Videla - convicted of stealing left wing babies

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    Longish article about a new batch of declassified documents that have just been released.

    Members of far right paramilitary group CNU (Concentración Nacional Universitaria) convicted in Mar del Plata today.

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    Child 122 found. Son of montoneros members Iris Garcia Soler and Enrique Bustamante who were kidnapped in January 1977 when the mother was 3 months pregnant.
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    BA Herald report.

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    More declassified documents on operation Condor and Argentina's relationship with the US.

    On the other hand, what was hinted would happen with dictatorship issues is going ahead."2x1" law controversy.
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    Demo at Plaza de Mayo and support from football teams who were playing last night.

    Plaza de Mayo noal2x1alosgenocidas.jpg

    Plaza de Mayo noal2x1alosgenocidas 2.jpg

    noal2x1alosgenocidas atlanta.jpg
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    River Plate also backed the protests which have apparently forced a u-turn.

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    Buenos Aires Herald closing.

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    Cases 123 and 124 solved a couple of weeks ago. Ramona Benítez de Amarilla (Montoneros) and Susana Elena Ossola de Urra (PRT-ERP), kidnapped along with their partners in May 1976 while 3 months pregnant and murdered shortly afterwards.

    Identificaron a dos mujeres asesinadas durante la dictadura, una era puntana

    Review of new dictatorship themed fillum The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis.

    Article on survivors illustrating the vapidity and political illiteracy of the 'anti-imperialist' position articulated by a dictatorship supporter earlier in the thread.

    These Women Lived To Tell The Tale Of Argentina's Dirty War

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    Identity of Child 125 discovered. Daughter of Lucia Rosalinda Victoria Tartaglia who was kidnapped in November 1977 and held in various torture centres including Olimpo, where Garage Olimpo director Marco Bechis was also held briefly. One of her torturers was Julio Simon (Turco Julian) who has been mentioned earlier in the thread.
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    ESMA Sentencing was yesterday. 54 defendants. 789 cases. 29 life sentences. 19 sentences of between 8 and 25 years. 6 acquittals. Bigwigs sentenced to life on top of what they had already included the aforementioned Alfredo Astiz and Jorge Eduardo Acosta.

    Argentina 'angel of death' gets life term

    The Guardian has chosen to make it about the pope, trying to shoehorn him into being part of the opposition to the regime, and even a potential victim.

    Argentina 'death flight' pilots sentenced for deaths including pope's friend

    He withdrew protection for the jesuits Yorio and Jalics who worked in the Bajo Flores area with a group activists who were abducted and taken to the ESMA on the same day.

    bajo flores.jpg

    Marta Vasquez, the mother of one of those abducted, Maria Marta Vasquez Ocampo Lugones who was pregnant at the time, died a few days ago without finding what happened to her grandchild.

    Good news for Irish fascists. Ricardo Jorge Lynch Jones was among those acquitted. I think he claimed that his brother Gustavo Alberto Lynch Jones who somewhat conveniently died 20 years ago, was responsible for the crimes he was accused of.


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    Child 127 found. Daughter of montoneros María del Carmen Moyano and Carlos Simon Poblete who were kidnapped in April/May 1977 when the mother was 8 or 9 months pregnant. The child was born in the ESMA.

    English report in Buenos Aires Times.

    High level regime copper Miguel Etchecolatz was granted a release from prison into house arrest.

    Argentina military-era killer out of jail

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    Argentina Group Identifies 128th Person Taken During ‘Dirty War’

    Ramos, Marcos Eduardo | Nuestros Nietos | Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

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