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Mr Big Shrimp!
Arsenal players will be "spoken to" by club chiefs after images emerged allegedly showing four members of the first team inhaling nitrous oxide. In CCTV footage obtained by the Sun, the players, at a party in London in August, appear to be inhaling the substance from balloons.

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas or 'hippy crack'.


ideological dogmatist
ah well, all good things end eventually.... awesome unbeaten run though!
As we near xmas it's a cautious thumbs up for the new manager. Generally speaking, he's on the right lines.
Really unsure if he has got it right over Ramsey and Ozil though


Quite a game, and a deserved Man U win. (I don't support either team.).

Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, at their peak played the most attractive football in the world. What went wrong?
Lack of funds, plus Wenger became ever less flexible in his approach to the game. Partly he also had much less of an advantage as regards scouting young French players.