Twin Peaks returns to television.

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  1. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    Sarah Palmer did not die in the original. Her face etc are what I was referring to previously when I said there may be clues about whether she was the young lady in episode 8 who ended up with a bonus bedtime snack.

    I dont think there was anything in Fire Walk With Me that gave such hints about Sarah. This major plot angle in the new series is revisionist history really, and sadly does take something away from the original Palmer family story, the tragedy of Laura etc. Gives us new things to think about though!

    I was so very happy when the Fireman chose Andy to receive info and do his work. And that the Fireman has a name other than ??? or the giant.

    Frank Silva was the original Bob actor who died in 1995. They are crediting him because they use that still image of him, and archive footage flashback scenes (I forget what there actually is in the way of the latter though).

    Lynch wanted Bowie to be in it but he was too ill (not that they were told this at the time) and also someone apparently got to Bowie about the quality of the accent he used in Fire Walk with Me, so he requested that an actor with authentic accent overdub his stuff.

    I wont respond to your other questions because of spoiler risk.
  2. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    sarah was always psychic in some form.

    Apparently the more relevant material from Fire Walk With Me is in the deleted scenes, which i have never seen. I've only seen the movie once, I didn't really think it was as good as the show at the time, plus they didn't get Lara Flynn Boyle on board.

    Bit weird to have replaced David Bowie with a giant teapot though, and I note we haven't seen anything regarding the machine from episode 1, nor the weird entity that killed the two watching (or not!) it
  3. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    True, but it seems to have gone well beyond that now!

    I quite enjoyed the deleted scenes, and there is some relevant stuff but in the grand scheme of things it wont help much, so I wouldnt worry about it, they are not absolutely essential viewing.

    The entity that appeared in the box and killed those two is the same thing that threw up the Bob orb etc in episode 8. And probably the same thing evil Coop had drawn on the playing card he showed to Darya before killing her. It might also be the thing that was banging loudly while Cooper was helped by no-eyed woman, went through the plug socket and took Dougies place in an early episode. I think it was called 'experiment' in the credits, but some people probably call it Mother for reasons including the line the 'American Girl' character that appears after no-eyes has gone into space, in the aforementioned scene, spoke "You'd better hurry, my mother's coming." Did you notice that this 'American Girl' character was played by the same actress who played Ronette Pulaski in the original?

    Teapot comparisons are funny - Lynch hates to comment on the detail and meaning of his work, but he felt the need to publicly state that it wasnt supposed to be a kettle or teapot. Kyle Maclachlan was up for it though :D

  4. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    This was american girl, in case my last post was confusing.


    Some other relevant imagery:

  5. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    As you can see, there may be some small differences between box killer thing and bob vomit thing, so a lot of my 'definitive answers' are actually just my opinions, most of which were formed when originally watching.

    And I just stuck the owl in there due to all the 'the owls are not what they seem' stuff in the first 2 series, and interesting mouth shape similarity.

    I may as well chuck in that if we take the Mother out of BOMB we get BOB.
  6. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    Coopers back!

    Two fucking episodes of this madness left! Dancy Audrey Dance!

    That piece of music is what this series has been missing.

    I have no fucking clue what's going on, though I did enjoy the Tarantino esque suburban shootout with the insurance guy trying to park.

    Diane is a strange smoke filled Black Lodge robot. Or something.

    Being raped by Bob was a bit disturbing.
  7. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    I cried with joy when he said "I am the F.B.I."
  8. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    I hope he comes back and settles down with jenny and sonny jim and they live happily ever after.

    Of course i suspect that isn't going to hapen
  9. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    One more episode to go!

    Super Punch Man is the best character I've seen on TV for some time.
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  10. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

  11. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    Yeah, I didnt like the last episode. I didnt mind the unanswered questions etc, but the bland, humourless version of Cooper was not what I wanted, and reminded me of bits of Lynchs later film career that didnt excite me in the ways his earlier stuff did.
  12. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member


    I must confess, I was completely lost.
  13. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    I doubt I can explain it as well as I think I can explain other stuff, but I will have a quick go anyway. I might cover a little bit of stuff that was in the episode before the last one.

    Once evil cooper doppelganger was dead and blob bob dealt with, the timeline had apparently been fucked with.

    Since Cooper came out of the black lodge the wrong way (due to Dougie/evil Coopers plan), he had to go back in (via boiler room) and then come back out the right way.

    Information given to Cooper by the Fireman at the start of the series (430, Richard and Linda) related to how Cooper & Diane would find the portal to yet another reality, and who they would be in this strange new world. Their terribly awkward sex scene may have been a sex magic ritual. No idea why Diane saw herself, or buggered off.

    We had seen Cooper interfering in the past, with Laura being whisked away in the woods, instead of meeting her fate in the train car at the hands of her father/Bob. It seems she ended up as 'Carrie Page' in Odessa instead. So Cooper (Richard!?!) went to Odessa to get her, with an aim of reuniting her with her mother.

    Since we had seen enough of Sarah to be suspicious that she was some kind of manifestation of Experiment/Mother/Judy, we might assume that there was supposed to be more to this final destination than a simple mother-daughter reunion. Especially as it looks like evil Cooper might previously have found what he was looking for if he had been transported to Sarahs house instead of the sheriffs office (the fireman fucked with his destination).

