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Ubern00b - taking audio from YouTube

Discussion in 'music making & live music' started by Corax, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    Okay, I've always fancied making music, but was crap at every instrument I ever tried to learn. I've finally gotten around to trying it the new-fashioned way and have happily spent the evening learning the absolute basics of how to use LMMS.

    There's going to be plenty to keep me busy learning how to use it properly for some time to come, but at some point I'd like to incorporate audio clips from film, TV etc. I'm assuming there's some way to nick clips of audio from YouTube videos, and video I've got on my hard-drive, but I've no idea how. Seeing as I'm not yet familiar with any of the terminology, I don't even know what I should be googling.

    Any kind soul got it in their heart to point me in the right direction?
  2. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

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  4. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    Excellent. Thanks both. :)
  5. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

  6. Getting audio off your own videos is a bit trickier - Audacity set up correctly can record anything that you can hear playing on your computer, so that is an easy and direct way to do that.
  7. you need to download an external mp3 codec and save it to the right folder and then set your options to find it in order to save recorded audio as mp3 which is fiddley, and choosing audio sources, soundcard options can stump people depending on their set up.

    Having Audacity set up is handy though so worth doing anyway - comes in useful for all kinds of things. And its free.
  8. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    I don't know what an mp3 codec is but I must have one :confused:
  9. Best of luck! Hadn't heard of LMMS before. Do you have to use a Linux based thing, or is that a choice?
  10. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    International superstardom here I come. I reproduced the melody to Popcorn in a mere hour and a half, so how hard can it be? :cool: :D

    Google is definitely my friend on this, but if anyone's got any particular recommendations for learning/tutorials etc that'd be great too.
  11. I think on a clean install if your try and save your recorded audio it will save it as a WAV, but if you want to save it as an mp3 you need to do this:
    If its a short snippet then WAV is fine, but if you record a long file (say 1hr or more) you probably want to save as MP3 to save on space.

    Ive got an external soundcard on my desktop and Audacity refuses to record anything from it...I spent hours trying to get it to work. Works no problem on my laptop though. It can be a bit tricky sometimes.
  12. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    I'm on Windows 7 - It just seemed to be the most fully-formed freeware option around from what I read. Could have torrented something else like FL Studio I know, but LMMS sounded good.

    There seemed to be loads of other specific bits and bobs around, but I have no idea what a sampler/widgeter/thingummy etc does yet, so I wanted something that was as all-in-one as possible.
  13. Makes sense - might as well go with that to get a feel of whats what and how it all works. The principles tend to carry across the different software options, so once you know one its not such a huge jump to learn another system. Its a pandoras box you're opening here Corax!
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  14. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

  15. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    Updated the link. Work in progress continues! Now I just want to find some sweeping ochestrally stuff or something. I feel like a kid with a new toy. :)
  16. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

  17. By a Detroit producer doing DnB trying to keep that Detroit techno aesthetic...
  18. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    And that's where it all goes whoosh over my head!
  19. Nah, its not that much of a mystery - the Detroit guys used quite straight from the tin synth/drum machine sounds (thats what was around then) without too much effects, distortion, etc. Thats what youve done.
  20. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    Is there a nice straightforward guide to the whole area that you know of? I've never even known what the difference between d&b and and anything else is. I was a metalhead (and a bit of Indie) as a teenager, so the whole thing passed me by!
  21. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    'nother question. If I wanted to build something around, say, the ghostbusters riff, or the "Every day I'm shufflin" vocal from LMFAO, do I have to find these and sort them out myself, or is that the kind of thing I could locate elsewhere?
  22. Not sure on the question - you just want a bit of a track and your asking do i have to edit it down to the bit i want to use, or is the snippet already out there? You're going to have to edit it yourself. Audacity can do that - get hold of the full audio and chop of the beginning and end. You might want to add a little fade in and fade out for smooth transition, or also EQ out some of the bass if your laying it over a track that already has bass in it. All simple to do - jsut flick through the options in Audacity, or if you get stuck try the Help section and search for "Fade In" etc.

