Ticket Prices to Football Matches.

Discussion in 'football' started by tangerinedream, Aug 26, 2005.


What's a fair price for one adult ticket to a top flight game of association football

  1. £1-£5

  2. £5-£10

  3. £10-£15

  4. £15-£20

  5. £20-£30

  6. £30 + above

  7. It's free on Hackney Marshes - why pay?

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  1. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    Having seen a bit of (well justified imo) grumbling about ticket prices on a few threads I am interested in what we think is a fair price for a football match.

    How much should it cost to watch a top level game of football? I don't actually know how much it does cost everywhere, but I'd imagine £20/£25 is the lower end of the scale.

    What is a fair price for one adult to pay for a single ticket?
  2. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    I reckon there should be cheap seats for 15-20 quid. I believe the cheapest at West Ham is 26 quid.

    It's unbelievable that in Europe, many major clubs have seats for a tenner or less. Admittedly not the best seats in the house, but it does make it affordable for those on low incomes (although admittedly incomes are a fair bit lower in places like barcelona compared to London - 20 grand a year is quite a good income in barcelona)
  3. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    I went for £5-£10 because I think football should be in line with other things. It shouldn't cost 5/6/7 times the price of a cinema ticket to watch a football match and I think anything above £10 is a lot of money for someone on the dole for one and half hours entertainment. Maybe £15 would be fair enough, but no higher.

    Granted, this is dreaming but I reckon no-one would be complaining about empty grounds and crap atmosphere.

    I was listening to the Blackburn chairman talking about how lowering the prices wouldn't attract more fans - I think Blackburn has the lowest income per head of any Premier league club - and they wonder why the gates are low?

    We hear loads about 'football in the community' but nothing ever seems to get done about ensuring the community can actually go and watch the games.
  4. i_hate_beckham

    i_hate_beckham Him From A Village

    Seating at the mighty Hereford United is £12 anymore and you're being ripped off.
  5. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    Should it cost the same to watch Hereford as it does Chelsea?

    *not an arsey question, genuinely interested* - it's £16 for Blackpool which I think is a bit steep.
  6. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Exactly. 12 quid to watch Hereford sounds amazingly expensive, when you consider it's non-league etc. Orient is 16 quid.

    It should be 1-2 quid to watch non league, IMO.
  7. Wowbagger

    Wowbagger Pillock of the Community

    £10-15 for cheapest seats. £5-10 for terraces.

    Too sensible for my own good, I am...
  8. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    If we are talking about a premiershit match the prices should be, for an adult, between £15-£30, for football league matches prices should be between £10-£25.
    AFC Dons charge £9 for terraces, which I think is a bit steep.
  9. Chorlton

    Chorlton CEO of Stupid

    25 ding for celtic - 7 for FC United - i know which is providing the most entertainment at the moment too...
  10. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    I'd pay more to be able to stand to be honest.
  11. RubberBuccaneer

    RubberBuccaneer Hedd Wyn

    Is that the price of deckchairs at B+Q? :p

    B.Y.O. seating
  12. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    gig tickets cost anywhere from £8 to a nothing band to £15 for most bands and well anything they dfeel like charging for the big big bands with decent seats.

    I would have no problem paying £25 for the better seats at west ham. But reckon there should be some £15 seats there.

    I got tickets for the arsenal game coming up, ity would have cost me £90 or something silly if i wasn't a student, so its half price.

    Fucking ridiculous, but its worth remembering west ham well sell out every week.

  13. Ich bin ein Mod

    Ich bin ein Mod does his make up in his room

    Adult prices: £10-£15
    Kids prices: £5-£10

    I'd hazard a guess that most people got into football through their dad taking them. If fathers can no longer afford to take their kids to the football, how are future generations going to get into the game. It is ludicrous to think that I can pay £4 for a nice comfy seat in a warm cinema, or pay £25 to sit on a cold hard plastic seat.
  14. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    i don't think you can compare prices to the cinema realy. It doesn't have the same costing criteria. and there are many many cinemas all showing the same film at the same time so its not fair to comapre.

    Gigs are more accurate i reckon. As one band can't play in the two towns at the same time.

  15. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    Barca prefer people to buy season tickets and their proces reflect that. Still, you can watch us play a mid-table team in the second tier for about £10-£25, depending on the seat (they're rare because it's where most season tickets are sold).

    However, the 2 big games - Valencia and Real Madrid - tickets start at about £20 for the third tier, up to about £200 :eek:
  16. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    Why is it worth remembering West Ham sell out? - Is it not also worth remembering that generations of kids won't grow up to be West Ham fans because there parents can't afford to take them? What if they decide to do away with student discounts because they don't need to offer them to make money because they sell out anyway?

    You can see 4/5 bands in one night (minor indie label type groups granted) for £4 in places like the Roadhouse or Day and Night in Manchester, or Barfly in Liverpool.

    Compare that with £16 to watch third tier football.

