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urban, what's your earworm?


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EVERY time I put the album on. It's driving me mad, because I love the album and I hardly dare listen to it - it literally keeps me awake, it burrows in so deep :mad:


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I'd misheard the title as "My dear mister Shane", which I've looked for for ages, then I g*ogled it last night and found it- it's "bei mir bist du schön', which with yiddish pronounciation sounds a bit like 'sheyn', apparently... never heard of this vocalist Martha Tilton, but she's got great timing and this is the grand uptempo 'swing' version of the track, an earlier version featured the er, vibraphones and was a few milliseconds slower and less catchy, although it too has its charms...

anyway... now that I've found it, I can't get it out of my head!


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Aaaarrgghhh, my mate played this on Saturday and it's been stuck ever since. Get Out!

I liked it as a teen too, or the ladies in it anyway :oops::D



contents may have settled during transit
You know when you get an earworm so determined it actually interrupts itself in your head and starts again before it's finished?

This has been mine since I listened to the Handful of Earth album on Saturday.

It was slightly appropriated by the Better Together campaign a while back (smart move imo - if I'd been running the campaign I think I've proposed it to replace the current national anthem), but even trying to dislodge it by picturing David Cameron crooning it isn't working.


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Watching a couple of banger racing videos on Youtube has left me with what's effectively the sport's theme tune stuck in my head:



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Ella, ella, ella
ey, ey, ey
Under my umber-ella, ella, ella
ey, ey, ey

...keeping me awake last night :mad:

Haven't heard the song in years so it must because I saw Home with bob_jr at the cinema last week (Rihanna does the girl's voice).


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the theme tune being engine sound?
any idea where the nearest banger racing to london happens?
No, 'Mouldy Old Dough,' usually played whilst the cars are on their parade lap. You can hear it over the engines in that video.

Three little-known facts about it. 1. It was the first no.1 single to feature mother and son. 2. Hilda Woodward, who played one piano, was at the time the oldest person to have appeared on Top of the Pops. 3. Her son Rob, playing the other piano, was reputedly wearing trousers made from a pair of old curtains.

I think there's still banger racing at Wimbledon stadium, but AFAIK the place is under threat of closure and redevelopment. Not sure where else there is in the south-east these days. East Anglia is banger-racing central, though: there are tracks at Ipswich, Swaffham, Yarmouth and King's Lynn.

*e2a* There is a track in the south-east, at Arlington, near Eastbourne. Not sure how I forgot about that one, given that I used to go regularly when I lived in that neck of the woods.
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