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  1. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Meditative beauties and love songs to lift the mood in a sad week, and to celebrate my mates' forthcoming wedding

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 24th May 2017.mp3

    Jah Glory - Third World (LP)
    A Jah Do It - Jah Bunny (Must Dance 12")
    Ark Of The Covenant - Aksumites (Thebes 12")
    Too Late To Turn Back Now - Alton Ellis (All Tone 12")
    Stars - Lloyd Parks (Impact 7")
    Rome - LLoyd James (Moods 7")
    Leaving Rome - Jo Jo Bennett (Cactus 7")
    Cottage In Negril - Tyrone Taylor (Love + Unity 12")
    Tu Shun Peng - Frankie Paul (Jah Guidance 7")
    Worries In The Dance - Frankie Paul (Volcano 12")
    Righteous Rock - Papa Tullo (Negus Roots 12")
    When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman - Delroy Wilson (Channel One 12")
    Why Won't You Come On - Bim Sherman (Attack 12")
    I'm Coming Home Tonight - Dennis Brown (Yvonne's Special 12")
    Show & Tell - Freddy McKay (Soferno B 12")
    China Gate - Guardian Angel (Matumbi 12")
    Poor Man In Love - Gregory Isaacs (Tabou1 12")
    Love To See You Smile - Delroy Wilson (J&L 12")
    I'll Be Around - Otis Gayle (Studio 1 12")

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  2. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    lovley selection :thumbs:
    that china gate tune took me by surprise...i know it from a Sun Ra version (1961), but it dates back to 57 from this musical
  3. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Great, didn't know that. The original is vaguely familiar but I hadn't made a connection.
  4. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

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  5. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Already posted on the Marcus RIP thread :(

    Marcus Intalex – A Better Place – Tribute & Salute

    Better Place
    Love and Happiness
    Lose Control
    Warp 1
    Second Thoughts
    Proof Rock
    Red 7
    Make a Raise
    Step Forward
    Celestial Navigation
    Bitter End

    download link etc
    Mikus Musik: Marcus Intalex – A Better Place – Tribute & Salute
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  6. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    My new 1hour mix for HouseTech Radio Listen to House & Techno 025 - JOCKSTER by HouseTech #np on

    Full attack listing contained within link

    Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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  7. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you downloaded these from soulseek and knocked em together using a cracked copy of tracktor
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  8. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

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  9. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg


    one day the sadness will end

    O - Laura Palmer Theme
    Kuedo - Under the Surface
    Dalhous - Methods of Elan
    Puce Mary - The Spiral
    Casino Versus Japan - An Ocean Dark Along a Charcoal Line
    CukoO - Woodpecker
    D.A.R.F.D.H.S. - Fo¨rensligandet - Sva¨lta°ren
    Susanna - This - Phenomena
    odi me - Open
    Banabila - Awake
    Casino Versus Japan - Pink Laced Glaze
    Shield Patterns - On Needing
    Xiu Xiu - Into the Night
    Harold Budd - The Room
    Best Available Technology - No Tears in Her Eyes
    The Caretaker - Into Each Others Eyes
    Noveller - Lone Victory Tonight
    Leyden Jars - The Fullness of Light
    Deaf Center - Path to Lucy
    Deep Listening Band - Rain Delay
    Julee Cruise - The Nightingale

  10. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    did another mix. mostly disco and house

    escort - starlight
    k.i.d. - don't stop
    joutro mundo - nao force
    billy frazier - billy who?
    dego & 200 black family - don't stop (let it go)
    alexander robotnik - problems d'amour
    rabo de saia - ripa na xulipa (charles maurice extended version)
    donna summer - spring affair
    peven everett - heat up
    nebraska - drill deep
    omar - lay it down (andre lodemann remix)
    painel du controle - relax (waxist extended edit)
    move d - felix
    skyy - here's to you (dimi's body & soul edit)
    blueboy - sandman
    david bendeth - feel the real
    uptown funk empire - you've got to have freedom (patchworks remix)
    livy ekemezie - holiday action
    recloose - dust
    delano smith - nebula
    tabu ley rochereau - hafi deo
    vernessa mitchell - higher (silk's journey to heaven mix)
    romanthony - bring u up
    booker t jones - don't stop your love
    voilaa - spies are watching me
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  11. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    Roots inna new style

