Thursday May 30th: The Anarchist Imagination *Free* @ Housmans Bookshop

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  1. Autonomy Now

    Autonomy Now New Member

    The event is free but booking required.
    We are delighted to be one of the many groups participating in the Anarchist Festival 2019.

    With Carl Levy, Constance Bantman, Ole Birk Laursen and Carne Ross
    Thursday May 30th. Free, register here (required).
    Time: 7.00pm at Housmans Bookshop (directions).
    Two books will be launched:

    The Anarchist Imagination
    Anarchism Encounters the Humanities and the Social Sciences, 1st Edition

    Edited by Carl Levy, Saul Newman (Routledge).

    The Palgrave Handbook of Anarchism
    Edited by Carl Levy, Matthew Adams (Palgrave).

    Carl Levy is Professor of Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Goldsmiths, University of London. He is currently writing two books, ‘Anarchists and the City’ and a biography of Errico Malatesta: ‘Errico Malatesta: The Rooted Cosmopolitan, the Life and Times of an Anarchist in Exile’.

    Constance Bantman is Senior Lecturer in French and Director of Teaching and Learning and author of ‘The French Anarchists in London, 1880-1914: Exile and Transnationalism in the First Globalisation’

    Ole Birk Laursen is a literary critic and historian of Black and South Asian people in Britain and Europe, researching and writing about race, resistance, and revolution, focusing particularly on Indian anticolonialism, nationalism, and anarchism, as well as the contemporary legacies of colonialism, racism, riots, and human rights.

    Carne Ross is best known for once working as a British diplomat before leaving the civil service in disgust over the Iraq war, and testifying against the government at the Butler Review. He has gone on to become an advocate for anarchist organising.

    Autonomy Now is a nonsectarian, zero budget, DIY project. We organise wide-ranging talks and events in London of interest to anarchists, the anarcho-curious and their friends.
    We have a regular series of talks on last Thursdays of the month in Housmans Bookshop, next to King’s Cross St. Pancras and expect to have occasional events in LARC and elsewhere.
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  2. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    they are very expensive books!
  3. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    190 Euros for that Pelgrave, e version.
  4. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Maybe so, but the event is free so people can get an overview and then order the books from a library (or find them by other means) if they are interested...
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  5. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    of course, I get it. But was surprised yesterday when clicking on the links how much an e book can be...
  6. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I guess it's because they expect to sell most of them to academic institutions (and possibly they also expect free versions to be out there sharpish too :D)
  7. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I wonder how much anarchism 'lives' within academia these days? Hard thing to quantify. Its an interesting subject.
  8. Lurdan

    Lurdan old wave

    In terms of academic careers only "real" books really "count" as "publication". However the more important point is that this isn't your Dad's dog-on-a-string anarchism


    I see that only links to the two books being launched are given. Are the publishers sponsoring this event?

    The 'Handbook of Anarchism' leaked out nine months ago despite being 'launched' now. It has a dedication :

    Not sure what poor old Ursula did wrong to finish up with that lot.
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  9. imposs1904

    imposs1904 Thread Killa'

    Is it too cynical to suggest that 15 years from now, someone will have the bright idea of doing their PhD on the subject of 'Anarchists within academia' ?
  10. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I bet its been done ;)
  11. Rob Ray

    Rob Ray Irony is well sad

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