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  1. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    A tribute mix to the soulful house master! More write up in the link, but basically its some more recent favourites first and then rolling out with some of those massively influential garage dubs from the early 90s.
    Mikus Musik: Louie Vega Salute!

    Louie Vega Salute!

    1. Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan -
    Children of the World (Roots Mix) [2013]

    2. Louie & Anane Vega -
    Heaven Knows (Louie Vega Heavenly Instrumental) [2016]

    3. Winans Brothers feat. The Clark Sisters -
    Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015]

    4. Masters At Work feat. Wunmi -
    Ekabo (Afro House Mix) [2000]

    5. Louie Vega & Josh Milan -
    The World Is A Family (Afrohouse Vamp Dub) [2017]

    6. E.O.L. Soulfrito -
    Upright Love (Louie Vega Lo-Rein Instrumental) [2017]

    7. Steal Vybe feat. Jon Pierce -
    Be Free (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015]

    8. Masters At Work feat. India -
    I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Dub) [1993]

    9. Masters At Work feat. Lonnie Gordon -
    Bad Mood (MK & Masters At Work's Bass Hit) [1993]

    10. Masters At Work feat. Neneh Cherry -
    Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No 1) [1992]

    11. Masters At Work feat. India -
    When You Touch Me (MAW Touch Me Dub) [1993]

    12. River Ocean feat. India -
    Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun) (12" Club Mix) [1994]
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  2. BCBlues

    BCBlues Lend us a Twenner

    That's a great mix Ringo.

    That's my favourite track in there.

    Great stuff:thumbs:
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  3. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    Well that's my Monday bus journeys sorted :cool:
  4. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    ha hope you enjoy! i had a bit of a nightmare with this mix tbh...all the Louie Vega stuff has lots of strong chord elements and you just cant mix them over the top of different tunes without it going all out of tune and clashing...tunes out theres a good reason lots of soulful house djs usually let the tune play to the end and then mix out over those last few clean drum bars...but with a fair bit of planning and using for the first time a little loop function i think i've managed to get these to work together and mix without waiting to the end of what are often 10 minute tracks!
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  5. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Made a nice change to do one without the microphone, effects etc too.
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  6. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E21 of my TechTonic Podcast has arrived. All comments (Whether good or bad) are welcome. Available to stream from all the usual platforms and available in Itunes.

    All tracks 'Original Mix' unless specified:

    1. Sirius-Metodi Hristov
    2. Brigade Mordor-Matt Sassari
    3. The Heal-Victor Ruiz
    4. iON-Lutzenkirchen (Dino Maggiorani Mix)
    5. Bullet Load-Matt Sassari/Gaston Zani
    6. I Can Feel It Rising-Secret Cinema/Egbert
    7. Rock Trick-Matt Sassari
    8. Deceptions-Tiaz
    9. Dopamine-2 Pole
    10. History-OC & Verde
    11. Ghost In The Closet-Barbuto (Agent Orange Mix)
    12. Bi-Polar Star-Oliver Giacomotto (Victor Ruiz Mix)
    13. Canopus-Mario Ochoa
    14. Dreams-Quench
    15. Suburbia-Coyu/Bastian Bux
    16. Ethereum-Steve Mulder/Durtysoxx
    17. Black Dolphin-Harvey McKay
    18. Stay With Me-Ameilie Lens (Perc Remix)
    19. Shape-Weska/Kevin De Vries
    20. Phono-Matt Sassari (Andres Compes Remix)
    21. Pulsar-Mauro Picotto (2KS Picotto Tea Mix)

    'You look hard to work with' Drive (Outtro)
  7. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Some proper having it 1991 hardcore! UK breakbeat, Belgian + Dutch new beat and some US rave in there too.


    1991 Hardcore Techno Bizniz

    E-Dancer - Velocity Funk [USA]
    The Break Boys - My House Is Your House [USA]
    Lost - The Gonzo [UK]
    Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath (LFO Remix) [UK]
    Turntable Hype - Turntable Hype (Amsterdam Mix) [Netherlands]
    Bazz - House of Pax (Sanchid Mix) [Belgium]
    Fierce Ruling Diva - My Name is House [Netherlands]
    Chemical Company - Tronic Equator [UK]
    Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous v1 [UK]
    Code 071 - Stand Together Yo Breakthrough (Instrumental) [UK]
    DD Hass - Who's Hous'n [UK]
    Indo Tribe - Owl [UK]
    Ravebusters - Mitrax [Belgium]
    Olympia - Art 3 [Belgium]
    Mental Cube - So This Is Love [UK]

    download, write up, streaming etc:
    Mikus Musik: 1991 Hardcore Techno Bizniz
  8. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    Oooh! Don't mind if I do! :D
  9. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    MORNING! Guaranteed stronger than coffee on a sunday breakfast ;)
  10. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    "Only for the headstrong" :D
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  11. SheilaNaGig