    L'Entourloop feat. Tipper Irie - Le Rendez-vous
    L'Entourloop feat. Skarra Mucci - Dreader than Dread
    Dreadsquad & Lady Chann - Money ah dem God
    Anthony B - Freedom Fighter
    Stephen Marley feat. Capleton & Sizzla - Rock Stone
    Black Omolo feat. Fire Son Bantu- Rise My People
    Cali P feat. Capleton - Dem Ago Burn Up
    Hollie Cook - Milk & Honey
    Bush Chemists feat. Lutan Fyah - Beat Round the Bush
    Capleton - That Day Will Come
    Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock
    Perfect Giddimani - Rockstone Highway
    Arise Roots feat. Capleton - Rootsman Town
    Protoje feat. Chronixx - Who Knows
    Beres Hammond - Hail His Name
    Bush Chemists feat. King General - Wicked Them Wicked
  12. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    142 minute reggae BBQ selection - nicely chilled out, then gets all hot and bothered.

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 21st June 2017.mp3

    I'll Never Fall In Love - Pat Kelly (Love 12")
    Everybody Bawling - The Melodians (High Note 12")
    Roseybell - Sugar Minott (Gorgon 12")
    Lonely Man - Gregory Isaacs (Success 12")
    A Black Slavery Day - Black Skull (Black Skull 12")
    Sounds Of Redemption Dub - Augustus Pablo (Rockers 12")
    Assignment No.1 - Augustus Pablo (Impact 10")
    Extraordinary Dub - Impact All Stars (Impact 10")
    Herbsman Shuffle - King Stitt & Andy Capp (Clan Disc Blank 7")
    Kill The Devil - Orthodox All Stars (Orthodox 7")
    Real Rock - Vin Gordon (M&M 12")
    Shy Man - Kiko Bun (Lionvibes 10")
    The Lick - MC Zulu (Happy As A Lark 7")
    Weeping And Wailing - Starky Banton (Dub Organiser 10")
    Trust No Shadow After Dark - I Roy (Heavy Load 7")
    You Send Me - Bobby Floyd (Observer 7")
    Killer Version - Observer (Observer 7")
    Exodus - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Island 12")
    Standing Firm In Babylon - Jacob Miller (Top Ranking 7")
    World Of Confusion - Sylvan White (Freedom Sounds 7")
    Coconut Head Version - Joseph C (Uhuru 12")
    I Was Born A Free Man - Al And Freddy (Dubplate)
    I Am Free - Joe White (Dubplate)
    These Three Girls - Mankind (Man Kind 12")
    Next Door Neighbour - Tony Tuff (MR 12")
    Easton Horns - Bim One Ft Digistep (Riddim Chango 12")
    Live It Up - Al Campbell (Conscious Embassy 12")
    Strings For Jah - I David (Roots Youth 12")
    Warrior Of Jah - Mighty Prophet (Blank 7")

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  13. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    June episode of my radio show (along with 3 mates). Recorded tonight. I'm last from about 1:30, but it's all good ;)

    No tracklist yet, but will update this when I get it.
  14. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    My June 2017 Techno 'Revolutionary Symphony' Mix

    Comments good or bad welcome. Download link available.

    1. Zizzle-Eric Sneo (Lee Van Dowski Mix)
    2. As It-Drunken Kong
    3. Mental Spirit-Frankyeffe
    4. Hotline-Escorting Sarah
    5. White Armour-Patrick Berg
    6. Circus-Eric Sneo (Erics Groovy Touch Remix)
    7. Video Shop-Escorting Sarah
    8. Elusive-Durtysoxx
    9. 2 Vision-Cosmic Boys
    10. Burma-Tone Depth
    11. Get me On-Monika Kruze/Pig & Dan
    12. Obscurita-Noir (Dub Mix)
    13. Casino-Dense & Pika
    14. Your Mind-DJ Boris
    15. Grimebox-Hollen
    16. Three 2 One-Rob Hes/LAAT
    17. Slices-Rob Hes
    18. Medicine Man-Sian (Mark Reeve Remix)
    19. Mauve-Karotte/Kaiserdisco
    20. Sneaking Un-noticed-UMEK
    21. Rooter-Heiko Laux/Joel Mull

  15. Longipas

    Longipas Banned Banned

    I used to like Marcus Intalex a whyle ago...
  16. Moronik

    Moronik roughly humanoid

    I've started a new radio show!

