Travelling from the UK to the USA with a criminal record

Discussion in 'New York/US' started by slish66, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. nogojones

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    And its not like you ever committed any serious offences Charlie :eek:
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  2. Charlie Manson

    Charlie Manson New Member

    Peace and love man, peace and love.
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  3. skyscraper101

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  4. parachute6172

    parachute6172 New Member

    I was given a conditional caution for sexual assault in February 2019, having touched a woman's bum in a shopping centre. I was stopped by security there, voluntarily attended a police interview and accepted a conditional caution. I realise that this was a pretty stupid thing to do, and I'm very remorseful. This was the first and will be the last time I've ever been in trouble and interacted with the Police.
    I had previously made plans to travel to the USA to visit my brother.

    I searched online and found a lot of people advising simply to not declare the caution, and US immigration would have no record of it, so in theory would have no problem entering the USA. This month I applied for an ESTA, ticking "no" to the convictions and arrests questions, which was approved instantly.

    I'm aware that the caution counts as a "crime involving moral turpitude", something the ESTA application form asks about specifically. I was not arrested at any point and interpreted this as meaning I have no convictions.

    Since I am finding a lot of conflicting information about this online and I'm getting seriously stressed out worrying about whether to go, I'd like to ask what people here think. Should I risk travelling on the ESTA I have? Is there any risk of being turned away by USA immigration?
  5. existentialist

    existentialist The sausages need an explanation

    Pick a page at random from this 69 page thread, and I pretty much guarantee you will find the answer you're looking for.

    In short: there is minimal risk. The US and the UK do not share criminal information routinely. Go and have your holiday in Babylon, and make the most of it.
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  6. parachute6172

    parachute6172 New Member

    That's pretty much what I thought, but really I'm looking for a bit of reassurance before going and booking flights. Obviously I'm about to spend a fair bit of money and I'd rather it wasn't wasted. Thanks for your reply!
  7. 1927

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    Even someone who has an ESTA, or even a Visa, and has no criminal convictions or arrests can be refused entry so no one can give you the assurances that you are seeking.
  8. Charlie Manson

    Charlie Manson New Member

    What a stupid fucking post.
  9. Charlie Manson

    Charlie Manson New Member

    Like exi says, read the thread, you'll be absolutely fine.
  10. Mrs Miggins

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    I thought the "moral turpitude" thing was gone because nobody knows what it means outside the USA.
  11. Manter

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    It’s absolutely true though. If you have a valid residence visa and pay for an apartment, have a job in the US etc etc they have the right to turn you away at the border. You might not like it, but it’s true
  12. Charlie Manson

    Charlie Manson New Member

    Maybe so, but it Jack's me off when people use this forum to ask for help and advice on an issue that many of us have had and then someone pops up and blows it all out of the water and installs the fear in people again.

    With the way it was written even the Queen would be shitting herself entering the country.
  13. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    it very much depends on the shopping centre and whether it was before or after 6pm.
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