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up the arse! arsenal 2018/19 news gossip unfounded rumour etc


ideological dogmatist
I am right now actually feeling more positive about this NLD than I have for a long time. Arsenal have just had two excellent games (albeit one against pretty mediocre opposition, and one against a team who currently can't buy a win away), Ozil is back, and Spurs are wobbling suddenly


Mr Big Shrimp!
Interesting game in many respects, not least of the importance of a top four finish for both sides.

Arsenal scoring 7 and winning last two (home) PL games. Spurs off the back of two (away) losses. Spurs have a good record at home.

Hopefully a good game for neutrals :thumbs:


Who am I to say you're wrong
Fucking shit away form. Hope the Arse can get a top 4 place but most of the games left are away so it is doubtful.


A couple of the facial expressions Unai Emery pulls during games remind me of Rigsby (Leonard Rossiter) but unfortunately only in my head, I've not found the right photos of either of them online to make the comparison work at all.