    I'll be loosely covering music form the 80s, i.e. Italo Disco, Hi-Nrg, Early Hip Hop, Latin Freestyle, Electro, New Wave, Post Punk & Synth Pop

    You Taste Like The Tropics

    First one is me and Christo on the decks.
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  17. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    A multi genre mix I totally forgot I recorded last August. Bassline, Footwork, Jungle and a wee bit o' breakcore at the end.

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  18. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    Can't wait to listen to this, but blimey, that's a massive file!
  19. Liveist

    Liveist Straight to video

    I can't even remember the last mix I've recorded, but Soundcloud says the last mix I uploaded was two years ago so I'll just go with that. It's very rough in terms of mixing, but hopefully it does it's job in delivering an hour of no-nonsense Techno. Hope you enjoy!


    Oscar Mulero - Rotar (Tensal Digital Bonus Remix) (PoleGroup)
    Slam - Factory Music (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) (Soma Records)
    Mr Jones - Reality Check (Inigo Kennedy Remix) (DSNT Records)
    Adam X - Sheer Insanity (Original Mix) (Sonic Groove)
    Andrea Belluzzi - 75 (Original Mix) (Synewave)
    Sleeparchive - Multicolored Works (Original Mix) (PoleGroup)
    Josh Wink - Denial (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) (Ovum Recordings)
    Surgeon - Search (Original Mix) (Blueprint Records)
    Paula Temple - Gegen (Original Mix) (Noise Manifesto)
    The Knife - Stay Out Here (Paula Temple Remix) (Brille)
    Mick Finesse - Concubine Hysterics (Octave Remix) (Silent Steps)
    L.B. Dub Corp - Roller feat. Function (Len Faki Interpretation) (Ostgut Ton)
    The Prodigy - Roadblock (Paula Temple Remix) (R&S Records)
    Stevie Wilson - Follow Me (Xhei Remix) (Organism)
    Perera Elsewhere - Ebora (Paula Temple Remix) (Friends Of Friends Music)
    Martyn Hare - Hardcore Kicks (Inigo Kennedy Remix) (Emetic)
    Klangtronik & T.A13 - Transposed (Joy Fagnani Remix) (Gobsmacked Records)
    Paula Temple - Deathvox (R&S Records)

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  20. Moronik

    Moronik roughly humanoid

    aha! sorry about that..... I guess it must still be in Wav format....!
  21. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    My monthly techno 'TechTonic' techno podcast. 'Cast A Shorter Shadow Mix' (July 2017)

    1. Hallucination-Pig & Dan/Mark Reeve
    2. Khainz-D-Log
    3. Women Beat Their Men-Lisa Lashes
    4. Move On-Dino Maggiorana
    5. Techi-Sharam
    6. Horn-Matt Sassari
    7. Get Down-Andre Crom
    8. On The Floor-Dino Maggiorana
    9. Change-Dino Maggiorana
    10. Obsession-Pig & Dan
    11. Prodigious-Photek
    12. Violet-D-Deck/Matt Sassari
    13. Balance-Wigbert
    14. Be Alright-Jonno Brian/Tania (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
    15. Black Patterns-DJ Bone (Len Faki Remix)
    16. Mission-Drunken Kong
    17. To The Metal-DJ Boris
    18. Stressin-DJ Deep (Ben Sims Remix)
    19. Starting Again-Pig & Dan
    20. Elements-Dino Maggiorana
    21. Another Time, Another Place-Hob8
    22. Helicopter-Dirtysoxx (Steve Mulder Remix)
    23. Everybody-D-Unity
  22. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    A couple from my summer holiday

    7" roots stepper classics from our annual party: http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 2nd August 2017 Warm Lager Special Brew.mp3

