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    Just found out my dad and grandmother came from Tonypandy. Pit village famous for miners having it with the police.
    Anyone know anything more? Going to have a look in the summer.
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  2. eoin_k

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  3. editor

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    From an urban thread

    I played there quite a few times. Rough old town but I liked it.
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  4. davesgcr

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    Fairly famous strike in 1910 at the Naval Colliery , ended up with some of the management of the colliery trapped in the pit head building , the local Police Chief asked for reinforcements (which Winston Churchill , Home Secretary approved) , so down came the Met and some from the Bristol area.

    There followed some fairly serious rioting and looting of shops - till order was restored. Churchills name was dirt for evermore in South Wales , he was booed a late as the 1950's if he ever crossed into Wales.

    There was a large current of strikes , unrest etc in supposedly peaceful Edwardian Wales , (some of the looting was shamefully against Jewish shopkeepers) , culminating in the military called into a dispute at Llanelli in 1911 where some (innocents) were actually shot.

    Anyway - a town now rather greener , the collieries are long gone. Nice ride down on the train (but then you would expect me to say that)
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  5. davesgcr

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    A long tradition of "difficult" audience reaction in South Walian entertainment venue - the very young Stones played in the Civic Hall Ammanford in the 1960's , a place with a fearsome reputation ...they left early.
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    Haven't been there for years. I only know it as a friend used to live there and we'd do a fair bit of guerilla gardening in the forestry lands by there. Also very good for mushrooms in season
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    I worked not so far away from Tonypandy for some years, in the summer months, after work, I used to ride my motorbike into the valleys where there are plenty of great twisty biking roads.
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