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Discussion in 'benefits and housing' started by blyant, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Hi, so I applied for universal credit some weeks ago and was approved - I even had an advance payment a couple of weeks ago. I was due to receive another payment on the 31st but today received an email notification for them. I checked my to-do list and it is saying I have to fill out my previous employment from July 2017 up to now.

    I am in receipt of PIP and have not worked during this time put when I simply try to put "0" in all the boxes it tells me to enter a valid figure. I do also claim carers on behalf of my mother as we look after each other for a couple of days per week despite myself living independently now but since these benefits as far as I was told don't have much of an effect on my claim and since it's specifically asking for employment history I would not need to declare this. The due date for this to be filled in is September 10th, over a week after my payment would be due so I'm unsure whether I would need to fill this in or not.

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    You've probably got this sorted, but the easiest way to deal with this is message your adviser through your journal, explaining the situation and asking what to do. In my area at least, they are quite responsive through this method - and it documents your concern as well.
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    hi my name is Steve , i have 2 questions about universal credits. i have been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and told i have 2 years left, first question is on GOV.UK, it states in legislation which group i would be put into as i cant work also having palliative chemo. when applying i was told i would get a phone call then followed by a pack to fill in to see a medical person appointed by U C. I have had call now been fobbed of with second call which means 2 months of my life wasted, first question is if it is on GOV.UK website as legislation, why is it ignored.
    second question is straight forward, is this done so people actually die before they get what they are entitled 2
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    I'm so sorry to hear that stephen douglas.

    The last thing you should have to be worrying about is money - Universal Credit is disgraceful, in every way.

    I would get straight on to MacMillan Cancer Support's welfare advice 0808 808 0000 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm.

    Please report back and let us know how you get on and if there's any more info you need (this is a slower bit of the forum than the rest but you'll always get an answer).

    All strength to you, Steve X
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    Good call
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    Following the ruling in June the government put out draft regulations to the affect that people in receipt or eligable for the severe disability premium (SDP) wouldn't be able to claim UC and would need to claim legacy benefits instead (ESA, JSA or IS). People already on UC would also be paid an additional about for loosing out on the SDP. The regs were planned to come in to force in Nov 2018. To receive the SDP a claimant would need to be recieving middle or higher rate DLA care component or PIP daily living at standard or enhanced rate (amongst other conditions).

    The article says anyone in receipt of DLA or PIP won't be able to claim UC. They don't say what their sources is, but that's not what the draft regs say- not everyone receiving DLA or PIP is entitled to the Severe Disability Premium.
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