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urban, what's your earworm?

ska invita

back on the other side
I hadn't heard it anywhere, it just rose up deep from the subconscious. Hallelujah!

I can hear you recorder rendition in my head :thumbs: Vibes
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Council Estate Socialist
Started during dinner...

Let's hear it for the boy...
Let's give the boy a handayand a, a
Let's hear for my baby...

Hoping sleep solves this crisis... :hmm:


Sign On You Crazy Diamond
Suppapa Troopapa
Suppapa Troopapa
Club Tropicana Drinks are freeeeee
Suppapa Troopapa
Fun and sunshine there's enough for everyone
Suppapa Troopapa

l blame Voley !! :mad:
Epic shit mashup. :cool:

For some reason I've got Murder on The Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor in my head. Fuck knows where that came from. :confused:


Bulla liberali in perpetuum.

Probably thanks to my gamer colleague humming the "Tetris" theme as he arranged printer cartridges on a shelf (he told me that's what it was).

Incidentally, searching on Youtube found me this :-

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Bulla liberali in perpetuum.
it replaces this - though I can't find the exact version in my head :-

I probably heard it during my brief dalliance with the Goon Show...
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Being alive increases risk of death.
fly like an eagle by Steve Miller.

I don't mind too much as it is a cool song, I am actually constructing my own slo-mo acid tinged re-edit in my mind right now.


Bulla liberali in perpetuum.
My colleague was humming this today - in place of the tetris theme :-

Now .. did Dick Van Cockerney ever actually say "Cor blimey Mary Poppins" ?