Tooze on Streeck and Streeck on Tooze on Streeck

Discussion in 'theory, philosophy & history' started by danny la rouge, May 13, 2017.

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    On a thread we can no longer access, butchersapron posted a PDF of Tooze's original long read review of How Will Capitalism End.

    Here is the review hosted along with an exchange between the two of them:

    A General Logic of Crisis
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    Tooze (and others) on Varoufakis (and Streeck i suppose as we're concerned with Keynsianism and illusions). Well worth reading the whole collection.

    Europe's Political Economy: Reading Reviews of Varoufakis's Adults in the Room

    The camp to which my own effort in the New York Review of Books belongs, takes Varoufakis seriously as a witness both to the potential and limits of a certain kind of left-Keynesian politics. These readings have in common not only that they are sympathetic to the frustration that Varoufakis experienced at the hands of the Eurogroup and the “financial institutions”, but that they identify a basic blind spot in his approach, or in his account of his approach to Eurozone reform. It is a blind spot characteristic of Keynesian thinking about policy. In the terms of Geoff Mann and his brilliant diagnosis of Keynesian politics, Varoufakis regards the Eurozone as resulting from an intellectual and political “muddle” (“muddle” is Keynes’s preferred description). Policies were pursued that made no sense in their own terms as a result of short-sighted maneuvering by politicians and bureaucrats. This allows Varoufakis to position himself as the good doctor who by means of his insights will open a way out of the impasse from which all sides will ultimately benefit.
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    Read the NY Review of books review on the train earlier today. Well worth a read

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