    SheilaNaGig Struggling and striving

    Been listening to this tonight ringo and enjoying it a lot. Many thanks Mate.
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  12. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Glad you liked it, ta :)
  13. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 31st January 2018.mp3

    A New Name Jah Got - Ras Michael (Rastafari 7")
    Black People - Alton & Cedric (Studio 1 12")
    Go Ahead - Carey Johnson (Studio 1 12")
    Where Its At - Lloyd Forrest (Bongo Man 7")
    Cheer Up Blackman - Marvin Brooks (Techniques 12")
    Children Of Israel - Dennis Brown (Diamond 12")
    Down In Jamdown - Bim Sherman (HitRun 12")
    My Woman - Bim Sherman (Zion 7")
    Life Is A Moment In Space - Wayne Smith (Jammys 7")
    Assignment No.1 - Augustus Pablo (Impact 10")
    Africa Homeland - Sylford Walker (South East Music 10")
    Opportunity Dub - King Tubby (South East Music 10")
    Crisp As A Ball - Glen Brown (South East Music 10")
    Gone To Negril - Althea & Donna (Reggae Bloodlines 10")
    Terrorists In The City - Eek-A-Mouse (Greensleeves 12")
    Bushmaster Connection - Little John & Billy Boyo (Greensleeves 12")
    Dancehall Style - Al Campbell (Greensleeves 12")
    Blood Money - Proteje (Overstand 7")
    Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Beastie Boys & Major Lazer (Mad Decent 7")

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  14. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E22 of my monthly Techno Podcast:

    TechTonic 'Spiral Through The Day' (February 2018)

    All tracks 'Original Mix' unless specified:

    1. G-Flame-Fever
    2. Who & Who-Dysphoria (Dino Maggiorani Mix)
    3. Rob Hes-Modern Time
    4. Schach Matt-No More
    5. Lander B & Dok Martin-Octano
    6. Durtysoxx &Tyler Rouse-Lisk
    7. D.Mongelos-Back To The Roots (Dub Mix)
    8. Hybrasil-Kapteyne
    9. Ken Iishi-Malfunction Manipulation
    10. Umek-Deja Vu
    11. Aitor Ronda-Loveration
    12. Mario Ochoa-Glaciar
    13. Petter B-Driverless Pattern
    14. Umek-Standard Cold
    15. Another Life-Spektre
    16. Le Freak-Arjun Vagale
    17. Umek-Quest Chain
    18. Raitio-Sphere
    19. Setaoc Mass & Clerk-Centre of The Cyclone
    20. Torsten Kanzler-Midi Express (Eric Sneo Remix)
    21. Thomas Evans-Bitch is Back (Mario Ochoa Remix)
    22. Murder Was The Bass-DK8

    'The Book may say we're through with the past-but the past isnt through with us' MAGNOLIA (Outtro)

    Available to stream on Soundcloud and in the Itunes Store

  15. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    1hr 13 mins of eclectic discoveries from everywhere

    Kenyan death metal, Swiss minimal techno, Slovenian electronics, ambiance from Alaska, punk from Spain, dark majesty from Belgium, field recordings from Lancashire and more

    Density of Sound: Density of Sound 57
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  16. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Something for the spring sunshine on its way...spring time house selection, old and new, balearic vibes deep in the mix....

    Spring Sun Soul // Balearic House Session
    Talamanca System - Balanzat
    Art of Tones - Damped
    Dennis Ferrer v Marlon D - The Breeze
    The Return - New Day
    Phaze Dee - Reckless
    808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
    Linkwood - Expressions
    Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise Version)
    Neal Howard - Indulge
    Art of Tones - Take Me Higher
    Crackazat - Sundial
    Strip Steve - Dreams Of
    Logic - The Flavor of Love (Wayne's Flavored Love Mix)

    stream download etc
    Mikus Musik: Spring Sun Soul // Balearic House Session
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  17. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E24 of my latest techno Podcast.

