Uber UK strike: users urged not to cross 'digital picket line' today - 9th Oct

Discussion in 'transport' started by editor, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Puddy_Tat

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    That by standing on a taxi rank, they are plying for hire in accordance with the terms of their licence. The duty to take a fare (up to the distance limit) if a taxi is plying for hire is part of the deal.

    It is certainly unusual and possibly unique as a trade, in so much as you (largely speaking) have individual self employed providers, who are required to provide a very regulated and uniform service (in terms of vehicle standards and fares) and only really have a lot of choice about where and at what times they will offer it.

    In return, the trade has a monopoly on 'plying for hire' in the street, although that monopoly has arguably been less valuable since minicabs based on telephone / two way radios became a thing, and even less so with mobile phone use and app based stuff. Licensing authorities also can impose a maximum number of hackney carriage licences in an area, to try and avoid an area being flooded with taxis (and the trade being unsustainable) - although I don't think London does this, and authorities can be required to prove that there is not 'unmet demand' as a result.

    Licensing authorities can not apply quantity restrictions to private hire / mini cabs (Mayor Boris Johnson did ask government for powers to do this, but not sure anyone has taken the idea that seriously yet.)

    In an ideal world, maybe we wouldn't start from where we are now.

    Hackney carriages (taxis, not to be confused with private hire vehicles or mini cabs which came along later and weren't regulated until a heck of a lot later, and later still in London) have been regulated since the 1830s, and while things like the 'bale of hay' are urban myths, it is all a bit messy. There are occasional efforts to review it all (sometimes suggesting doing away with the divide between hackney / private hire) which usually end up pissing everyone off and getting quietly shelved.
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    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    No need to review the laws - black cabs are going to die a commercial death in any event due to Uber and the like.
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    They can set a time and direction. Eg. Romford by 18.00 and the app finds work to get them there. Obviously this is something they usually do at end of shift.
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  4. I doubt they’ll die off. Become a premium service for city workers with expenses and tourists who know no better (which I assume is most of their work anyway).
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    I'd be quite happy for black cabs to be incorporated into the Uber system. They are after all wheelchair friendly, and can take 5 or more people. Even if they are generally noisy unfriendly experiences with a plate of glass between you and the driver meaning you have to shout at each other, and a bizarre rule about not siting up front.
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    Similar to the Yellow cabs in New York I guess.
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  7. skyscraper101

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    ...which you can just jump in speak to the driver from the inside without having to stand in the street and check he's okay first with your direction of travel before the door is unlocked.
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