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Tulse Hill news, chitter chatter and gossip

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Nanker Phelge, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Cartoon Man

    Cartoon Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It looks like we might have a flatshare, good location, good price, but the room is impossibly small so I dunno how that's going to pan out...
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  2. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Suspend yourselves and your disbelief.
  3. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Railway teacher central tonight. Tulse much calmer. Phew. Tonight will be the start of a messy weekend for many london teachers.
  4. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    It was wall to wall teachers last night too.
  5. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Not easy getting served in there at the best of times!
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  6. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    We only really get 1 night out a year! Allow it!
  7. GarveyLives

    GarveyLives Well-Known Member

    The near-Swastika signage on the front of the actual property seems an apt way of celebrating the 'demographic cleansing' of the area.

  8. GarveyLives

    GarveyLives Well-Known Member

    He should try and seek compensation from Thames Water for consequential damages.

    The more likely cause of his issues is the 'new demographic' in the immediate area. There's nothing he can do about that.
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  9. Smick

    Smick Strictly Second Class

    Which new demographic?
  10. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    I don't think it's hard to see that the demographic around Tulse Hill and West Norwood is changing.

    These new bars, pubs, wine shops and organic cafes are not opening up for the people who have been here a long time are they?
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  11. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    Leigham Vale flooding again after that downpour. Not as badly as last time but badly enough all the same.

    eta apparently St Julian's Farm road water main has also gone there.

    Plus Brixton Hill obviously.

    What. A. Mess.
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  12. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    Self service checkouts being installed in the Co Op!!! :eek::D

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