    Comments good or bad most welcome

    Full T/L

    1. I Wish-Bilboni (Mr Lekka Remix)
    2. Southside-Robert Junior & Tony Di Angelis
    3. Kraken-Dino Maggiorana
    4. Swarm-Gaist
    5. Peters Hand-Michael Klein
    6. Atlantide-Reform (IT)
    7. Liquid-Martin Brooks
    8. Guy-Sopik (Original Mix 2)
    9. S-Sound-Green Velvet & Hyperloop
    10. Chicago-Meli Rodriguez & Matcho
    11. Through The Lens-Brennen Grey
    12. Sokt Kick-Petter B
    13. Welcome-Oscar Escapa & Martin Lacroix
    14. Sooner or Later-Mario Ochoa
    15. Love Disorder-Ignacio Arfeli
    16. Deseo-Diego Gonzalez * David MK
    17. Side Effekt-Alen Milivojevic
    18. Bruyant-D-Deck
    19. Phalaina-Diego Amura
    20. Burning-Gary Burrows
    21. Smoke-Volodia Rizak
    22. Atom-2pole
    23. Stage Capture-Marco Faraone
    24. Cameo-Word Up

    'Whats the most you've lost on a coin toss' 'NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (Outro)

  18. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    90 minutes of experimental psychedelic dub and classic roots from the early 70's to the 80's & 90's

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 26th March 2018.mp3

    Mafia - Lloyd Parks (Cactus 7")
    Va Va Voom - Carl Masters (Pantomine 7")
    Abendigo - Abyssinians (Jam Sounds 7")
    Mas-Gan - Big Joe (Secret Agent 7")
    Riding Forward - Wayne Wayde & Tommy McCook (Vivian Jackson 7")
    Mango Walk - Chosen Brothers (Wackies 12")
    Earthquake - Mighty Two (Belmont 7")
    Invasion - Crepsoles (Ackee 7")
    Fall In Love - Sanchez (Shocking Vibes 7")
    All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme - Tippa Irie (UK Bubblers 12")
    Walk With No Posse - Devon Irie [Irons] (Aces Music 7")
    Stray Away Girl - Puddy Roots (Fantasique 7")
    Black Romeo Dub - Derrick Screechy & Scientist (AL JR. 7")
    Love Of Jah - Barrington Levy (Wild Fire 7")
    Uncle Joe/Get Off Me Toe - Gregory Isaacs/Prince Fari (Virgin 12")
    Hypocrites & Parasites - Winston McAnuff (Top Ranking 7")
    Morning Train - Neville Blythe (Burgess 7")
    Kings House Rock - South East Trumpet [Frank Aid as Parrow) (Village Records 7")
    Brace A Boy - Dillinger & Pablo (Jam Rock 7")
    Thank You Lord - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Trojan 7")
    Malcolm X - Earl 16 (New Flower 7")
    Jah Stitch & Leroy Smart - Dread Involved (Aggrovator 7")
    I Feel Lost - BB Seaton / King Tubby (Soul Beat 7")
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  19. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    All killer no filler

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 25th April 2018.mp3

    Together Now - Little Roman (Blank 7")
    The Last Prayer - Future Generation (Black Rock 7")
    Time & Place - Dennis Brown (Clocktower 12")
    African Love Call - King Tubby (Justice 7")
    Second Hand Girl - Scientist (Trojan 12")
    Inflation - Johnny Osbourne (Techniques 12")
    The Little Village - Dennis Brown (Live And Love 12")
    Crisp As A Ball - Glen Brown (Pantomine 7")
    Realize - Richard Macdonald (Pantomine 7")
    Civilization - Classics (Punch 7")
    I Need You - The Wailers (Studio 1 7")
    Less Problem - Cedric Im Brooks & Sound Dimension (Blank Coxsone 7")
    Age Of Revolution - Lester Sterling (Blank 7")
    Movie Swing - Vin Gordon (Silver Ring Blank 7")
    Rebel Man - Express [Bill Campbell] (BB blank 7")
    Ride On Brother - Dr. Alimantado (Vital Food 7")
    Dub Charge - Aswad (Grove Music 12")
    A Little Way Different - Errol Dunkley (Arawak 12")
    Know Love - The Twin Roots (Black Art 12")
    History - Carlton Jackson (Black Art 12")
    Words - Sangie Davis (Black Art 12")

  20. disco_dave_2000

    disco_dave_2000 la la lapland

    Downtempo chilled business ...

