Undercover policing enquiry

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    You have to assume they infiltrated most anarchist groups.
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    I suspect there was one in alarm and def at least one in cw - suspicion focused on a former london treasurer
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    Yeah regarding CW. probably loads.
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  5. likesfish

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    which could have been achieved by buying a few rounds down the pub and writing a report if anybody actually cared what anarchist groups are up to.
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    Thats all they did mostly. Listen, buy drinks and offer to be available with their van.
  7. likesfish

    likesfish officaly hardest and most tooled up urbanite:)

    Complete waste of time and money
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    Bit OT, but I’ve noticed the S*n ‘newspaper’ has had front page headlines attacking the police two days in a row, including this picture/incident (which was during a break, allegedly). This coincidentally comes days after top coppers pointed out how cuts had damaged their ability to deal with crimes, and some minor incidents wouldn’t be routinely investigated as a result. Murdoch’s lickspittle rag doing dirty work for the government, playing the attack dog since we can’t have austerity shown to be the crock of shit that it is, anyone speaking out needs to be slapped down, even the ‘brave boys in blue’.
  9. DaveCinzano


    The #spycops plaque project - highlighting some of the many locations associated with the police infiltration units - is launched next Friday 27th October in London, just before the Anarchist Bookfair:

    The Plaques Project is starting…
    We have decided to mark some of the places where officers from the Special Demonstration Squad and other undercover units spied on us, and our movements for change, over the years.
    We will be putting plaques up at various sites around London.
    We’re starting on Friday 27th October.

    Meet us at the Cock Tavern, Phoenix Rd, Euston NW1 1HB for a drink and some reminiscing at 5.30pm.
    We’ll be moving off at 6pm sharp for a quick tour around some places of interest in the local area.

    We aim to reach Housmans bookshop for an unveiling and launch event at 7.30pm.

    Please come dressed as a ghost (bed-sheet style) if you can.

    For more information about current campaigning vs undercover policing, check out:

    Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance - An alliance of people spied on by Britain's political secret police

    Undercover Research Group Undercover Research Group ~ Investigating political policing, spying on activists and undermining of dissent

    Police Spies Out of Lives Welcome

    The Network for Police Monitoring Netpol

    There will be a meeting on the subject at the Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 28 October, from 4-6pm. The bookfair is held at Park View School, West Green Road, London, N15 3QR .Anarchist Bookfair
    Also on the 28th, United Friends and Families Campaign hold their annual march and rally commemorating deaths in custody. Starts at 12 noon at Trafalgar Square.


    theyspiedhere (@theyspiedhere) on Twitter
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    i see robert lambert has an article in the new 'studies in conflict and terrorism':
    but i also see there are no contact details provided for him :D
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  11. DaveCinzano


    By my reckoning, bar a single journal article published in January 2014 and a chapter in a book which had been trailed for years but eventually came out in 2015, this will be his first thing published in four long years :D
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  12. DaveCinzano


    FYI re his co-author:

    Tim Parsons: As its former Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights with the rank of Chief Inspector, Parsons once occupied a similar position at the City of London Police as Inspector Bob Lambert had at the Metropolitan Police's Muslim Contact Unit. In 2006 Parsons published a Guide To Islam For Non-Muslims[117], authored by Mehmood Naqshbandi, an IT consultant with private sector company Logica.[118] Whilst the book does not mention Lambert by name, it does praise his Muslim Contact Unit as having created “a bi-directional, trusted relationship between the Metropolitan Police and members of the Muslim community who have concerns about the way that conventional policing frequently misinterprets aspects of the Muslim community.” Lambert reciprocated with fulsome praise for the Guide in a press release issued by City Of London Police, which in turn was cited by several newspapers and other news media.[119][120][121]

