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Transvision Vamp


Who am I to say you're wrong
And I'd much rather do that than meet Wendy James, she sounds like an absolute nightmare these days.
I used to drink occasionally in The Earl Of Lonsdale in Ladbroke Grove in the late 80's. Certainly new how to make the most of her good looks but who could blame her? Never really chatted to her much but she seemed friendly enough even if she was one of the local celebs.


Massive prawns
When I6/17 we used to always try and blah our way backstage...

...at the Buckley Tivoli.

Most times it was pretty dull tbh.

The Boo Radleys were a nice bunch though and remembered us well enough to say hello on future meetings.

Carnival Art drew a pretty paltry crowd so brought their crates of beer out on to the stage and just handed them out and chatted with the audience post-gig which was pretty cool of them.
That used to be one of my regular gig venues. Saw Ozzy there when he did a club tour.


Massive prawns
Been the 'Tiv many times. Considering it is off the beaten track it has hosted many many bands worth watching
Lost count of the bands I’ve seen there. Motörhead were amazing. I’m from the Wirral so close-ish (if we could get a lift).