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Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Dirty Martini, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    Here goes, sender's name followed by the two recipients:

    dirty martini ---> kropotkin, fat hamster
    boing! ---> reallyoldhippy, bob marleys dad
    kropotkin ---> suttonwho, wiskey
    killer b ---> hiccup, wintermute, here we go
    wolfie ---> dirty martini, braindancer
    dubversion ---> ich bin ein mod, electroplated
    hiccup ---> wiskey, meanoldman
    maya ---> ouchmonkey, pinkychukkles
    big tom ---> wintermute, rubbershoes
    king biscuit time ---> pinkychukkles, belboid
    rubbershoes ---> suttonwho, n20boy
    chooch ---> dirty martini, ianw, here we go
    helga ---> sunspots, mr malcontent
    bristle-krs ---> kropotkin, sunspots
    a dashing blade ---> n20boy, king biscuit time
    bob marleys dad ---> reallyoldhippy, treblekicker
    sunspots ---> maya, stanley edwards
    ld rudeboy ---> maya, king biscuit time
    braindancer ---> idaho, vixiha
    ich bin ein mod ---> boing!, wolfie
    pinkychukkles ---> boing!, big tom
    electroplated ---> ewok, chintz
    chintz ---> kameron, ich bin ein mod
    fridgemagnet ---> a dashing blade, red rose
    n20boy ---> fridgemagnet, bob marleys dad
    kameron ---> red rose, helga
    belboid ---> bristle-krs, dubversion
    idaho ---> belboid, fat hamster
    ianw ---> fridgemagnet, big tom
    wintermute ---> ld rudeboy, sorry
    meanoldman ---> kameron, bristle-krs
    treblekicker ---> killer b, mation
    wiskey ---> braindancer, ianw
    mation ---> hiccup, helga
    suttonwho ---> stanley edwards, rubbershoes
    ewok ---> dubversion, mr malcontent
    ouchmonkey ---> electroplated, idaho
    mr malcontent ---> sorry, chintz
    stanley edwards ---> meanoldman, chooch
    fat hamster ---> killer b, treblekicker
    red rose ---> mation, ewok
    vixiha ---> ld rudeboy, ouchmonkey
    sorry ---> chooch, wolfie
    reallyoldhippy ---> a dashing blade, vixiha
    here we go ---> chooch, killer b

    Let's keep it friendly ;)
  2. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    aha! my mystery cd this morning is from here we go then!

    cheers dude, it's ace - only recognise the one track on it - any chance of a tracklisting? :)
  3. red rose

    red rose Fee-Ai-Esh-See-Oh

    Right so my missing CD is fridgemagnet's then

    and I was sure my second CD was going to mation :)
  4. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

  5. DaveCinzano


    <cheers dm>

    ah... so i got my second cd off meanoldman, and my other one went to kropotkin...

    easy g - your cd will be in the post tonight... or maybe first thing in the morn ;)

    so when's the next one?
  6. kropotkin

    kropotkin libcom

    Ahh... I'll have to have a listen to that Cd again bristle....might actually not have done that yet (redface)
  7. electroplated

    electroplated off minehead

    i have to hold my hands up and admit i've been useless - mine are now on way.

    sorry!!!! :oops:
  8. DaveCinzano


    no worries - but you may wish you hadn't after listening to it ... you do like disco remixes of throbbing gristle and einsturzende neubaten don't you?

    :eek: :D
  9. easy g

    easy g Banned Banned

    cheers mush....i'm workin on it still and we are movong into our new place this weekend so I'm gonna be otherwise engaged...

    (you do like death metal don't you ;) )
  10. DaveCinzano


    erm... does this mean i have a duff address for you now?
  11. easy g

    easy g Banned Banned

    nah...im moving my stuff over the month....it's only a stones throw from where I am now

    'er indoors is moving all of her stuff AND herself tomorrow...
  12. Here we go

    Here we go how'd we get here so fast

    nae bother :

    1.) Envy -Echo Regenerates
    2.) Ratatat - Germany to Germany
    3.) Slowdive - Shine
    4.) Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry
    5.) Lucky Pierre - Dawn, Burst and Tired
    6.) Modest Mouse - Karma Pavement
    7.) Sonic Youth - Simpsons Theme
    8.) Lcd Soundsystem - Yeah(stupid version)
    9.) Arab Strap - The New Saturday
    10.) Bardo Pond - Tommy Gun Angel
    11.) Part Chimp - Hitlers and Jews
    12.) Dirty Three - Some things I just don't want to know
    13.) Malcolm Middleton - Cold Winter
    14.) Explosions in the Sky - the only moment you were alone

    Thanks for your cd too, I didn't know recognise any of it. I felt cheap sending you mine when you had gone to the effort of making a cover etc :D
  13. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    ach, half of the fun is in doing the cover for us nick hornby wannabes. :D

    seriously though, i'm well impressed with yours - probably the best of the bunch i've had from here and funjunkie. not slagging anyone elses off, but it's always nice to be educated.

    that ratatat track - like avant-garde hair metal :) . luv it.
  14. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday


    "too many Hitlers and not enough Jews!"
  15. Here we go

    Here we go how'd we get here so fast

    thanks dude !
    You just missed ratatat tour tho :(

  16. bmd

    bmd you left me standing here

    So thanks to Boing and N20Boy for my cd's then. I loved your's Boing, from Nick Drake to Beats, can't fault ya. :)

    N20Boy, at first I thought someone was having a laugh as I'd posted on the Folk thread that I wasn't the biggest fan of trad folk but thanks for that, a friend of mine who loves folk is well happy. :)
  17. Mation

    Mation real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold

    Crumbs! I haven't been in here for ages...