    It's £6 to watch Fleetwood Town (North West Counties league)

    What interests me is that most people suggest that it should cost more to watch bigger teams - is it not the case, that the bigger clubs have far more ability to pull in other sources of revenue?
  17. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    It can cost £23 at Swindon Town!

    The away enclosure is in that stand, unless you've got enough fans to go in the Stratton Bank behind the goal, it's less, but I'm not sure how much.
  18. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    supply and demand simply. If a ground is selling out even with silly money being charged then they aren't going to lower the prices. Where as for sunderland and blackburn who aren't getting sell outs they should really look at reducing ticket prices. West ham just need a bigger stadium that they can't sell out before they can justify reducing prices from a business stand point.(or beacuse everyone else has lowered thiere prices and they look silly in comparison) its the people that aren't selling out there grounds that are going to have to be the first to make a move.

    and i would say that £4 indie bandsyou have to start comparing to the ryman league or lower for football prices. Don't know what st albans charge but it would be a better comparisent.

  19. EatMoreChips

    EatMoreChips Fate Amenable To Change

    I pay $15, but then it's only the Chicago Fire and that could only count as 'top-flight' in this country...

    It was about the same price for the cup final in Singapore.
  20. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    I offered the £6 Fleetwood Town comparison.

    I know it's supply and demand but I think your ignoring the long term issue, what happens in 10/20 yrs when there aren't any West Ham fans because they couldn't afford to get in as kids? Once you've been priced out will you go back?

    I also wonder how it works when clubs are in reciept of far more sources of income that at any time in the history of football yet the cost of supporting a football club has risen massively? To use the language of consumerism, it's as if a business got a huge grant and instead of making their product better value for money, raised the prices threefold. How does that work?

    Do clubs still offer discounts for the unwaged? - I know we don't.
  21. sleaterkinney

    sleaterkinney Well-Known Member

    The cheapest ticket at chelski vs WBA recently was £48. :rolleyes:

    £10 - £15 is enough for two hours of entertainment imo.
  22. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    i know its harsh but it doesn't really matter if i go to the ground or not as long as there is someone who is willing to go at that price. at least as far as the plc is concerned. And because of sky/tv lots of people will be fans of clubs that they haven't been to see as children or adults.

    I just don't see there being long term implications for over pricing while we sell out our ground. If attendences start dwindleing then prices will need to reduced. Fan passion and loyalty and differnmt types of fans going to games will see that clubs get continued support.

    But at the moment we are selling out every game(ish) so as far as the board are concerned we don't need to reduce them. we need to genersate more money to get better players to get better league position.

    Not saying this is right incidently jsut the way it is.

  23. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    There was some research I think quoted by someone here, pointing out that the average age of premier league fans was rising dramatically. I think it may be a problem in the future, when football has lost it's popularity as just dropping prices won't necacerily attract new fans because they won't have been hooked early. (I'll try to fin the post later - got to go out now)

    Does anyone know of any sports that have dropped prices succesfully? I.e returned to be being 'the people's game?' rather than 'the game of those prepared to make massive sacrifices and the middle classes'
  24. mk12

    mk12 Well-Known Member

    I have been priced out of going to Chelsea. Even the West Brom game, which was on general sale, was overpriced at £45 minimum. It's ridiculous.
  25. woz

    woz New Member

    Slough v AFC Wimbledon tomorrow is £8, which is steep but we haven't got a ground and that is one of our only ways of making money. OAPS and kids are £4, and throughout the season there are special kids for a quid games.
    I'm sure somewhere like Rochdale is kids £1 if they are accompanied by an adult.
    Premiership crowds are definetly getting older and the clubs are stupid not to lower prices to attract more people cos its gonna catch up with them in the long run.

    Oh - and my season ticket cost jut £90!
  26. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Firstly it's maybe worth remembering that the Nou Camp is about 3 or 4 times bigger than Upton Park so a comparison in filling the stadia might be a bit warped.

    Secondly football is undoubtedly the biggest spectator sport here and the top flight tickets can cost £40+. In the States when I went to watch the Yankees take on the Red Sox, the biggest rivalry in the game, I paid about $10, or roughly £6. OK they play approximately 6 nights a week but even so this seems to point to Prem games being way overpriced. Still, when we consider how underpaid the likes of Rio Ferdinand are.... :rolleyes:
  27. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    That is absurd. Are chelsea fans protesting about it in anyway?
  28. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    west ham do kids for a quid type days for the grade c matches, boro, man city etc.

  29. bigbry

    bigbry Well-Known Member R.I.P.

    Chelsea & Arsenal play to full houses - laws of supply & demand indicate that they are NOT overpriced otherwise there would be empty seats.

    You can watch FC Schalke in Germany for £9 in the cheapest seats - and that includes the return ticket on public transport back into town !

    My local team, Rugby Town, charge £5 for the Southern League Premier
  30. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Well no, Chelsea have recently struggled to sell out League matches as has been well documented.

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