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  1. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Had a great time doing this. Enjoying music again at last :):thumbs:

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 14th March 2017.mp3

    Proverbs Extraction - Pablo Moses (House Of Moses 7")
    One People - Pablo Moses (JA-MAN 7")
    Mercenaries - Beirut (Mummy 7")
    International Dread - Pablo Gad (Caribbean 7")
    Burning An Ilusion - Culture (Crazy Joe 7")
    Shaka The Great - Overnight Players (Pressure Sounds 7")
    One One Cocoa - Gregory Isaacs (Dwyer 7")
    Invasion - Crepsoles (Ackee 7")
    Brand New Day - Jacko (Asher 7")
    Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles (Orchid 7")
    I Feel Lost - BB Seaton (Soul Beat 7")
    Mr Money Man - Danny Hensworth (Black Art 7")
    Blood & Fire - Observers (Observer 7")
    Money For Jam - Lloyd Parks (Parks 7")
    There's A Reward For Me - Joe Higgs (Elevation 7")
    River - Zap Pow (LMS 7")
    Tradition - Burning Spear (Island 12")
    Congoman Chant - The Congos (Black Swan 12")
    Police In Helicopter - John Holt (Volcano 7")
    Babylon In Helicopter - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem 7")
    Mother In Law - Nicodemus (Moods 7")
    Sensi Addick - Horace Furguson (Jazzbo 7")
    Joy Ride - Derrick Parker (Kennedy International 7")
    Push Up Your Lighter - Top Cat (Gussie P 12")
    Ghetto Life - Zumjay (Jamstyle 7")

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  2. Numbers

    Numbers an ting!

    Perfect timing ringo - finished work, 12 Guinness in the fridge (well...11), day off painting the town Green tomorrow starting now.
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  3. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    our cassette that came out today is no.6 in the charts! https://bleep.com/vinyl-cd
  4. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    nice. How'd you get in with the bleep crew? link a brother up...
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  5. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    Weyy the mix tape sold out in less than 24 hours, so I can link to it now
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  6. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    I've entered a DJ comp and need all the help I get qualifying with the amount of faves on mixcloud, and the right amount of plays...... any help would be appreciated.

    Tracklist in the link..... its a bassline mix.

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  7. Moronik

    Moronik roughly humanoid

    done! nice mix too..... love a bit of bassline
  8. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    My March TechTonic Podcast. Available to stream or download. Thoughts, comments etc all very welcome good or bad.

    All tracks mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX and purchased from Beatport

    All tracks Original Mix unless specified

    INTRO- "Are you Charles Palentine?" TAXI DRIVER

    1. Horncase-Ron Costa
    2. Lomber-Ron Costa
    3. Pimp Slap-Saeed Younan
    4. Embers-Funkagenda
    5. Dream Thief-My Cat Snoop
    6. Charge-Gaga
    7. Lost Satellite-Gregor Thresher
    8. Re-Set-Martin Lacroix
    9. Busy Man-Eric Sneo
    10. Cara De Vela-Sub Washer
    11. My Free Sunday-Rob Hes
    12. Go-Victor Ruiz (Victor Ruiz Mix)
    13. Question Reality-Shelley Johannson
    14. Yaaaay-My Cat Snoop
    15. Pause-Sian (Oliver Koletzki & Reiner Zonneveld Mix)
    16. Awakened-Ilario Ilicante
    17. Another Club-Radio Slave
    18. Dirty Bitch-Bilboni
    19. Dont Stress Me-Dani Sbert (Original Stick Mix)
    20. Infamous-Mario Ocha
    21. Mumble-Chaka & Marty
    22. Euphoria-Layton Giordani
    23. Breathe Out-B Traits
    24. Teffes-Koen Groeneveld
    25. Be Gone-Nicola Moudaber
    26. Skin-Sam Paganini
    27. Crest-George Perry (Eric Sneo Mix)
    28. We Do What We Want-Alan Fitzpatrick
    29. Domino-Oxia (Matador Remix)
    30. Basic Scenario-B.Traits
    31. Ghost Writer-Spartaque
    32. London-Redshape
    33. No More-D-Unity
    34. Louder Than a Bomb-Tiga (Dense and Pika RMX)
    35. Sioux-Aitor Ronda & George Privatti
    36. Raven-Charles Fenckler (Pysk Mix)

    OUTRO- 'Dawning Realisation' MOON
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  9. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg


    moderately joyful, bunch of abstract scratchy business and field recordings, tape noise nonsense,
    with outbursts of acid and blackened prog, 'tunes' from all around europe etc.

