Travelling from the UK to the USA with a criminal record

Discussion in 'New York/US' started by slish66, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. goodguy999

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    My friend recently travelled and got married in the us, he has a conviction for police assault, breach and assault, and ticked no got in got married had a great time.

    I would say the info here is spot on.
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  2. Stokiestaz

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    If it helps anyone... I have recently visited New York (JFK) twice in the past two years. The first time I visited I was on bail (for quite a serious offence) and I ticked no on the ESTA and everything was approved and I travelled from Heathrow shitting myself, but I got through border patrol with absolutely no issues. The second time I visited I had a Crown court date scheduled two weeks after my holiday was due to finish (again for the same offence I was on bail for) and again had zero issues and on the second visit I was even eligible to use the machines at JFK to scan my passport because I was a returning visitor.

    So as I understand it, for anyone on bail (even for serious offences) you can get away with ticking no and visiting the US. Obviously its your call whether you risk it. Maybe I got lucky? Who knows? But I know for certain if I had declared my court situation I would have almost certainly been denied access.

    So if your on bail, my advice is tick no, say nothing, be polite to the border officer and enjoy your trip.

    As for post conviction trips. I cannot advise.

    If anyone has questions then message me.
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    Hi everyone, I know this question has probably been asked a million times but some circumstances are different so I'm hoping someone can give me some advice!

    I am hoping to take my dream of a life time trip next year to road trip around America for a month.

    I have 2 problems - I have a record from when I was under 18 one for possession of cannabis (this was just a caution) and a charge for common assault (a silly girls scrap when I was 17) I will be 25 when we if we can go and haven't been arrested since!

    The other slightly bigger problem is my boyfriends record is a bit more serious he has criminal damage (writing on a lamppost at 15!) and possession with intent to supply and possession (both for cannabis) this is from nearly 5 years ago and the only thing he has been arrested for since is drink driving (will be 2 years if we go) I know it's a long shot of us getting a visa but I would worry we may get turned away and this holiday is really expensive! Neither of us have served prison time. What are our chances of getting granted a visa? - my boyfriend has proof of rehabilitation and we both have full time jobs.

    Also I am hoping he will drive as I don't have a licence would the drink driving completely prevent us from doing this in the USA?

    Sorry for the long post but I'm desperate for advice!

    Thanks in advance!
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    It has been asked a million times and there's already massive discussion about it.

    *Threads merged
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  7. Tick NO to all the options on the ESTA and never admit you have even ever been arrested and you'll be fine.

    A lot of car hire companies won't rent to a convicted drunk driver for five years, some even want ten clear years. It is worth talking to them about it, they won't speak with the authorities. The other thing with driving convictions, in the UK we no longer have the counter-part which lists your points and/or bans. You must get a code from the DVLA which the car hire companies can enter and see a list of your naughtiness. Since this has come in I have hired cars in Malaga, Glasgow and Furteventura and not once have they checked. Of these I would have expected Glasgow to check as it is a business destination rather than a holiday one, but they didn't, so it is possible that they won't check this in the US either. But not guaranteed, so worth phoning a couple of companies to see how the land lies.

    Hope you have a lovely trip.
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  8. chrism1990

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    am i right in saying the online esta relys purely on you being honest?
  9. chrism1990

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    i woke up this fine Sunday morning and read through this entire thread from page one (what else ya guna do on a Sunday?) and have come to the conclusion that people do not read threads including myself up until this one! instead they just post their question which is exactly the same as the previous question apart from john got arrested for possession in 1987 and bob got arrested for possession in 1986 but according to them their situations are a world apart.

    so start from page one read through and your question/situation will have been answered 9 different ways, in 6 languages and by everyone but sir elton john also im sure theres a link in the thread somewhere and you can download an answer to your question in brail.

    also just like to add, this forum is quite entertainig think ill stick around for a bit!

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    Never admit to having read the thread. It is social suicide here.
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    Not sure if this thread is still running, I have a few cautions and one arrest 2 years ago for driving with no insurance/failure to stop (had a MINOR BUMP NO DAMAGE AT ALL, shit myself because of no insurence so didn't ring and report the accident, just exchanged details and left) got points and a fine. Anyway I'm pretty sure this doesn't come under moral turpitude? And that the question doesn't even actually mention moral turpitude anymore anyway? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong....I'm going to tick no on esta, but what I'm wondering is why do you have to give fingerprints on arrival? Do they cross check with fingerprints taken in UK?
    First trip to US, Florida with kids family holiday and would be mortified if something were to go wrong and us (me) be denied entry.
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  13. zippidy doo daa

