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Tommy Robinson UKIP Adviser


Climbing up the aerial
Looks like Grosvenor Park. I hate to say it about my old family parish, but I suspect he'll be well-received by some elements in Lower Broughton. And again, it's an area that's routinely ignored on a social level, but repeatedly demolished & rebuilt by Salford-council endorsed developers. A couple of years back it was said explicitly that Lower Broughton needed less not more affordable housing to enact the improvements (social engineering) they desire.

It also needs saying that although Bootle was a disaster for him, TR was relatively well-received later that day in Huyton.
That's kinda the point though isn't it? He knows he'll get a reception in these sort of places which is why they're hand picked. He will have been invited into most of them by a few small minded people who have aided him in setting them up. If you go back to Tommy's milk shaking incident and the scrapping in Warrington you will hear some Tommy fans inviting him to the North end and warning him to stay out of the city centre of Liverpool.

These areas are also in close proximity to more culturally diverse areas and he knows people will turn up. In all essence he's getting what him and his cronies want, division and social unrest. That's why the numbers need to count.

There wont be many scousers surprised that Tommy found a few knuckleheads the chant for him in Liverpool. ;)


Climbing up the aerial
So basically a couple of hundred people on a housing estate chanting 'Allah is a peado'. :facepalm:

Strangely the live broadcast filmed by Danny Tommo ends there


Silly Rabbit
goes back to watch the end of the video...

no wait have to watch the whole thing

*wanders off to the interwebz*


Climbing up the aerial

Coining it in every night on the chat function on Danny Tommo's YouTube channel. Wonder where all that dosh is going?


Climbing up the aerial
They're getting the cars ready because the "Muslim defence league" are coming apparently and now Danny's worried the antifascists are coming too.

Could get tasty on the live stream if they don't run away in time. He's now asking the plod if they have enough numbers to protect them :)


Hit refresh


Fabulous shoes
I've reported this 'Danny Tommo' account to youtube as being a shadow account for the banned Tommy Robinson account, perhaps if others do, we could get it closed down?
I might have figured it out by the time you reply, but just in case...what is the best way to report an account to YouTube?