    Mighty Ruler - Bim Sherman (Ja-Man 7")
    Juvenile Delinquent - Black Roots (Kick 7")
    Be Wise My Brethren - George Allen (Studio 1 7")
    Uncle Joe - Gregory Isaacs (African Museum 7")
    Eli Eli - The Gladiators (TR Groovemaster 7")
    Give Me - Burning Spear (Fox 7")
    Children Of The Emperor - Albert Malawi (Uprising 7")
    Jah Jah New Garden - Lopez Walker (Phase 1 7")
    No More Slavery - Glen Brown (Dwyer 7")
    Beware Of Your Enemies - Creole (Well Charge 7")
    Jacko - Brand New Day (Asher 7")
    Effort In Youself - Chantells (Phase 1 7")
    Unity - Horace Martin (Rootical Dubber 7")
    Real Ranking - Althea, Donna & Trinity (Top Ranking 12")
    True Born African - T Man & Bones (Sioux 7")
    Deliver Me From My Enemies - Vivian Jackson (Vivian Jackson 7")
    Lift Up Your Conscience - Israel Vibration (Top Ranking 7")
    Living In Sorrows - Michael Anthony (Third Generation 7")
    Lead Us Heavenly Father - African Brothers (Uptempo 7")
    Jah Golden Pen - Sylford Walker (Joe Gibbs 7")
    Shackles & Chains - Earl Zero (Freedom Sounds 7")
    Natty Burry - Carl Fletcher (Uprising 7")
    Kill The Devil - Orthodox Players (Orthodox 7")
    I Know Myself - Ernest Wilson (Hitbound 7")
    Power Of Love - Ronnie Davis (Rosie 7")
    The Vow - Gene And Eunice (Aladdin 7")

    12" roots selection: http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 16th August 2017.mp3

    The Half - Dennis Brown (DEB 12")
    Voice Of The Poor - Fred Locks (Lloyd Coxsone 12")
    Assemble Not Thyself - The Terrors (Phase 1 12")
    African Land - Carol Kalphat (Hit Run 12")
    Loved By Everyone - Prince Fari (Hit Run 12")
    Righteous Melody - Dr Pablo & The Cry Tuff All Stars (Hit Run 12")
    So Much Trouble - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Blank 12")
    Satta A Masagana - Abyssinians (Different 12")
    Thirty Pieces Of Silver - Big Joe (Jah Lion 12")
    Children Of Babylon - Mike Brooks (Archive 12")
    Daniel - Prince Alla (Stars 12")
    Jah Is The Light - Leroy Smart (Gee's 12")
    Pride & Ambition - Leroy Smart (Dub Vendor 12")
    Keep On Trying - Twinkle Brothers (Virgin Front Line 12")

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  23. Tooter

    Tooter Well-Known Member

    What started as a quick mix ended in too much redstripe and 2.5 hours of Breaks.

    downloadable too....enjoy!

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  24. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E16 of my TechTonic Podcast. 'Genesis to Revelations' Techno Mix (August 2017)

    Comments good or bad welcome and feel free to share-download link available within the link:

    All tracks 'Original Mix' unless specified:

    1. Vies-Siles
    2. Gotta Make This-Scott James/Jimmy Strip
    3. Artifacts-Durtysoxx/Dino Maggiorani
    4. How I Work-Drunken Kong
    5. Codes-D-Unity
    6. Chronic-Dino Maggiorani
    7. Sahara-Dino Maggiorani (Drunken Kong Remix)
    8. Whiskey Peaks-Between Strangers (Club Mix)
    9. Chemistry-Buitrago (Dino Maggiorani Remix)
    10. Wisdom-Christian Varela/Tomy
    11. Crave Transfer-Aardy (Reset Robot Mix)
    12. All I Want Is-D-Unity/Matt Sassari
    13. Black Hole-Marascia/Dusty Kid (Ultimate Mix)
    14. The Accuser-Cirez D
    15. Reality-Bilboni
    16. The Bond We formed-Robert Hood
    17. Pilgramage to Paradise-Sourmash (Spectre Remix)
    18. Oddball-Arjun Vagale/Ramiro Lopez (Sasha Carrassi Mix)
    19. Flight 643-Tiesto

    Outro-I'm a Driver (Baby Driver)
  25. The_Reverend_M

    The_Reverend_M More bass, vicar?

    So Sunray asked me to record a couple of mixes for him to play at his bar at Burning Man festie this year. I obliged. Now to share the results with all of y'all too.

    For the first one I went for a '60s/'70s rock vibe...