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    is there an answer in that somewhere? Lol.
    In all seriousness though, could you please tell me why the us take the fingerprints? Never travelled there before and I'm worried.
  14. zippidy doo daa

    zippidy doo daa New Member

    I presume you thought this thread was dead ;)
  15. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Au contraire! It is the thread that will never die.
  16. zippidy doo daa

    zippidy doo daa New Member

    Lol well I can assure you I have read through and 99% of the stuff on here is about ticking yes or no on esta, that's not my concern, I'm ticking no. I am however still slightly concerned on the fingerprints, I don't want to tick no and then my prints flag up I'm a criminal HA! This hasn't been covered so much...and what do they use them for if its not to cross check them?
  17. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    I seriously doubt the airport fingerprint ID scan in the US airports is linked to the UK PCN. I'm sure we'd have heard about it by now from this thread and I reckon its just too complex to get the equivalent systems from around the world to all link up to it.

    My hunch is that it's mainly for collecting entry prints for matching to passports, and then for future passport verification purposes and flagging for no entry or second screening once they've got you on their system. Routine stuff.
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  18. zippidy doo daa

    zippidy doo daa New Member

    Thanks skyscraper.
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  19. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    My top tips for quickest way to get through the border. Answer questions as simply as possible. Short answers. Quick facts. Sometimes the officers will look surly, sometimes jolly. Either way don't do any humour, attitude, or any other pointless conversation that will hold you and everyone behind up. Just be polite, normal, and answer the questions as simply as you can in plain English.

    Have the name of the hotel or place you're staying, and the number of days you're staying in the US, if you're on holiday just say 'on vacation' and only say where else you're visiting if asked. Know how much cash you have on you if asked.

    If visiting friends prepared to say how you know them and how long. Don't give a life story. Don't say 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' it's a red flag. If on business, they'll ask what you do, who you work for, what they do, and who you're meeting with. Again, just bare facts needed. Have a business card or some other proof to offer, but only if asked for. Scan your prints. Look into the camera. Get stamped. Be on your way.

    Every time I get off a plane from the UK to America there's a number of Brits who hold up the line for everyone by engaging the border security in lengthy bantz which invites more questions which last upto 5 minutes or longer. I've never taken more than a minute or so to get through. Keep it simple for everyone's sake.
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  20. zippidy doo daa

    zippidy doo daa New Member

    Thanks again skyscraper, some good tips there especially for a first timer, when I get nervous I do sometimes tend to...shall I say chat I'll definitely be aware to just answer the questions and not try to be there friend, to be honest with you I have seen what the questions are on the esta form and I honestly believe they don't apply to me, so in essence I'm not lying anyway am I :)
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  21. editor

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    And if you're a DJ or a musician DO NOT whatever you do, say you are playing any kind of gig, regardless of how small, or if you're being paid or not. Don't even say you're playing in a friend's tiny non-profit charity bar. I've known musicians get turned right around and sent home for this.
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    If you had read the thread you'd have come across a freedom of information question and its answer which says very clearly that the UK police do not share information on their database with the USA, unless a requested is made to the home office. So your finger prints will not be available in the USA unless you have provided them.

    See post 1152
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  23. skyscraper101

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    So, so, true. Top tip. Don't be a musician or a DJ doing a gig without the appropriate visa. Ever.
  24. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

  25. editor

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    Or do it under a different name.
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    Hi I've been reading up on the advanced passenger information what will this actually check and will a criminal record get flagged up ??
  27. zippidy doo daa

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    Well defo not a musician or a dj, or in fact a dangerous criminal...just a mum wanting to take her kids to see Micky and Minnie, hopefully I'll breeze through and have the trip of a lifetime, and 1%er I did read most of the thread but admittedly fast eye scanned through some bits so I must of missed that particular part of the thread. Thanks again for the answers and help :D
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  28. Advance Passenger Information just gives the authorities your name and date of birth at the point you buy your ticket. Before you check in it adds your passport information. These things flag up people on the 'No-fly list' and has nothing to do with any criminal record you may have, unless that is related to terror in some way...

    Stories exist of travel agents making up the date of birth of the passenger (cos they don't have the information yet and the fare will expire if not issued straight away) and also entering the name incorrectly compared to what is on the ticket (cos they are massively drunk or hungover) and nothing happening at all. If these are to be believed I think you can safely not worry about Advance Passenger Information.
  29. Kobe123

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    Anyone travelled while on a suspended sentence and got away with it
  30. trashpony

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    Enjoy the 41 pages of this thread. All the answers you seek are contained within :cool:
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