tube party on june 1st?

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by bluestreak, May 8, 2008.

  1. winjer

    winjer holocene death beat

    Yet another lie. Where was this alleged riot?
  2. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    So necking a tin of fosters between farringdon and kings cross dramatically changes otherwise sane people into deranged nutters?

    Do you realise how silly that sounds?

    And why do they sell such substances on planes and other train services if it has such a dramatic effect on the human psyche?
  3. Black Flag

    Where I live the parks are controlled drinking zones, IIRC. Certainly the streets are.
  4. Black Flag

    Aw, c'mon. You're taking it to the nth degree and stretching it till it snaps!
  5. Black Flag

    Quote of the day

  6. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    No, that's what you are doing.

    I haven't seen a fight in a bar for years and I don't think I've ever seen one on a tube train.

    You're being disingenuous in order to be self-righteous.
  7. Black Flag

    No. Not self-righteous. I don't see the need for people to drink booze (a drug) on London transport. Drink and be merry, but in an appropriate space.

    The saddest thing about the whole shooting match? Boris can now say "I told you so."
  8. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    It's a public space. The majority of violent incidents on public transport are by kids on the rob, not someone having a tinny who's on their way to a concert/party or whatever.

    Do you propose that they ban it on planes and all trains now too?

    Have you flown on a plane? How did you cope with all the drinking going on around you?

    Have you drank on a plane? I hope not because it's game, set and match to me if you have! :D

    (waits for the fibs...)
  9. winjer

    winjer holocene death beat

    But how would you practically have avoided it becoming just the same as Saturday night?
  10. Black Flag

    I don't drink.
  11. winjer

    winjer holocene death beat

    Sounds horrible.
  12. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    Well that explains everything then.

    Cheers. :D :cool:

    Have you flown on a plane?
  13. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    there's "no need" to do a lot of things that are fun.

    there's "no need" to listen to music, or to read, or to... exchange a pleasantry with a loved one, or a joke with a friend. there's "no need" to dress in anything but a suit, etc etc.
  14. bluestreak

    bluestreak HomosexualityIsStalin’sAtomBombtoDestroyAmerica

    Perhaps that influences your feelings here? In the same way that I would love to ban eating meat on the tube cos of how it makes me feel, I'm aware that actually people eating it are exercising a right that I'm not comfortable with due to the same sort of disgust that you prolly feel at the notion of alcohol, IYSWIM?
  15. ajdown

    ajdown Posting in this thread

    One or two high profile punishments will put a lot of people off of organising similarly stupid, disrupting, and now illegal, events in the future.
  16. winjer

    winjer holocene death beat

    In short: lots of parties on various tube lines, the larger ones ended by police emptying trains and closing stations. Party on the concourse at Liverpool St from 9pm, c1000 people, with sound system for about an hour, eventually moved out of the station when sufficient police present (40-50) around 11:30pm.
  17. Black Flag

    rotflmao - no ... I flap my fucking arms, mate! Lmao! :D

    I think I'm missing the point as to why people are so upset at the ban? I do love how passionate Urbanites get about stuff. No kidding.

    @Bluestreak - my missus is a drinker. I threw her over my shoulder and put her to bed at the weekend. I have no issues with others drinking, despite my inability to drink like a gentleman. I take your point, though, in a general way.
  18. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    It's not illegal yet :) (the drinking)
  19. nosos

    nosos Well-Known Member

    But drinking on the tube isn't actually illegal yet....

    That's what one of the manifold reasons why this ban is an insanely transpart piece of media driven politics.
  20. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    Well how on earth did you cope with all the drinking and subsequent fighting in such a confined space? ;)
  21. Black Flag

    I flew in the undercarriage. :D
  22. Nixon

    Nixon peanut butter n.w.o.

    people don't organise to have fucking parties on the tube every day or every some degree,but not to this degree which is the's not as excessive as this,where as some arse organised 10000 people to do it all at once on on tube line,which is stupid.they might consume alcohol on public transport/stations,en route somewhere,but i think it's a bit of an overstatement to say that hundreds of people intentionally congregate on the tube/public transport SPECIFICALLY to get pissed and effectively "party" ON public transport at the weekends..that's silly.
  23. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    You're being witty all of a sudden because you know I've got you by the bollocks sunshine... ;) :p
  24. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    it is not so much the law itself (it won't affect me a great deal) as that it is the 1st example of boris johnson introducing arguably pointless laws without any research... if he is going to start legislating against things he feels are morally bad without any regard for what anyone else thinks then this could be the start of a fairly horrible city. he doesn't like gays does he? i guess gay public displays of affection might be next for teh chop (i'm exaggerating to show my point. hopefully)
  25. bluestreak

    bluestreak HomosexualityIsStalin’sAtomBombtoDestroyAmerica

    Fair dos, I was worried you might take that as an attack rather than an observation.
  26. ajdown

    ajdown Posting in this thread

    Interesting. So why is everyone calling it a 'ban' instead of a 'polite request not to'?
  27. Black Flag

    No. Not at all. It's just rehashing more of the same from both sides.

    Perhaps if I understood why people believe they ought to be allowed to drink in non-licenced/controlled environments, I might be able to see your PoV. But I just don't get it - and I'm not being deliberately obtuse.
  28. Stobart Stopper

    Stobart Stopper Well-Known Member

    Just seen the middle page pic in the Evening Standard and I have to say that they all look like a bunch of pissed-up middle class Yuppies, mostly white as well. Just like the sort who go to Glastonbury. No normal people to be seen IMO.
  29. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    Because it makes him look more powerful for his first 'quick win'. PR exercise.
  30. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Bloody hell! :rolleyes: :D

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