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    Particularly disabled students.

    This is not for me, but my daughter. She signed on in late May after her course ended, intending to go back to study of some sort in the autumn. She's now on that course and we can't get a straight answer about whether she's still entitled to anything or not. I know her student loan - or her theoretic student loan anyway (she hasn't taken the full amount but I know they will calculate it on the basis that she could have done) will be counted as income, but I can't work out if that means her signing off altogether.

    She has autism and although she has actually been trying to find part-time work there's no way she could actually do any and manage her courseload because she finds it so hard to manage that as it is, and that's due to her autism. Also most of the kind of jobs she could get are the kind she would definitely not be able to do - shop work, bar work etc. Her processing speed is in the learning disabled range according to a cognitive test performed as part of an assessment she had for ADD, which she has as well as autism.

    She's done quite a lot of volunteering to try to build up her CV and so far that's counted as jobseeking activity as well as more obvious stuff.

    The jobcentre advisors have actually been strangely nice to her but perhaps that's because she's both obviously (when you meet her and on paper - I have to go to jobcentre appointments with her because she gets confused by their questions and they end up having to ask me for the answers if I'm not there; sometimes they do her appt upstairs so I have to wait downstairs for her in my wheelchair and then they come and talk to me) not fully capable of work and also because she has been doing stuff. But they seem to genuinely not know what she's entitled to.

    She's been notifying them of her classes and has asked repeatedly via the universal credit online thing what she should do about studying so it's all on record and there should be no suggestion she's attempting to commit fraud. She hasn't spent the money for the last month (since she started her course - university) in case they ask for it back. She could sign off altogether but it seems daft to do that when she might be eligible for a small amount of money and nobody at the jobcentre has told to her to sign off anyway. I'm also concerned that signing off now might affect future claims. It might be worth it just for the NI contributions part of UC.

    She doesn't have a sick note but could get one if she ever gets an appt with the GP (it's really difficult to get one). However I really don't think she'd be eligible for the support group, so her money over the summer would been at the same rate anyway, and I thought she'd be off universal credit now so didn't bother to argue for the sick note before.

    She's 19. She doesn't have to pay rent because she lives with me - otherwise housing benefit gets included with UC and that might be the source of some confusion on the part of the jobcentre. She gets middle rate care DLA and lower rate mobility. I think she would have been able to claim some ESA as a student before UC credit came in.

    Can anyone help? I have asked the CAB but they just didn't know.

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