    Fun fact: The woman who actually answered the door at what should have been Lauras parents house, is the woman that owns that house in real life!

    Anyway, although her being there and there seemingly being no history of the Palmers ever having lived there, and the subsequent confusion, we do eventually see 'Carrie Page/Laura' hear her mothers voice calling her, at which point the usual chilling scream erupts, the lights of the house go out, and then??? I suppose its possible that they are still trapped in a sort of loop, and that Cooper and Laura have ended up in the black lodge again. Or, knowing Lynch, we are just supposed to see what theories our own minds come up with.

    I bet you are glad I cleared that up for you lol.

    I mentioned the Mark Frost books before. The one from after the series paints a picture where the timelines really were fucked with, with Laura never having died but rather 'gone missing', Leyland having committed suicide a year later through grief, residents of Twin Peaks not remembering those events, Cooper etc with any clarity, etc.
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  14. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    Lynch/Lynchs team found the guy that played him via a youtube video of the bloke demonstrating various accents!

    I suspect that this gloriously over the top character/plot device piss take, and the prior boxing career of Dougies boss, and one of Sarahs tv viewing choices, might have had something to do with this series being made for Showtime, who have a strong association with boxing.
  15. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    One of my favourite moments. Video thumbnail is gory hence the spoiler tags.
  16. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    It seems that to 'get' this season one had to remember lots of obscure details...numbers, sounds and names. All of which are just there for reference points. I'm not sure that makes for good storytelling.

    I think overall this was on one hand very impressive TV, but on the other weak storytelling. The little character vignettes were entertaining, but ultimately meaningless. We never learned what became of Steven, Becky, Audrey, Billy (I don't think I paid attention to who he was). THe resolutions that did happen were satisfying: Dougie (or perhaps that was Cooper), Ed and Norma.

    The rest of it was - for me - a bit too oblique. I'm perfectly happy to accept that speaks more about me than David Lynch. I just prefer the original, the supernatural was mixed with the everyday and the weird was both disturbing and yet endearing. There were lots of good things here, but, as with all these event series/reboots, it's just not the same. Maybe that's the curse of nostalgia. I applaud Lynch for trying something different and taking the storey further/deeper, but I think some semblance of a conventional narrative is required. I thought the last episode was the weakest of the lot and a poor ending especially compared to the previous episodes. I also would have liked Cooper to return earlier, maybe that's missing the point, but it's Twin Peaks!
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  17. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    Yeah, I already made some vaguely similar observations some days back, but I was being extra vague in places then because you hadnt seen the whole thing at that point.

    Some of the storytelling weaknesses were probably down to it being made as if it were one long film, and then chopped up later. I think the first two series did have some conventional 'previously on twin peaks' stuff to help viewers keep up, but maybe I'm misremembering that.

    Certainly I think part of the fun of the first 2 series was that it became a mass phenomenon for a good while (until the killer of Laura was revealed and the series lost its way a bit until the dramatic original finale) and all sorts of people who wouldnt often watch weird shit ended up watching it. This new series was mostly a cult thing from the start, the viewing figures were not great. Although tv & audience patterns are so different now anyway, and since after its original run twin peaks became one of the original 'box set marathon session' shows, I think its expected that nerds will view certain episodes more than once. I know I certainly did.

    There wasnt much left by the end that left me wanting another series. I suppose I wouldnt say no to a final film if they had enough ideas, and I suppose I would have liked to see more of 'Red' from the new series (played by Balthazar Getty). Bu it was clear from this series that there was plenty from the original that they didnt want to revisit, so there is probably even less left for them now. I was quite pleased that they toyed with peoples nostalgia and playfully delivered on just a few occasions, including not giving people much of the original Cooper. I didnt like what they did with Audrey, but I wasnt that surprised. They demonstrated that they could start to introduce new characters in the town of twin peaks if they wanted to, but there was always that feeling that such things were not going anywhere, since there was no open-ended season or subsequent season planned.
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  18. Rivendelboy

    Rivendelboy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, maybe this would have made a better movie, though they would have had to cut out an awful lot.

    I would have liked to see more of Audrey, what was that about? Why show that scene where she suddenly looks in the mirror? I don't get that at all.

    So many things that went nowhere. For me that's a little frustrating. I guess my sensitivities and expectations are just not able to process what Lynch was trying to accomplish. There are moments of brilliance and menace. I think it's what they call experimental.

    I don't think I'd want to see more. Leave the show for what it was. Who knows what history would have made of an original season 3 and beyond. But for me part of it's appeal is in what we had and what it was, including the downbeat ending.

    To be fair, I don't know how else you could have done this season. Anything else would probably have tainted the whole thing with mediocrity. But while I like the original and, in time, will revisit, I wouldn't rewatch Fire Walk With Me for the same reason I doubt I'll rewatch this.
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  19. Rosemary Jest

    Rosemary Jest Wrong and Unstable

    I think Audrey was in a coma, or psychiatric hospital or something after the events of the 2nd series and was imagining the night out at the bar. My take on it anyway.
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