    Following his retirement from the police in August 2010, Parsons - like Lambert - pursued an academic path, having already secured a Master's in Education from Hull University in 2001, and begun work on his Doctorate at King's College London in 2003. On leaving the City of London force he joined the John Grieve Centre at London Metropolitan University as a Senior Lecturer in Criminology, whilst continuing his studies at KCL, which he completed in 2011.[28][29][28][30] By his own account, Parsons has extensive experience “of teaching and lecturing in [by 2013] 20 different countries across Europe, N. America, Africa and the Middle East,” at higher education institutions including the London School of Economics, the University of Surrey, the University of Westminster, Exeter University and the Woodrow Wilson Centre in the United States. “In addition to this he has taught in a number of different global organisations and police training academies including those in London, Toronto, Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Kiev, Sarajevo, Kigale (Rwanda) and Abu Dhabi.”[33]

    Parsons, in his capacity as an academic at LMU, publicly endorsed Lambert's positive view of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organisations such as the Muslim Association of Britain, noting that he could “personally testify to the value of the advice and guidance provided to the police by the MAB”.[122] From at least October 2011 until at least June 2013 Parsons was a member of the advisory board to Lambert's and Githens-Mazer's European Muslim Research Centre at the University of Exeter. Fellow board members during his time there included Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation, Muslim Association of Britain), Muhammad Abdul Bari (Muslim Council of Britain, Islamic Forum of Europe), and American academic John Esposito.[28] Parsons is also a member of the advisory board of American think tank Research Institute for Human Security and Cooperation,[123] where Lambert protegé and (at least until October 2015) still-serving Muslim Contact Unit officer Detective Constable Abid Raja[124][125][126][127] has a Fellowship.[128]

    In September 2012 Lambert - having in October 2011 quietly resigned his post at the University of Exeter[21] - joined Parsons at the John Grieve Centre in London Metropolitan University.[31][32][33][30] Lambert would also appear alongside Naqshbandi at a 2015 conference hosted by London university the School of Oriental and African Studies.[129][130]

    In January 2015, with a public campaign to have Lambert removed from his teaching post at London Metropolitan University building support, Parsons in his capacity as Senior Criminology Lecturer at LMU appeared on a television news programme to defend the decision to hire Lambert in the first place. He indicated that he had been the one to suggest that Lambert apply for the poist in the first place, and described him as “an extremely distinguished academic” with “extremely rich experience in professional practice, even accepting some of that is controversial.”[131] Lambert's resignation from London Met was publicly acknowledged in December 2015, as was his leaving St. Andrews University.[132] Parsons is thanked by Lambert and Jonathan Githens-Mazer in their London Case Study produced through the European Muslim Research Centre.[16]
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    the institutional affiliation on the article suggests he's still at london met
  14. DaveCinzano


    London Met and Lambert each issued statements in December 2015 saying that he had resigned his part-time teaching post there. Parsons remains there, and a close ally. John Grieve, who lends his name to the department, has his own spycop skeletons to be decloseted in due course.
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  15. Pickman's model

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    yeh. i understand that. but when an article lists yer man as lead author on an article and gives london met as the institutional affiliation one might be forgiven for thinking that what they and he said in 2015 was a load of auld shit.
  16. DaveCinzano


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    If someone wants to buy me a pint, I'm more than happy for it come out of the cops budget.

    I may be a liability.
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    There might be a justification for keeping an eye on certain groups that claim to want a revolution even if its just to catch fuckwits who like to start fires . The Bristol fuckwits who burned the army cadets bus (sorry personnel carrier:facepalm:) because arson is never a very safe activity .
    but hardly justify a long term undercover effort that produces neither intelligence or convictions
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  20. teqniq

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    Hope he wins. Copper is well words fail me. I could understand if he had infiltrated something dangerous ,but, he didn't what is the worse he would have faced if rumbled looks of disapproval and a divorce. Hope the CSA catch up with him.
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    hmm... not sure this bit's wholly accurate

    M2589 presumably "andy bryant". but cw didn't collapse with his departure: there was a split around 1992 which saw the ephemeral class war organisation exist briefly alongside the federation, and of course the 1997 split. but class war existed continuously until at least 2008, 2009, and not always in a moribund state. conclusion: don't get your information from annie machon - or rather david shayler writing as annie machon.
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