual places/everywhere by now. :D

  26. Sadken

    Sadken K-5 You -0

    I was impressed. I liked Andrew Lincoln as Rick too and, tbh, I find Rick to be a sanctimonious fucking cock in the books.
  27. D'wards

    D'wards I'm an excellent driver

    Ah, i was waiting until 31st for this, is it out now?
  28. maldwyn

    maldwyn What?

    No, not officially. But it's not difficult finding an uploaded preview copy.
  29. InfoBurner

    InfoBurner Everything Is Under Control

    Just watched it.
    Bloody marvelous, great pacing, acting and pathos. 'Egg' pulls off the accent and is a wonderfully familiar face to be juxtaposed with such lashings of undead apocalyptica.
  30. 8den

    8den No I'm pretty sure that was 8ball...

    I've got it waiting at home for me.

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