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Viz, the monthly review

Orang Utan

knows how to use the three shells
Should've been more popular than it was. I wasted many hours reading those on a painfully slow (even by 2000 standards) dial-up connection, while I was supposed to be inputting orders in the shop where I worked.
Oddly enough, I used to work in a shop with one of their writers.

machine cat

nod from the big man as kosher
Can someone just scan the entire new issue to this thread, thenI don't have to spend tomorrow lunch time in WH Smiths

Orang Utan

knows how to use the three shells
Slightly disappointing. Could have been Ursula Cloybeam.
Soz, none-funny but true answer. He also co-wrote two books on weird UK tourist attractions called (More) Bollocks To Alton Towers in which they recommend eccentric but safe delights such as the Cumbernauld Pencil Museum and Morpeth Bagpipe Museum.
Oh and a third one is called Far From The Sodding Crowd.

I remember him playing Philip Glass' Koyaanisquatsi on a Saturday in a crowded Our Price on the King's Road. Perhaps he was actually being funny :D


New one's out (for subscribers,in shops on Thursday). Haven't had a chance to have a proper look yet but Biffa's in and no sign of Tasha Slappa or Disability Scooter Woman so looks like a good month.


My gourd of choice
I stopped reading Viz when the Fat Slags were in every issue, but when I was in hospital a few years ago, someone brought me an edition featuring The Casebook of Sherlock Homeless, which I liked a lot.

I liked Alberto Balsom and his Magic Hats, short-lived, Boswell Boyce, and Spoilt Bastard. Somewhere there is a Yellow Pages advert for builders, including Jack Churchill, a name you can rely on - that's why I chose it. Who was tight as a gnat's chuff?


have to wait till tues to pick up a copy. And go town for it. Local tescos doesn't stock it, despite being happy to stock one of them shitty lads mags that really are a poor mans wank fodder and the very definition of bantz


contents may have settled during transit
No Viz is complete without everybody's favourite televisual Titan, IMHO:

Again, if you're from the north east it's quite easy to work out which local newsreader RM's based on - the lads supposedly overheard him effing and blinding about his colleagues in the Egypt Cottage toilets (next door to Tyne-Tees studios - both now razed to the ground and replaced with student accommodation :mad: )


They are ringing the bells now but soon...
The viz videos are all utter shite by the way.never understood why they devalued the characters with vids


I've still yet to get this months, waiting on me p's ennit.

but a recent thread reminded me of a letterbocks thing:

they say you are detained 'at her majesties pleasure'. I don't know why she gets such a kick out of it, the cow


Sign On You Crazy Diamond
I've still yet to get this months, waiting on me p's ennit.
It's great. First one I've read in years but I laughed out loud half a dozen or so times. Profanisaurus is particularly fine this month. I won't ruin it for you but there's one that begins 'a fanny like a ...' that had me fucking howling. :D