    Jonáš Gruska - V dolinách/ Píly
    Children Of Alice - The Harbinger of Spring (excerpt)
    Einstürzende Neubauten - Hymnen
    Sias - Spring Communication
    Unholy Satan - Let Satan Speak Through Your Anus
    TapeWorm - Nahnitý mozog
    Maoupa Mazzocchetti - Portion
    Microlith - Acid in a Church
    Pierre Bastien - Gnostic Illicit Song
    Lumisokea - Jenseits (Dub)
    Driftmachine - Gaukelwerk
    Oranssi Pazuzu - Luhistuva aikahakki
    Black Candle -Gray ritual
    Mirt - Michael's Theme
    Leyden Jars - Industrial Estate Revolution
    Banabila, Machinefabriek - Awake
    Machinefabriek - Vowls
    Jenny Hval - Untamed Region
    S Olbricht - Rien
    Gondwana - A Gospel Of Dirt
    Jonáš Gruska - Teba hlada´ dusa ma´, pokoja nikde nema´

  10. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    A selection of the biggest, heaviest digital roots tunes on the UK Dub sound system scene from the last year, as played by the likes of Channel One, Aba Shanti I and Jah Shaka

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 26th April 2017.mp3

    Jah Love - Noel Ellis (Iroko 7")
    Reggae Music - Noel Ellis (Iroko 7")
    Shashamane - Rasheda (Pablo International 7")
    Water Of Life - Anthony Que (Observer 7")
    Too Many Lonely People - Steve Tulls (Headphone 12")
    When Music Hits You - Diana (Iroko 12")
    Black Prince - Naphtali (Black Legacy /Jah Fingers 12")
    Stand As One - Dixie Peach (Black Legacy 7")
    Voice of the People - Chardel Rhoden (Black Legacy 7")
    Got To Go - Donovan Kingjay (Black Legacy 7")
    Reparations - Keety Roots (Black Legacy 10")
    Good Conquer Evil - Restless Mashaits (Partial Records 7")
    Truth & Lies - Amelia Harmony (Maasai Warrior 10")
    Fear & Love - Amelia Harmony (Partial Records 7")
    War Is Not The Answer - Sandeeno & Conscious Sounds (Jah Tubbys 10")
    It's All Right - Critical Hi Fi ft El Fata (Chase Vampire 7")
    Cyan Tan Ya - Jerry Lionz (Lionz Den 10")
    Coronation - Jah Massive All Stars (Dread Ises Sound System 12")
    Anthem - Aba Ariginals ft Patrick Matics (Salomon Heritage 12")
    72 Nations - Indica Dubs meets Shilo Ites (Indica Dubs 7")

    KeetyRoots.jpg reparations.jpg
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  11. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    My April TechTonic Podcast.'Embrace The Ruins' Techno mix.

    Available to stream or download. Thoughts, comments etc all very welcome good or bad.

    All tracks mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX

    All tracks Original Mix unless specified.

    INTRO 'Shut the Fuck Up' PUNCH DRUNK LOVE
    1. Geo Vibes-Christian Hornboster (Metodi Hristov Remix)
    2. Cyclone-Riktam & Bansi
    3. Beatmarch-Emery Warman
    4. Ride-Miss Kitten/Dubfire (Solomun Remix)
    5. Picap-George Privatti
    6. Virus-Harvey McKay
    7. Wirelife-Gaiser
    8. Yes I Am-Dino Maggiorana
    9. Black Judgements-Lelu (Phunk Investigation & Jean Aita Remix)
    10. Darkness-Melt
    11. Slutz-Nanoplex
    12. Behind-Metodi Hristov
    13. Stabbed In The Back-Tiga
    14. London-Dino Maggiorana
    15. Cops Mood-Matt Sassari
    16. Five Minutes-Lelu
    17. Get Some-DJ Boris
    18. Space Labyrinth-Frankyyeffe
    19. Unspoken Rules-Cleric
    20. Makarona-Tony De Clerque
    21. The Rhyythm-Sander Van Doorn
    22. Dementio-Alen Millivojevic (2017 Remix)
    23. Squadmates-Umek
    24. Lagos-D-Deck
    25. Capsule-Pig & Dan/Adam Beyer
    26. One More Chance-D-Unity
    27. Walking Shadow-Vinicius Honorio

