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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by jjillings, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. jjillings

    jjillings New Member

    Hi all,

    I am doing an Investigation into the views of current/future development in Nine Elms. I would really appreciate if anybody, local or not, could offer their opinions as it would really help me out!

    Thank you!

    James :)
  2. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    what sort of investigation are you doing?
  3. jjillings

    jjillings New Member

    It is a geographical investigation into the societal impacts of redevelopment! It will be used in an A-Level project I am completing :)
  4. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    The "societal impact" is a difficult fish to hook. Much of Nine Elms is former industrial and light industrial land, so the impact has been more on jobs than on housing in the area. That said, it's worth looking into how many homeless shelters have closed as a result of the gentrification of the area in the last 2 years - and Wandsworth and Lambeth Councils' creation of what amounts to an "opportunity zone" there for developers - and how the densification of housing (and the concomitant requirement for extra utilities and other services) will affect local infrastructure, given that the roads around Nine Elms and Vauxhall are already near capacity during the rush hour, and local public transport is AT capacity on some routes through and originating from Vauxhall during rush hour.
    Bear in mind too that the Nine Elms developments are only part of a larger development surge that stretches from the A3216 in the west to the bank of the Thames in the north, South Lambeth Rd in the south and Lambeth Bridge in the east. You can't really analyse the impact on Nine Elms without looking at how the wider development will affect Nin Elms.
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  5. MrSki

    MrSki Who am I to say you're wrong

    :thumbs: Good luck with that. I have walked down Nine Elms Lane over a 1000 times & never seen an Elm. Fucking rip off.
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  6. newbie

    newbie undisambiguated

    it'll be a very sad thing if the sunday market closes. Do you know what the current expectation is?
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  7. snowy_again

    snowy_again Slush

    Fun fact of the week - the new massive student block on South Lambeth Road is up and the cladding was being put on, until train drivers complained that the red tiles reflected the sun from the west and looked like a stop light. All red tiles now being removed from a 100m Tower. £30k mistake.
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