Typhoon Mangkhut

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by planetgeli, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Just seen these pictures of Baguio city on Luzon, Philippines. It’s not even one of the worst affected areas, being quite a distance south of the epicentre of the storm. I’ve also been seeing pictures from ABC of Laoag which was hit badly. I can’t yet find good information on a place called Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, which lay pretty much in the eye of the storm.

    I’ve visited all these places and it shouldn’t, but does, make the pain more heartfelt. I met some lovely people in these places and can only hope for the best for them. I don’t think there is any other land mass in the world that puts up with the number of deadly earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and tropical storms that these people have to put up with. I remember being in a shithole called Dagupan on Christmas Day 2014 trying to plot my way out to a better place. I tried to go back to Bohol and was only thwarted by public transport not running because of the holidays. Two days later Bohol got flattened with 60 people dead.

    Never come across a country so reliant on luck. And they have a lot of it. But mostly bad.

    All that and Duterte to. Spare a thought for the Philippines.
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    Fuck :(
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  3. NoXion

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    I know someone in the Philippines, I hope they're OK.
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    It made a hell of a mess in Hong Kong but didn't kill anybody, apparently. My brother says it was so intense at one point that they ended up sheltering under a table with the kids.

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    My gf's Mum is from the Philippines. As far as we can tell, the area she's from hasn't been seriously affected.
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