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Trump: "Tremendous crowds of well-wishers"


free shrugs
I'm not in London but I'm pretty sure this tweet about tremendous crowds of well-wishers and people who love the USA greeting Donald Trump today isn't strictly accurate.


Fox News, meanwhile, is reporting on the protests, but claiming they include a lot of Trump supporters as well as opponents.

Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke said, “Yeah, do keep this in mind though guys. A lot of those demonstrations will also include pro-Trump folks out there who, a great many of them feel like he is simply not getting his fair share in the media here."

Don Troooomp

Condescension and embedded self importance
ox News, meanwhile, is reporting on the protests, but claiming they include a lot of Trump supporters as well as opponents.
Trump supporters are joining the protests?
As it's unlikely there are many Trump supporters in the UK, that's very probably Fox talking bollocks, but perhaps his supporters have realised he's a cunt and joined the more sensible part of society that realises he's a twat.


free shrugs
I doubt he's even really in the country tbh. I think he's at home playing hungry hungry hippos and the whole 'state visit' is being done with photoshop.
That would explain his incongruous series of tweets about board games being better when they were made in the good old US of A, as well as the abrupt withdrawal of US funding for hippo conservation efforts.


I know there's no use in crying, but what a waste of good milk :(
If you're getting upset about a couple of litres you're going to be inconsolable after reading this:

A new report has revealed that 330,000 tonnes of milk – 7 per cent of all milk produced – is wasted per year in the UK, which equates to the loss of more than £150 million.

90 per cent of the UK’s milk waste comes from the home, which is the equivalent of more than 490 million pints of milk as a nation per year – or rather, 18 and a half pints per household.
Crying over spilt milk: £150m worth of milk wasted every year


Hetero Sapiens
Yes. I was up there from 11:30 and there were several people maybe a half dozen with US flags spread out throughout the crowds of determined anti Trump protesters.
A bit of street debate going on too. The Moon on the Mall only seemed to be letting in ex edl faces.
How did people respond to your cheering, generally speaking?