UK Science Technology and Transport Museums, hidden gems you know

Discussion in 'transport' started by A380, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    This could have gone here or science and technology.

    I love science and transport museums (I once went to Munich just to see theirs...).

    I really like the Leicester Space Centre, Film and Television in Bradford and MOSI in Manchester. IWM Duxford is also great.

    Not counting the big ones, South Ken and the RAF at Hendon, what are your favourites and recommendations in the UK?
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  2. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Patterdale Terrorist

    The Tank Museum

    Went there recently, bloody amazing :thumbs:
  3. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    MOSI is great - I love the engine hall with the massive steam machines. :cool:

    There is a robot exhibition on until next weekend so I might pop down this afternoon.
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  4. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

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  5. Throbbing Angel

    Throbbing Angel it's a very pretty colour this ambulance, isn't it

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  6. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    There is a bus and tram museum in Manchester. I've never been to see what it is like.

    Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester

    Bolton Steam Museum:

    Ellenroad Engine House - the largest working steam engines in the world apparently:

    Ellenroad Engine House Steam Museum

    Anson Engine Museum, Poynton, Cheshire:

    Anson Engine Museum

    A list of various museums in the NW:
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  7. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

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  8. gosub

    gosub ~#

    advert in the back of every Haynes book of lies manual

    more a history of Newcastle but the Discovery Centre has so good stuff in it including the Turbinia. Amusing tries to play down cities past as a arms manufacterer though
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  9. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    IWMN is an interesting place to visit, if depressing. The big picture show is excellent.

    I miss working in the Quays - I used to go to that or the Lowry quite a bit at dinnertime.
  10. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

    If blingy cars, with big engines is your thing, another odd one, London Motor Museum
    when I went a few years back, the cars were not exactly concourse condition and many are available to hire, at a price
    This Home | The Postal Museum was much better before it moved from Essex, it's more commercial, more child friendly. Previously, it had many post boxes, telephone boxes, post transport on display, which has all but disappeared.
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  11. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    The new aerospace museum at Filton, Bristol is pretty good, even if it is just Concorde plus a load of random stuff.
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  12. dessiato

    dessiato Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

  13. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    Off to see the robots at MOSI - not sure if photography is allowed but I'll take the camera anyway.
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  14. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

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  15. spitfire

    spitfire Toast

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  16. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    Oh god, MOSI is full of shrieking children. Why can't the little sods be quiet like normal human beings? :mad:
  17. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

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  18. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    There are so many museums and so little time ...

    Most of the heritage railways have some form of museum, sometimes tucked away at an intermediate station, although a few seem to be more museum than operating railway. I've been steadily working my way around them. For example; Corfe Castle (Swanage Railway) has a nice display, with a very rare loco ...

    I quite like visiting NRM Shildon (partly as I worked on a couple of bits of wood they have there !)
    Port Erin has a small museum with some interesting items (on the Isle of Man, so a bit difficult to just drop in).
    Discovery (Newcastle) is very good - provided the kid content is low but like Shildon, shrieking kids tend to echo. (Now going to make some people Jealous - I've been inside Turbinia !)
    Beamish has some technology and transport, but not that prominent unless at an "event" ... but well worth at least one day there, but usually plenty of kids.
    For planes; the North has air musuems at Sunderland and Carlisle - both with Vulcans. Duxford, Cosford, Hendon ...

    I could probably exceed the post size limit if I really got into listing the places I have found interesting exhibits, and a second for the ones I want to visit ... roll on retirement (hopefully before too many get closed, eg Snibston).
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  19. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

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  20. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

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  21. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    The robot exhibition was interesting - from a very creepy animatronic baby to the exoskeleton from Terminator. Some disturbing Japanese robots too.
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  22. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    The museum at Swanwick Junction on the Midland Railway Centre is pretty big, plus loads of stock outside. There’s also a museum of stationary engines and the National Fork Truck Museum :thumbs: on the same site. Well worth popping in.

    Leeds, being dismal as always, has some transport items on display at Armley Mills Industrial Museum, with plenty more rotting away outside (the main central City Museum is fairly compact so not much room for the big stuff). The city produced more railway locomotives than any other in the country I believe, but most were for industrial use or export, not for the big mainline companies, hence this is often overlooked. Lots of things like textile machinery in the industrial museum too.
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  23. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    Was it a one off or is it on tour to other museums?
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  24. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    National Fork Truck Museum? Just knowing there is one makes it worth starting this thread!
  25. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    I'm not sure - the webpage doesn't suggest it is touring. A shame if it isn't as it was an interesting thing to see.

    Although the Soyuz capsule is touring - it is currently at MOSI.
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  26. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

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  27. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    The space museum in Leicester is worth a shout.

    The national railway museum in York is less of a hidden gem as it already has its own thread but is a worthwhile visit.
  28. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn fiend

    Maybe it got damaged in the post.
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  29. S☼I

    S☼I motorneon cycleness

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  30. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

    As expected, some great mentions from Puddy_Tat but surprised Kew was left out London Museum of Water & Steam - Welcome to The London Water Museum
    A great exhibition in water supplies, a great climb to the top of the tower. On the right day, one or two engines will be in steam and the miniature steam train will be running.

    Less well known, just to the West of town
    its a huge and beautiful building, cavernous inside, with some steam engines
    That still steam
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