    OUTRO- 'Warriors come out to play' THE WARRIORS


    Attached Files:

  12. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan knows how to use the three shells

    No one cares what you did it on or where you got the tunes, fella!
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  13. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Did another disco mix to get me in the mood for Liverpool Disco Fest this weekend :cool:

    stream / download on soundcloud

    diana ross - love hangover
    the fantastic aleems - hooked on your love
    grey and hanks - dancin'
    black sun - le love
    beckie bell - music madness (charles maurice extended version)
    straight jacket - fun
    black ivory - mainline
    debbie jacobs - don't you want my love
    the glitter band - makes you blind
    coffee - i wanna be with you
    deodato - keep it in the family
    the brothers johnson - stomp!
    david bendeth - feel the real
    jean carne - was that all it was
    coffee - casanova
    althea forrest & togetherness - hey mister
    change - angel in my pocket
    shalamar - right in the socket
    painel de controle - relax (waxist extended version)
  14. Numbers

    Numbers an ting!

    That is epic mate, chafuckingpeau :thumbs:

    Shashamane - Rasheda is :cool:
  15. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Download link/write up etc:
    Mikus Musik: Have To Work Hard For It! Underground Bass Selection

    Tchami - Tribute Remix of Rob Base's It Takes 2
    AC Slater - LMLY
    Champion - Execution
    Andrew Diggs - The Ghost [Rico's Edit]
    Jay Robinson - Fury
    DevelopMENT - Dem Boy Sound
    Gilbino - Space Race
    Born Dirty - Check Your Bell
    Sunday Roast - Wisdom
    Inkline - Carbon Play
    Sunday Roast - Radio Who
    Rico Tubbs - Iron Heart [Skapes Remix]
    Rico Tubbs - Dancehall feat.Ragga Twins [Dub Mix]
    Foamo - Wardance
    Rico Tubbs - Big Bad Tune
    Foor - Double Bass Baby
    JG - Cave Explorer
    Sunday Roast - Freak
    Tchami - Tribute Remix of Marshall Jefferson's Move Your Body
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  16. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I was asked to do a mix for the 400th issue of The Wire:

    John Eden: Wire 400 Mix #4 - The Wire

    It's good - quite noisy and echoey. Also features some mad 80s pop b-sides.

    Write up includes a photo of me taken by my daughter.

    Track list:

    Spatial “Walking Off”
    Raymond Dijkstra “Dadaphon (Part One)"
    Death Dub “23 (Version)”
    Kostis Kilymis “Crystal Drops”
    I-LP-O In Dub “Paradise Capital”
    Maurizio Bianchi “Surgical Flagellation”
    Arv & Miljö “Svulsmen I Skyn”
    Ekoplekz “Meek Street”
    Jay Glass Dubs “Compound Dub”
    Jean Michel Jarre “Wooloomooloo”
    Brilliant “It's A Man's Man's World (Mad Professor’s It's A Dub Dub Dub World Mix)”
    Art Of Noise “A Time To Hear (Who's Listening)”
    Fish From Tahiti “Decal Baby”
    Ichimanjaku “Radio Babylon”
    Sabres of Paradise “Ysaedub”
    Phantom “Rockabilly Vampires”
    Crass “Walls”
    Terminal Cheesecake “Coils: Chapter II”
    Flying Lizards “Money B”
    Tones On Tail “Shakes”
    Blue Zoo “Off To Market (Dub)”
    Libbe Matz Gang “Toluene Blues”
    Seekers International “CheryLinn”
    Jah Excretion “Kaze Wo Atsumete (Happy End)”
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  17. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    looking forward to this!
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  18. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    woah that looks awesome
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  19. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    From the latest UK Dub workouts to U-Roy's earliest hits at Treasure Isle which sparked the DJ revolution and influenced music across the world.

