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Discussion in 'benefits and housing' started by freeman32, Mar 26, 2018.

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    ok so im going to be switched to universal credit soon and ive been told im going to have to 35 hours of jobsearch a week and make a uc account to allow the dwp/jobcentre to look through it etc etc. now i know for a fact with my universal jobmatch account i dont need to allow them access and ive been providing my jobsearch in prinouts for the last few months.

    i really dont want to be forced to use a uc account because i beleive its just a sanction generating scheme rather than one thats to benefit me, im envisioning a "you're supposed to do 35 hours a week jobsearch but i see you've only done 34 so im sanctioning you for x amount of time" type thing happening.

    ive scoured all sorts of freedom of information requests and the welfare reform act for the last week or so and found nothing solid that i can print out / show that says unequivocally that i dont need to create a uc account, or that i dont need to let them access it, and i can continue with paper evidence.

    everything i've found tells me this is true but it seems flakey at best i need something solid i can use as my coach seems hungry for sanctions with their general demeanour and odd pasing comments

    im hoping someone has something that can help

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