Travelling from the UK to the USA with a criminal record

Discussion in 'New York/US' started by slish66, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Always better to use an implement
  2. fatherof2

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    love this thread.... it goes way back.... ive read the last half of it and im going along with its advice..... ive applied for the ESTA... ticked no... eventhough had some convictions 6 years ago... now just waiting for the reply (the clearance as they say/)...

    thanks alot guys will update you once i arrive in the US... if god wills that is...
    take care
    you guys are legends...

    your humble bro

    S from london
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  3. Charlieboy28

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    Copied from my own thread..

    Ok, I've read that much online I can't decide on what's nonsense and what is actually the truth. If there is any... LIE, YOU WON'T GET IN END OF, ETC ETC

    I'm 25 now, when I was 18 (silly little boy running with the wrong crowd) I was the driver in a robbery. To cut the story short, I was handed a 2 year custodial sentence suspended for 18 months.. from that day I never set a foot wrong again and thankfully never had to go to jail as I didn't get into trouble within them 18 months. Or after that for the record lol.

    Anyhow, I've always wanted to go to new York. A dream really, I've settled down now with my partner and 2 Young children. Not now, but maybe next year, I want to go to new York for a short trip, 4,5 nights.. and im wondering..

    What in the hell do I do???

    Lie on the online waiver?
    Go through the whole expensive visaapplication/interview..

    Or what? Any help that is actually LEGIT, is greatlyappreciated.
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  4. keybored


    Lie on the online waiver.

    You're welcome.
  5. fatherof2

    fatherof2 New Member

    Just to update you guys... ive recieved my authorization of acceptance... brilliant... now ive booked my ticket for tuesday... i hope u guys wer right....!

  6. Just interested

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    How did you get on?
  7. Supine

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  8. Visa1

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    Hey guys. I had an appointment at the embassy in London today. I tried being honest and declaring everything and was refused entry (GBH with intent back in 2009). I was pretty much told although I'm not 'banned' I'm permanently enligible. I have been looking at other routes into the states and have been told that flying to Canada and driving over the border could work if I filled out a form called an I-94W and lied about my conviction. Just curious if anyone has tried this? As I'm worried that they will scan my passport or something and it'll flag that I have had a visa refusal (they took my finger prints and everything today lol).

    Also does anyone know if my passport is 'marked' now? i.e. If I did an online ETSA and lied to obtain a visa would my refused visa flag when I got to passport control in the states?

    And finally does anyone know if border controls communicate ? I want to travel to Australia and feel id get in if I lied about my criminal record but now IRONICALLY I am worried that the visa refusal from the states might show up and lead to them catching me out now. Has anyone been refused a visa to America and then tried to get into another country by lying and been successful ?

    If I am caught lying to obtain a visa will I just be permanently banned and sent back or it is country dependant ? Could it result in prison if I tried it in the wrong place?

    Thanks guys.
  9. Visa1

    Visa1 New Member

    And a word of warning if you have a criminal record I'd honestly just lie I know loads of people who have and are fine. I mean they ASK you to buy a copy of your convictions and provide them on the visa interview (an ACRO). If the embassy in London are too lazy to CRB check you that speaks volumes as to how little the passport control in the states will go too lol. I have literally paid an extortionate amount of money to make it even harder to enter the states, absolutely gutted!
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  10. Fez909

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    Sorry you found out the hard way about being honest.

    As to your other questions, it's hard to say. There's no laws governing sharing data between non-nationals between countries that I'm aware of. So they could share the info with Aus. I very much doubt they would, though. They don't give a shit who goes to Australia. It's USA they're paid to look after.

    Unless you're working in Aus, or anywhere else you go, just lie. And you'll be fine. :)

    I probbaly wouldn't risk USA again if I was in your shoes, but the worst that happens is you get turned back at the Canadian border and you have to spend time in Canada instead. Sounds alright to me ;)
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  11. Motherbear5

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    My husband was arrested more than 30 years ago it was to do with drugs,
    We would like to go to florida and so started the ds160 form. We sent the form and have yet to arrange an interview. I'm assuming he won't get approved for a visa my question is now the ds160 is in the system should we just cancel our whole holiday rather than lose loads of money. At the moment we stand to lose £500 in deposits.
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  13. 1927

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    Why the fuck would you book a holiday before knowing that the Visa was approved? madness.
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  14. Why did you not just apply for an ESTA and travel?

    A 30 year old drugs conviction won't be logged anywhere.

  15. Your passport number will be logged by the US now. A new passport won't be. Lose yours and you get a new number...

    They don't share anything with Australia. The Australian e-visa can be had for free and if accepted is a very positive indicator that you'll get entry to the US. If you know a decent, friendly travel agent then he or she can apply for the Ozzie one free of charge for you.


    if you lose your passport and replace with new one it won't show up in system as same name and DoB ?
  17. No, on ESTA the passport gets flagged, not the passport holder. Names + DOB only gets logged on the TSA's No Fly lists, which is reserved for Muslims.
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    This must be the most successful thread started by someone only passing through
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  19. editor

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    It probably is and it's also probably one of the most useful threads too, even if it involves people repeating the same advice in an endless loop.
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  20. Traveller2017

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    Lurked this thread for years wondering if i would ever get into the US with a drugs conviction in the UK.

    Can now happily feedback and confirm what everyone else is saying and to tick no and just go and enjoy yourself.

    Went to the US last month with no problems at all. Was nervous going through customs but the guy asked if id ever been before, what i was travelling for , took my pic and fingerprints and told me to enjoy my stay and sent me on my way.

    Cant believe i worried for so long about telling the truth, going though the consolate after reading that 99% were being refused and i would never get in again then.

    The UK share nothing (minor) with the US guys. Im going back in March again and wont even be thinking about it this time!


    What if I have a refused Esta for Canada, will that show up if I go to tick No "no criminal record" on Esta to go USA from uk ?
  22. Probly not. Why on earth where you refused the Canadian e-visa?


    I asked lawyer he said to tell them about record (I didn't look it up be4), so they wanted police certificate etc, but I Just sent them first page by mistake, and they then refused my Esta.

    but you say probably not so could be chance I guess it could show up when they scan passport. I have new passport now tho but same name dob just different passport number.
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    Just goes to show, lawyers know jack shit!
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  25. 44 pages here say don't admit anything and loads of people travel with no hassle vs your lawyer who's fucked things up. Ask for your money back at least.

    Try for an ESTA with a new passport and see how you get on, should be OK.
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  26. mattryan

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    Been to the american embassy this morning for my visa declared everything on the vcu 1 also had my npcc certificate i have a conviction for theft 14 years ago and the officer said i have to contact the npcc to get more information of the conviction and also to give the embassy more access to my records amd they will take it from there whats the likelyhood of getting the visa my conviction was minor resulting in community service but did go to crown court because the other person pushed it so hard
  27. 1927

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    You're fucked.
  28. I am not going to give ^^ a like as it doesnt feel right, but '27 is correct I am afriad
  29. mattryan

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    Any pertucular reason im fucked ? It was a non violent crime that didnt result in a custodial sentence ? And it was 14 years ago ? Guess it doesnt pay to be honest with them then ? Everything i have read has said if it is only 1 crime then u should be ok ? Sorry for all the questions im a newbie
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    You may alright, but honesty is definitely not the best policy in most cases when dealing with US immigration. Good luck though - and please report back either way.
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