    Listen/download here:

    Bob Dylan – Rain Day Women #12 & 35
    The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
    The Monks – I Hate You
    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose They Give a War and No One Comes
    Donovan – The Trip
    The Fugs - CIA Man (live)
    War – Low Rider
    Babe Ruth – The Mexican
    Mayssa Karaa – White Rabbit
    Big Brother & The Holding Company – Combination of The Two
    Jefferson Airplane – Plastic Fantastic Lovers (live)
    Canned Heat – Going Up The Country
    America – Horse With No Name
    Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel – Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
    Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
    Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight
    David Bowie – Black Country Rock
    Steppenwolf – The Ostrich
    Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic
    GHP – Rapture Riders

    For the second one we enter the world of (mostly) reggae-funk-disco covers/remixes/mash up's...

    Listen/download here:

    Mungo’s Hi-Fi ft. Charlie P – Nice It Up (Rockers Mix)
    Michigan & Smiley – Tom’s Diner
    Flourgon and Ninjaman – Zig It Up
    General Levy – Incredible (Wrongtom Remix)
    Dirtsman & Missy Elliot – Get Impeccable
    The Apples vs. Masters At Work – Killing (Sam Redmore’s Work Edit)
    The Traffic – Whitelines
    The Traffic – Super Freak
    Etta James – I Got You Babe (Jr. Dynamite’s Back To Funk Edit)
    Breakout – Planet Rock (DJ Ayres vs. Jay.Soul Remix)
    Rob Tex – Rock The Kasbah (Kasbah Disco Mix)
    Meco – Star Wars Theme (12” Disco Mix)
    Mankind – Dr. Who
    Sonic – Dr. Sonic
    London Elektricity – N*E*R*Dstep Mix
    Invisible Landscape – Beat Goes On
    Roots Manuva – Witness (Mister Shifter’s Cruffatin Version)
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  26. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Decided to do a new series of mixes, Bassline, Jungle/DNB, DNB/Hardcore, Breakcore. This part one (Bassline), tracklist in link.

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  27. Cloud

    Cloud Omar Commin!

    here's September folks, I'm off the fkn opiates and back in action, hold on! lol

    p.s I know I played same song twice but... was later its a good progression, intro was just a favm could have been constructed but I just play, its probably better that way rather than smapling in shit and fucking about.

    Heres Septembers hotties for tech/deep house, rest would be fillers arf

    decicated to a friend
  28. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg

    A surefire bunch of toe-tappers herein to keep you warm, possibly even get you moving about. We’ve got cover versions, nostalgia, weirdness, mid-western power trios, deep fried texans galore, english garage bastards and a decent amount of wonky diagonal electronic gear.
    Hüsker Dü - Big Black - USA Nails - Hot Snakes - Death Pedals - Grey Hairs - Roky Erickson - Butthole Surfers - USA/MEXICO - Enslave The Zombie - Drain - Shit and Shine - Holy Fuck - Powell - Not Waving - Container - Prostitutes - Martin Rev
  29. Cloud

    Cloud Omar Commin!

    Deep Soulful House
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  30. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E17 of my latest Techno Podcast now available to stream or d/l

    'Burn all Responsibility' September 2017

    All tracks 'Original Mix' unless specified:

    1. Gareth Stirling-Just Feel It
    2. Sasha-Game Ovr
    3. Frequency-Dino Maggiorana
    4. Leo Lippolis-NYC to LA (Dino Maggiorana)
    5. Rob Hes-The Solution (Mario Ochoa Remix)
    6. Julien Jeweil-Answer
    7. Ovim/Durtysoxx-Wingman
    8. Sam Paganini-Gravity
    9. Tigers Stripe-Body Trip
    10. Mr Bizz-Circle (Pig & Dan Remix)
    11. Danny Fontana-Revolver (Dino Maggiorani mix)
    12. Simp-Asio
    13. Filterheadz-Tipping Point (Dino Maggiorani Mix)
    14. Dense & Pika-Lanky
    15. Lutzen kirchen-Undoomed (Sudo Remix)
    16. Inner City-Big Fun 2017 (Pique & Darksiight Mix)
    17. Christian Smith/Victor-The Runner
    18. Robert Capaunio/Luigi-Midfield
    19. Adam Beyer/Enrico-Preset Heaven
    20. Thomas Evans-Last Wave
    21. Thomas Evans-In The Soup
    22. Lewis Fautzi-Ancient Way

    Outro-The War on Drugs

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