    http://www.crytough.com/audio/purple/Ringo Cry Tough 10th May 2017.mp3

    Mek We Build - Arkaingelle Meets I David (Inner Standing 12")
    Jah Is Our Ruler - Earl Sixteen (Indica Dubs 10")
    Warrior Sister - Amelia Harmony (Chouette 12")
    Soundboy - Amelia Harmony (Unrulee 7")
    Watching Me - Learoy Green (Dub Addict 12")
    I Feel Good Put Your Pants On - Jackson Jones (Hot Shot 7")
    Wake The Town - Hugh Roy (Treasure Isle 7")
    On The Beach - Hugh Roy (Treasure Isle 7")
    Cool and response
    Wear You To The Ball - Hugh Roy & John Holt (Treasure Isle 7")
    Flashing My Whip - Hugh Roy (Treasure Isle 7")
    Words Of Wisdom - Hugh Roy (Duke Reid 7")
    Natty Dread Time - Queen Tiney & The Aggrovators (Jamatel 7")
    Robe - Little John (Roots Tradition 7")
    The Cooler - The Wrigglers (Dubplate)
    You Cannot Know - The Wrigglers (Dubplate)
    The Battle - The Octaves (Dubplate)
    I Was Born A Free Man - Al & Freddy (Dubplate)
    I Am Free - Joe White (Dubplate)
    Selassie I - Roots Of The Field (Roots Of The Field 7")
    Life Experience - Hopeton Crawford (Faithful Few 7")
    Africa - Ijah Man (Ghetto Rockers 7")
    Ganja Free - Ijah Man (Ghetto Rockers 7")

  20. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    Yeah, loving this :cool:

    (A Time to Hear is an all-time fave :D)
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  21. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    E13 of my monthly podcast TechTonic (May 2017) 'Four Star Daydream' Techno Mix. Comments good or bad welcome :)

    INTRO 'Objection' The Insider

    1. Return to Sender-Remy Unger
    2. Dominon-Bastet
    3. Rawer-Hollen
    4. Underground-DJ Boris
    5. Dazed-Uto Karem
    6. Dark Man-Bastet
    7. Catch 22-Darren Emerson
    8. Lovejitter-DJ Lion
    9. Broken Brain-Bastet
    10. Tarantula-Pleasurekraft (7 Year Itch Rework)
    11. Persistence-Uakoz, Alex Len
    12. Syncopate-Andre Crom (2000 and One Remix)
    13. U Better-DJ Boris
    14. Disco-Alex Rubino
    15. Beast-Mario Ochoa
    16. Dinner at SkinJaAcs-Clouds
    17. Touchscreen-D-Isorder
    18. Dacks-Alex Rubino
    19. Break-George Adi (Stas Drive Remix)
    20. Parade-Yan Oxygen (Sama Remix)
    21. Man With The Red Face-Laurent Garnier

    OUTRO-'We Dont Pay Mooks' MEAN STREETS

  22. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    If its not relevant-no need to comment on it :)
  23. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan knows how to use the three shells

    It's still annoying and puts one off listening
  24. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    For you you mean? Not 'no-one' as in 'everybody.

    If a few sentences puts you off listening-I find that bizarre. But if it does then I accept it doesnt work for you. I cant change your mind.

    You could always....erm...not read them? ;)
  25. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan knows how to use the three shells

    While we're at it, it should be artist - track, rather than track-artist.
  26. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    You're a tough cookie to please. Do you go back and check youve locked the door or turned the gas off everyday?

    I was just wondering is it just these words or words in general on peoples posts that put you off? Cause if its the latter you must struggle. Some people have posted a bit of background to the mixes-mixed on a tape, where etc. So if its the latter you must struggle with this thread.

    If its if the former-you obviously dont like reading about music outlets and technology?
  27. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan knows how to use the three shells

  28. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    Ha Ha Ha...seriously...if you like Techno...and you can get over the two sentences give it a whirl fella ;)
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  29. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg

    he's a librarian.

    he is right though
  30. Grandma Death

    Grandma Death Reconfiguring & Reconstructing

    He may well be. In the scheme of things its not THAT important surely? Unless you're a librarian and its their job

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