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Urban75 Album of the Year 1969


TUC Off Your Knees
Well, its 1969 okay. All across the U..75. Another year for me and you, another year for us to do!

There were quite a lot of records released this year. I bet you own and like quite a few of them. Neil, Nick, Boz, Joni, Sly, Elvis, Kevin, Bob and Frank spring to mind. Not to mention the King, the Captain, Len, Miles, Tommy, another Frank, Janis, Jeff and John. A whole big bunch of groovy shit. So, kick out the jams, check the VU on your stereo, turn over a new leaf or five and make a list. You know you Can.

Usual rules - PM me a list of your top 10 or so (you can list fewer or more, but I'll only be counting the top 10) by MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 18TH and I'll do that adding up thing.

It's 1969 baaaaaaaaaaaaby


hero of the quiet afternoon
Hard to look beyond The Stooges for me. Velvets is great too,but aside from that and Abbey Road I'm not sure I've listened to any other full albums from that year. Trout Mask Replica maybe.

ska invita

back on the other side
this one caught my eye because the artwork looked a bit acid jazz/young disciples ish...turns out its a record collectors paid a lot for in the past (before the repress!) and especially for this track - which i thought i half recognised the name as theres a fairly well known jazzanova remix of it
the original is a cracker...the rest of the album seems worth investigating if you like this kind of afro-cuban us jazz dance thing

also seems came out end of 68 and got a bunch of 69 pressings

danny la rouge

Raddled old poet
I’ve been checking the release date of John Phillips’ The Wolfking of LA, which I thought was ‘69, and I’m getting mixed reports - ‘69 or ‘70. Can we have an adjudication?


hero of the quiet afternoon
It's threads like this that make me realize my musical tastes aren't as eclectic as I imagine, certainly era-wise. I've just got a lot of different music from the 80s & 90s but little else lol

ska invita

back on the other side
far too much going on in 1969 - it'll be difficult to submit a list that isn't all canon
outside of the cannon theres endless stuff that sounds interesting - maybe not any good - but interesting. Ive been working through the top 1000 list starting at the back of things id like to give a play and the list is getting very long. As well as lots of obscure soul and jazz theres endless heavy psych type stuff....Brazillian Octopus? Spirits & Worm? The Good Rats! Have to check those

Not really my bag but this has got some urban checkout mileage


Just loads and loads of curios. And the first Jackson 5 album.
And no doubt a well of African stuff thats not mentioned on those lists.
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trailer trash
Lots I liked from 69 :) of the better known - Joe Cocker, Chicago Transit Authority, The Band...

A band I also like, 1969 album The Alan Bown!
Interestingly, the US release of the album featured original vocalist Jess Roden but the UK and any re-release had their new young vocalist Robert Palmer who of course went on to become quite well known.

ska invita

back on the other side
Heres a list of albums from Jamaica in 1969 - those that have a date stamp anyway
One that looks really interesting is this vibraphone led LP
lennie hibert.png
Basically a fairly experimental fusion album looking at that listing
This is great:

this is a minor classic - the single off it i guess - think this has been on a soul jazz comp

doubt its all killer, but strong still