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Discussion in 'computers, web and general tech' started by Toast Rider, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    Can anyone help. I can't afford a new PC!

    My trackpad has suddenly decided to go nuts. If i try and scroll using two fingers it zooms the page all over the place and the buttons seem to have become weirdly inverted. Even the pointer isn't responding. I don't know what's happened.
  2. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    (a) have you cleaned the trackpad?

    (b) do you have a usb mouse for while you sort it out?
  3. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    I've dug out a knackered mouse for now, I tried cleaning the pad. Not sure how it got dirty, but it hasn't made much difference. Will uninstalling the driver help?
  4. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    You'll have to wait for someone who knows what they're talking about from here on in :(

    I have a knackered old laptop where bits keep failing but usb mouse and keyboard have kept it functioning.
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  5. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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  6. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    Yes, and not funny.

    I'm having all sorts of problems. I can't get the trackpad to work at all. And suddenly when i started typing instead of words new windows kept popping up, as if the ctrl button was permanenlty pressed (so if i type 'p' it opens the printer settings, etc).

    wtf is all this?
  7. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    If windows someone replied to a similar problem with "

    Try clicking both the left side and right side CTRL keys at the same time."
  8. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    that seems to have helped.

    Or it seems to have corrected itself.

    Either way thanks
  9. Riklet

    Riklet procrastinación

    Sounds like some kind of sticky keys kinda issue.

    Working fine now?

    If you get any more glitches might be worth uninstalling drivers and reinstalling automatic ones on device manager or the latest one from the manufacturer's website.
  10. addysmith97

    addysmith97 Banned Banned

    Hello friend, First thing is that you do not tell that on which trackpad you are working either it is a Macbook or Windows 10. If you are using Macbook's trackpad then:
    • Apple released a software update that fixes some of these problems and Other troubleshooting steps, like adjusting the trackpad settings, can fix problems not corrected by the software update and potentially save you time and money on support calls.
    • In Windows 10, Go to the Device Manager and select your touchpad then select the Driver tab and click on the Update Driver.
    • You can also try uninstalling the touchpad driver, Go to the device manager and select Uninstall. After that Restart your device and reinstall the driver.
  11. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    Reinstalling drivers yes if you have problems again and these posters know more about puters than I do but - call me old fashioned - I'd leave it alone if it's working now. :)
  12. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    It seems to be fine now, thanks.

    Though if anyone could show me how to disable that piss-annoying (IMO) feature of Windows 10 where, if you mouse over an icon in the taskbar, it immediately puts up a mini icon of that screen. I find that very annoying, much like all of Windows 10. Simply the worst piece of software I have ever used

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