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Urban Cycle (walk) along the Lea Valley towards Ware Sat 30th May

Which day would be best for cruising down the Lea towpath on a bicycle?

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some bloke
Anyone up for a cycle caper up the Lea (Lee) Valley sometime late April / early May? We did a couple of little wriggles last year which were much fun. Gritty city melts into country; train options all the way along, so people can opt in/out at virtually any point; plenty pub and even brewery options along the way (though we have tended to overdo these at times :facepalm:). Any takers?

Full details for cyclists and walkers here [edited by mango5]

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I like tea
I'd verge on no rather than yes as I myself am mobile but getting my bike down might be trickier. I also, very middle class here, am having my new central heating put in at the end of the month. But like Ruby I'll keep an eye on this thread. Thanks for thinking of me :)


I'll meet you further on up the road
Maybe...living on deep south east rather than East London ...and don't ride much anymore..But love that area...will keep eye on thread


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For various reasons I can't do much in the way of cycling at the mo, but in a month or so I should be able to, so I will keep my beady eyes on this :)

Orang Utan

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Think i shall have a ride up there next week. Just start in Limehouse and keep riding. You can get as far as Enfield, can't you?


some bloke
Think i shall have a ride up there next week. Just start in Limehouse and keep riding. You can get as far as Enfield, can't you?
And a lot more besides - Enfield sure, then Waltham Abbey, then Broxbourne, then you can peel off to the Stort (which looks nice, but I've never done it), or carry on to Ware and Hartford. So, plenty to explore.


some bloke
I don't cycle either. We could do a walk and meet up with the cycling lot at some point..?
That would be nice :). Also a bit tricky to co-ordinate. But with the use of trains it could work really well - do a nice walk around the start of the route, and another at the end of the route, with pub bonus :thumbs:.


some bloke
You mean we're going to have to go to the *pub*..? :eek:

Kind of unavoidable I reckon. On route - town with most pubs per square mile in England (Waltham Abbey, though disputed and possibly outdated), and currently best brewery in London (Beavertown, undisputed ;) ), and a few other decent pubs and cafes.
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some bloke
Waltham Abbey to Broxbourne is a really nice walk, either along the canal, or (even nicer in my opinion) through the nature reserve marsh-land - Turners Hill Marsh, Hook's Marsh, etc.; and Broxbourne is a really good rallying point for the cycle too.