Truro City vs Dulwich Hamlet, Sunday 11 November

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Scolly, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    That's five goals conceded in the last 100 minutes we've played without Kargbo on the pitch.

    We're so feeble. We haven't replaced Hayles, Acheampong, Weatherstone or Beaney.
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  2. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    Think our defense was better last season
    conceding late goals
    Thanks to our fans who made it and DHFCTV for the excellent commentary
  3. Don Reid

    Don Reid Member

    We're playing at a higher level so that must be a reason they were moved on, but we do need an enforcer who can sniff out danger and sorry to say it a more mobile Jay may type and we would be right up there, we're making chances but our elder players aren't guiding us through games well enough
  4. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I think Jay May is one of the highlights of the season so far. I think the problems are elsewhere.
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  5. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    I could wax lyrical about how much I love the way Jay plays all day, might not have scored yet but has five assists, joint highest with Dom, one of our top performers this year every time he’s played
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  6. Clareg

    Clareg Active Member

    I thought Kargbo had one match suspension for 5 yellow cards.
  7. Clareg

    Clareg Active Member

    Also ...thank you for excellent commentary Tom
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  8. RabbleLevi

    RabbleLevi Well-Known Member

    Jay has his uses. His physicality effected the game in the first half and allowed us to get a foothold back Into the match. At 2-1 however he became very clumsy and broke up our own attacks with poor layoffs and touches.

    There were times were Carew, Vose and Green just stood still with the ball, inviting pressure and eventually loosing possession. If you have no options play it forward and into space. If you allow yourself to get tackled or your passes to get intercepted you invite pressure.

    I thought our substitutions were poor. Tomlin is a tricky customer but can be toothless. Cook didn’t get enough time to change the game. We had Kingsley on the bench, what does he have to do to get a game? Or a minute? He looks powerful and has a wicked shot.

    Why was Kargbo not in the team? Agree that without him we look spineless.

    Truro’s number 5 had his hands all over our attackers. A number of their players were touchy feely. Refs at this level are not doing enough to protect skilful players and it’s getting dull. Iffy was kicked and pushed for 80 minutes.

    Credit to Truro, they showed heart were we didn’t and beat us. They were not as skilful but they were a team.
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  9. Don Reid

    Don Reid Member

    I know they are!!! But at present we need to be more clinical in front of goal and for all his good play he needs goals
  10. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily. We're not in a day and age of football where it's the strikers that have to score. As long as he contributes to the team scoring goals, then I couldn't give a flying toss how many he actually scores. baleboy_93 has pointed out his clear contributions above. Top player. If he's fit, he's a must-start for me.
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  11. Gullwich

    Gullwich New Member

    Pleased I got to take my brothers to their first Dulwich game and enjoyed sitting high up in bristows bench, something I’ve never done before. Was a great goal from Ny. Not too many other positives though, the atmospheres always going to be non existent with only one (basically empty) side open and was pretty gutting with the late winner for them. Truro to be fair seemed a decent side, think they’ll climb up the table a fair bit.
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  12. editor

    editor hiraethified

  13. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    Seems the same post match words are being said in the interview after each game recently.

    The final sentence from Gavin could have a double meaning..

  14. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    You're absolutely right - that is a strange sentence at the end. Very much loaded with two meanings!
  15. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping it's just to put the wind up the players..
  16. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    I thought we weren't supposed to use anyone's real names on here? ;)
  17. pitchfork

    pitchfork Well-Known Member

    Maybe he feels this as far as he thinks he can go with the club?
  18. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    If we were facing an indefinite period playing at Tooting that would make sense, but why would he walk away just as we're on the brink of returning to Champion Hill with all the associated advantages? I think it was just a throwaway remark and people are reading too hard between the lines.
  19. pitchfork

    pitchfork Well-Known Member

    It doesn’t matter where you play it’s clear he is not feeling it. His remarks clearly says the players are taking the wages but not respecting his decisions and instructions, where do you go from there?
  20. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    Attack them and then clear them out :D

    Gav’s contract is up soon I believe, I’m sure he will either sign a new one or he won’t. It ever was thus :)

    I hope he stays.
  21. Don Reid

    Don Reid Member

    No I think he needs to get some new players in and he's serving notice on some players, as stated were beating ourselves not them beating us
  22. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I think it makes all the difference where we play. Wait until we're back at Dulwich and see how much it lifts everyone. Attendances should double (and matchday revenue) and many aspects of the club should be enhanced.

    I think we lost more players than we wanted to last summer for a variety of reasons, and some of the newcomers turned out to be below the required standard. In theory it should be easier to refresh the squad once we've settled in back home. And let's remember we've just been promoted for the second time in five years, and we're closer to the play-off positions than the relegation zone. We're about two fifths of the way through the season, we're on a learning curve, and I'm sure we'll finish higher in the table than our present position of 15th. Results like the last two have been frustrating, but we've also had a couple of wins from matches where we didn't play very well. On balance I think we're about where we should be under the circumstances, because there are teams in this league who know it better than we do even if they have less talent in their squad than we do.

    It was an incredible achievement to get promoted last season given everything that happened off the field, and I don't think it's realistic to expect that anything should be better than it is right now, even though we might have done better in terms of achieving results.
  23. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Absolutely spot on, PP. Completely agree.
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  24. Cyclodunc

    Cyclodunc Where's the slam tent, mate?

    Yep. I recall lots of gnashing of teeth over some poor form last season... and the season before that... and the season before that... and the season before that there was the incident with the pigeon.

    Anyway, I agree with PP. We're doing fine all things considered!

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