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Venus in the east.

mojo pixy

unquantifiable hazards
I recently got a half decent amateur telescope because the nights round my way are darker than I've had for years. They turn the streetlights off after about 1am and I live on the edge of town anyway, so I've been stargazing properly again, re-learning names of stars and marvelling at the milky way again (astronomy was a childhood hobby but life since in the light pollution of major cities has put paid to it in my adult life so far)

Anyway this seemed to be the most recent thread relating to astronomy, so I thought I'd bump it to discover any other posters who regularly stay up too late staring at the sky...

And on topic, Jupiter is very visible now, a few degrees SE of the moon. Saturn is a few degrees after that, so it's only visible for an hour or two from here at the moment because dawn comes early.

Of course a telescope also means I'm looking forward to winter's dark nights for probably the first time ever :thumbs:


I've seen all the planets except Neptune and Pluto (yes it IS a planet). Uranus you can't see with the naked eye so it was a telescope job, but I found it eventually and it was clearly a turquoise colour. Saturn through binoculars is quite obviously not "just" a sphere but it's hard to keep binos still enough to see the shape of the rings. Must fix the laser sight on my scope and get back out there (although winter is much better for gazing).


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Unfortunately East London isn't the greatest of places so only really get to see the easy to see with the naked eye, which there is a fair bit to delight in to be fair. I can only imagine what a dark sky and decent telescope, but one day :thumbs:

I have the Skyview Lite app on my phone and I love it and it does let me accurately pinpoint some big names etc.


180 degrees of my sky is decent, but I live a mile from a shitload of refineries, factories and docks, so even the "darker" side of the sky isn't wonderful. Through my scope I've seen the Beehive Cluster, the Orion and Ring Nebulae, and of course the planets and our moon. Seeing the gap between Saturn and its ring system with my own eyes (aided by the scope) was genuinely one of the great thrills of my life.

But I didn't see the "band" of the Milky Way until a couple of years ago in Sicily.

mojo pixy

unquantifiable hazards
I really would love to get a decent camera :(

This is Jupiter at x130 magnification, it was beautifully clear in the eye. With a decent camera you'd be able to see coloured bands and four moons (one is so close it looks like a little smudge, but that is a moon)

hey ho .. look at the big blob and little dots!

jupiter moons 2019-06-20 0110.png

hmm and a pitifully lo-res but recognisable even at 65x magnification...

saturn 2019-06-20 0125.png
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