    Here's the tracklisting for the CDs wot I sent out a while ago:

    1. Maghreb - Paco Sery
    2. (Rock) Superstar - Cypress Hill
    3. Sweet & Sweet - The Yellow Monkey
    4. Seven Years in Tibet - David Bowie
    5. The Vagabond - Air
    6. Dark Therapy - Echobelly
    7. Vegetation and Dimes - Robyn Hitchcock
    8. File Under Rock - Two Tribes
    9. Down By the Water - PJ Harvey
    10. Last Night a Drag Queen Saved Your Life - RPLA
    11. Entertain Me - Blur
    12. S.O.F.T. - Elastica
    13. Starstruck - The Auteurs
    14. Switch - Engine Alley
    15. Farmer in the City - Scott Walker
    16. Dragnet for Jesus - Sister Wynona Carr

    A couple of those - Yellow Monkey, Two Tribes are in there for vaguely nostalgic rather than aesthetic reasons... Not sure why it started out quite bopping and then went so gloomy. I still like it though, hope the recipients did too. :)
  18. red rose

    red rose Fee-Ai-Esh-See-Oh

    Mation did you receive my CD? I prefer to think the reason you haven't mentionned it is because it hasn't arrived rather than that you think its crap ;) but I know thats not really your kind of music
  19. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    not sure i like the open list thing . . .


    braindancer & ianw did you never get the CD?

    and i only got one from either kropotkin or hiccup.

    edit - by some reserch i have discovered i got hiccups (which was cool mate as i said some pages back :) thanx) but never got kropotkins but it looks like you sent it :confused:

  20. bmd

    bmd you left me standing here

    I'm positive I don't like the open list thing. Are we completely sure of the reasons why anyone hasn't sent their cd's, or why anyone hasn't got them? And the mob mentality of the posters who were baying for that list to be posted leaves a distinctly nasty taste in the mouth. It's only music, a couple of cd's after all.
  21. Mation

    Mation real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold

    When did you send it and what was on it, red rose? I've only received one CD thus far, and that was treblekicker's.

    Apologies though - I only just noticed the big long list of who gave what to whom at the top of the page :oops: , otherwise I'd have asked about it (privately).
  22. red rose

    red rose Fee-Ai-Esh-See-Oh


    doesnt look like you got it thus far si i'll send it agai'n when the I have the money,
  23. chooch

    chooch ladled with fail

    Enjoying this..Thanks
  24. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    i havent really read the last few pages in full but that really isnt how it came across to me.

    i KNOW that i sent my CD's so if they havent been delivered looks like i need to send them again - and i wouldnt want people to sit waiting for em if royal mail have 'misplaced' them. neither would i like to think someone hasnt played fair if they too sent theirs in good faith but RM have eaten them too.

    are people being unduly nasty??


  25. fat hamster

    fat hamster Banned Banned

    Awww ... I found it fascinating. :( (For some strange reason - must have appealed to the mathematician in me :confused: )

    And as only one of the people I sent a CD to has acknowledged receipt, I'm kinda relieved to know that if the other person hasn't got theirs, they can PM me - like the responsibility's on them now, and I can let go of it.
    I thought it was all pretty much tongue in cheek. My "bunch of paediatricians" comment certainly was!
  26. bmd

    bmd you left me standing here

    Fair enough some of the posters were just messing about but I wonder how the people on the recieving end of the 'joke' felt.

    Name and shame? What was that about?
  27. red rose

    red rose Fee-Ai-Esh-See-Oh

    Well I saw it as a joke and that list being posted has meant that myself and mation have worked out that royal mail are crap and I need to send my CD again, which wouldn't have otherwise happened.

    If you or anyone else has a problem with it then surely you can just ask for your name to be removed from the posted up list?
  28. kropotkin

    kropotkin libcom

    bristle_krs: absolutely wicked CD. Cheers!
  29. Helga

    Helga Well-Known Member

    thanks for the tracklisting mation and sorry i haven't thanked you properly for the cd yet - it's been on in the car a lot lately and i like it very much. lots of stuff i didn't know by bands i like so cheers :)

    kameron - had my suspicions the other one was from you (the 'k' you signed off with narrowed it down!) and i love yours too, especially as you included my favourite filthy folk song ;) which i only had on tape before.

    thanks both!
  30. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    I was a bit wary of putting the list up but there were enough people who wanted it so I did it. The name and shame was never anything other than a joke as far as I saw it, and I doubt there's anyone cross-referencing the list with the comments on the thread to find out who hasn't sent their CDs. The list is a nice way of wrapping up the whole enterprise imo, it would have been done at some point anyway, and there's something strangely moving about the litany of names, banal but at the same time fascinating, each in their own way telling a story, the story of a summer now almost over, a time of (contd p 94)

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