    Atom TM - Naturalist #4
    Optica - Hashidity
    Alien Mutation v Indigo Egg - Sea of Tranquility
    The Sunkings - Galapagos
    Timeshard - King Canary Glactic Jump Ride
    As One - What Might Have Been
    YO3 - Aberoo
    The Drum Club - The Illuminated
    Clark - Elaine / Gabriel Theme
    Ryuichi Sakamoto - Solari
    St. Vincent - Dancing With A Ghost

  21. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Roots http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 9th May 2018.mp3

    Grand Father Bogle - Ruddy Thomas (Parks 7")
    Ghetto On Fire - Jacob Miller (Arab 7")
    Great Tribulation - Paul Freeman (Classic 7")
    Land Call Africa - Anthony Creary (Classic 7")
    Proverb - Al Brown (Zodiac 7")
    Ain't No Love - Al Brown (Arab 7")
    Slaving - Lloyds Parks (Parks 7")
    Melody Maker - Keith Hudson (Mafia 7")
    Mitchvile Rock - Glen Brown (Slang 7")
    Jahovah (dubplate cut) - Johnny Osbourne (Jammys 7")
    Jah Heavy Load - Ijah Man Levi (Island 7")
    Moulding - Ijah Man Levi (Jahmani 7")
    I'm A Levi - Ijahman Levi (Hail I Hymn LP)
    Better Safe Than Sorry - Bunny Brisett (Message 7")
    Stronger - Jennifer Wakeland (Rockers International 7")
    Trouble You A Trouble Me - Ini Kamoze (Ini Kamoze LP)
    Shub In - Frankie Paul (Pioneer International 12")
    73 Salute - Liam Partial (Partial 7")
    Don Gorgon - Danny Red (Partial 7")
    Upfull Melody - Guiding Star Orchestra (Tribe 84 7")
    Sub Majesty - Ras Tinney (Namaste 7")
    Jah Army - Mighty Prophet (Roots Sensation 7")

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  22. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Dennis Brown Roots Crown 1977-1985
    Prophet Rides Again
    Jah Can Do It
    So Jah Say
    Breaking Down The Barriers
    Little Village
    To Be A Weakman
    Fire Singer
    Due Season
    Rainbow Country
    Bubbling Fountain
    Bubbling Fountain - Ray Symbolic Dub Special
    Praise Without Raise
    A True + Nu True
    Why Fools
    Blood City

    words, download, stream etc
    Mikus Musik: Dennis Brown Roots Crown 1977-1985
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  23. Numbers

    Numbers an ting!

    Exceptional page of mixes Urbs, chapeau to all (as usual) :cool:

    Last 2 mixes are what it's all about for me personally, love them ringo ska invita :thumbs:
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  24. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I wonder who sings lead on that? doesnt sound like any of the wailers! amazing.
    my kind of tune this....wow...im in love..cant see it coming up on a google search even...where did you find it?
  25. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    I've been wondering the same thing, I'm going to find out because it's not obviously any of them.
    I reckon it's Peter Tosh, trying very hard to sound like The Temptations.

    A handful of blank 7"s listed by a Jamaican seller on Ebay. He didn't know what they were but put up sound clips and matrix numbers. Spotted it when looking for something else and was instantly blown away by it. Someone else must have done the same because I had to bid for it, but paid £84 (only! :D) instead of the usual £200.

    I love it, Cedrim Im Brooks did some amazing stuff, will start a new thread.
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  26. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    He is the best. That Honest Jons retrospective from a few years ago is probably my most played reggae album
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  27. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    IMG_20180514_103749.jpg Funnily enough I'm wearing the t-shirt today!
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  28. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Sly Stone related gems released after There's A Riot Going On. Long write up, tracklist, download link at Mikus Musik: After The Riot: Sly Stone Rarities, Productions and Admirers 1973-1982
    After The Riot: Sly Stone Rarities, Productions and Admirers 1973-1982

    Sly Stone - Say You Will [1974]
    Sly Stone - Loose Booty (Alt Version) [1974]
    Sly Stone - Remember Who You Are [1979]
    DJ Rogers - Its Good To Be Alive [1975]
    Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle (Alt Version) [1976]
    Sly Stone - The Same Thing (Original LP Mix)[1979]
    Sly Stone - Frisky (Alt Version) [1973]
    Shuggie Otis - Sparkle City [1974]
    Sly Stone - Babies Makin Babies (Alt Version) [1973]
    Sly Stone - We Can Do It [1982]
    Sly Stone - I Get High On You (Disco Version) [1979]
    Little Sister - You're The One (Dubplate Mix) [1976]
    Sly Stone - One Way [1982]
    Funkadelic - Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter Version) [1981]

  29. cozmikbrew

    cozmikbrew Bass case

    That is superb Ringo!Been trying to knock together a CD of tunes like this for a mates party so this'll go down niceley,wicked stuff
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  30. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Nice one, have fun :thumbs:

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