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Discussion in 'education & employment' started by aqua, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    OK, for anyone thats applied recently through UCAS and had to write their personal statement

    what was the best bit of advice you heard?

    did you have a talk/presentation on how to do it?

    if so was it any good, if so/not why?

    I need to compile some thoughts :)
  2. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

    I wrote mine very much like a covering letter for a job, but just changed the syntax slightly to be more applicable for a BA
  3. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

  4. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    yes I know that :p

    I want your personal experience of it, any good advice you got etc any truely awful talks you went to :D

    I could write the sodding things in my sleep, but I want to know how other people got on etc
  5. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

    Oh right, sorry :)

    four unconditional offers from four different uni's

    I reckon warrwick would of sniffed me out as a useless shit, within freshers week :D f'ing awful uni. Felt like a blackspot on a domino.

    I just 'sexed up', my skills with a bit of flamboyance :D
  6. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    well done you :p but thats not what I asked :D

    good/bad advice
    talks/presentations - good examples, dreadful ones


  7. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

    i think the worst bit of advice i had was "wear a suit for your interview". Um.. I'm going to art school.

    If I had worn a suit, I don't think I would of been able to walk through the main doors, let alone go to the interview. I just don't do suits. It is akin to wearing a Sunderland shirt for me.

    One of the best bits of advice was mention DofE, apparently they really like that. I did my gold DofE whilst still at school (wanted to be a paramedic and this was one of the things they looked for), and still today, I find it handy. Often gets mentioned at interviews both for uni, psychiatric NA's, and graphic design roles :)

    In hindsight, I wish I had gone to a uni that was more academic than Pompy, which is just a f'ing disgrace. Three years of my life wasted.
  8. lobster

    lobster Well-Known Member

    I will be filling in the form in a few weeks, i am a mature student so i guess there a little laid back, i think mature students are placed after traditional students and a-level applicants.
    How a access course is supposed to be equal to 2- a levels, i really don't know, i'll find out in a year if it really was, otherwise i may find it hard to cope in september 2006.
  9. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    you should be consider alongside any other students, there *shouldn't* be a hierarchy!
  10. zenie

    zenie >^^<

    IME being a mature student is a leg up.

    It shows you really want to go back to study rather than just naturally progressing from college/sixth form.

    What course are you applying for?
  11. lobster

    lobster Well-Known Member

    Computer science or software engineering
  12. JodyScanlon

    JodyScanlon Banned Banned

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  13. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

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  14. Santino

    Santino lovelier than lovely

    Two years I've spent persuading Jody to sign up, and now this!
  15. comrade spurski

    comrade spurski Well-Known Member

    Sorry to be off topic but why does
    "hm" lead to a banning?
    I know it ain't none off my business but I am really curious...and unable to sleep so am reading my way through all the threads in the hope one of them bored me a sleep but no luck so far
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  16. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    There's a slim chance I could have got it wrong but my experience says that when a new poster from Singapore posting under a supposed real name rocks up and adds nothing of note to as a UK-based thread I smell a heap of stinking spam incoming.
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  17. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad Well-Known Member

    #jodygate #freethescanlonone
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