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Walking around Wales


Rough Like Badger
870 miles.

There is a coastal path all the way around. How long would it take? Would it be better to go north > south or the other way around?

Just wondering if a mission is possible! Anyone done it?


There's no future in England's dreaming
My walking days are over for coastal paths but my gf did 30 miles of it in 3 days last summer with her sisters. Its proper walking, i.e hard work. But beautiful. She did St Brides Bay, Solva to Marloes.

The whole thing is 870 miles long btw.


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Two pairs of socks and an extra mars bar - no dramas.

Personally I'm a little disappointed that you've missed out the obvious - Coastal Path + Offa's Dyke path. I'd start at Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range and walk south of the ODP, 160 miles or so to Chepstow, then do the coastal path south to north, then back onto the ODP for the short leg to Moel Famau.


Keep meaning to head down towards Pembrokeshire and do the whole coast there for a few days.

When the weather improves some coastal walking will be great.