    Just listen to the different types and hear for yourself - discovering music you dont know is a real pleasure in life, so I envy you - so much to get in to. The main difference is BPM (beats per minute), or on what beat the kicks and snares fall. You made a DnB beat on that tune of yours! 170 odd BPM (or half that, so 88BPM which is much the same thing)

    VERY rough guide off the top of my head (feel free to correct) of average BPMs give or take would be:
    Reggae - 70-80 BPM
    Hip Hop/RnB - 100 BPM
    House - 125BPM
    Techno - 135BPM
    UK Garage + Dubstep - 140BPM (though Dubstep is more accurately half that at 70BPM as it doesnt have that many beats)
    Oldskool/Hardcore - 140BPM+
    DnB - 174BPM
    Mental Gabba, and other super fast Techno 180+BPM

    A fast trash metal track is up in the 170BPM range I would guess...

    The speed you set at the start of building a track is going to really influence what you can achieve in it, an
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  24. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    Thanks ska. Essentially I was asking if there are (free) libraries of that kind of sound out there for lazy bastards like me, or if it's a DIY job. From your answer, it looks like it's DIY!

    I find it really weird that the speed dictates the genre tbh. When you look at metal, indie, shoegazing, etc etc etc then the genres are defined by characteristics and feel, but the rhythms can vary within each one. I guess that's what I was expecting with dance genres as well.

    ETA: Nice one, I'll have a look at that link.
  25. Dance music is more dictated by BPM, as subsequent tunes are mixed into one another, and in order to do that the BPM has to match - whats more sweaty ravers are quite happy to go along to the same speed of music all night long. I remember my mum suggesting I play a few slow tracks at the end for the lovers out there at the end of a DnB set :D that just doesnt wash.

    Of course its not just BPM - its the drum feel above all else (and BPM is intrinsic to that) - but its also a palette of sounds (jazz breaks for hip hop, distorted synths for jump up DnB, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc).

    Dance music differs from song based music in that key respect in that a band can have a whole variety of tempos and moods, and build a set around that, but even punk and metal bands tend to have a groove/speed thats the default one that works for them depending on who they are and what they do. You need a certain amount of BPMs to start head banging! Most pop music in the charts is around 120BPM I think.

    As to the sourcing of samples and their editing, thats a whole craft in itself. You can get sample CDs and there are sample banks out there, but doing it yourself is the way to go. I doubt you'd find what you want on a sample CD anyway.
  26. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    This is doing my head in. I've got the FLV files from Youtube, but completely failing to grab the audio from them. Whenever I try to record with audacity I get an error message about opening the sound device. None of the source options seem to work.

    Unfortunately I only went for onboard sound with this PC. But it's a brand new motherboard, Asus P8P67 Pro, with Realtek HD audio.

    Have I not set audacity up properly maybe? I'm stumped. :confused:
  27. Audacity can be awkward - as I said Ive torn my hair out with it before. I'll try and help, but before that I recommend forgetting about FLV files and using this
    past the youtube link you want audio from in there
    click on high quality
    and you'll get teh audio as an MP3 IIRC.
    Then stick that into Audacity and chop it up.
    I dont know LMMS at all, but I would guess you might be able to go New > Audio Track (somehow create an audio track where at the moment you have midi tracks playing the instruments) and stick the MP3 straight into LMMS and play with it in there. If you can then do that - bypass Audacity all together. There must be something like that - you'll need to do it at one stage any way to get the audio in to your track.

    Report back!
  28. With Audacity basically you go to Preferences in one of the drop down menus and try all the playback and recording options...if none of them work I cant help you. It doesn't work (to record) on my desktop machine w. external soundcard.
  29. Corax

    Corax This will change your life: http://bit.ly/19lPFRa

    w00t! Works. :)

    I'm assuming I can export to wav, but it's too late in the day to try right now.

    Thanks again ska. :cool:

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