Things to look out for in Lidl and Aldi

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by Shirl, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    Oh dear, I've got some of that. Ah well, you win some you lose some!
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  2. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

  3. muvva

    muvva Well-Known Member

    Frozen pina colada
    Pina colada smoothie
    Both from Aldi
  4. Addy

    Addy cooking...

    Not posted for a while, but Aldi: Rosso red wine!!! Cheesy Mash, Exclusive range yoghurts = All WIN!
  5. Hoss

    Hoss ...It was the blurst of times...

    The Petrus 6 pack is well worth a go. Some very tasty Belgian sours in there.

    And if anyone is into sparkling wine, then Lidl's Clairette de Die is really good value at £5.99. It's slightly sweet, which I wouldn't normally go for but I bought a bottle by accident and loved it. Immensely quaffable

  6. Ms T

    Ms T Honey-coloured ramparts

    I am inappropriately excited by this information.
  7. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    Is there such a thing as "inappropriate excitement" where food is concerned? :D
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  8. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    IMG_0706.JPG Mrs NBE turined up with a pack of Duff beer tonight from Lidl... WTF
  9. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    Well ...went in for some batteries and some fruit .......the cherrys are back ..and lush ....but at £ 6.00 per Kg ....not a steal....

    Came out with an expresso machine ...15 bar utterly random unexpected feeling of loss in aisle 3 over my old morphy richards died impulse buy .........while i was looking at the silvercrest knocks the socks of my Delonghi ....which is too expensive to run ..nice coffee but ...takes 3 capsules per drink to hit primary satifaction point ....a fourth ..if i want it white... more feckin expensive than the machine at work do 1.2kg bellaroma dark roast beans xl bag for £8.99.....100% Arabica ....well worth a punt ......once Im out of capsules its back to the attic for that......for sure 20170624_174903.jpg 20170624_174108.jpg

    ...... then some uber bland sushi .......even with the wasbi ..all the soy ....and pickled ginger all over it is it possible to make bland sushi ?....? the skill involved in blandyifing it is utterly ? why...?.

    ...and also a rather surprising 2015 Cotes du Rhone @£2.99...whoaaa ... it will be gone by the time that I've posted..... tastes like a £4.99 at the very least ......... .....a defo reapeat buy ...and a summer sangria glugger with all the fruit for sure ...without the twinge of dismay that a good bottle of rioja has been sacrificed ...well tidy
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  10. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    Doughnut nectarines....

    .........its the future

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  11. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    Steer well clear of the £15 garden forks in Aldi - tines as strong as bananas.
    I hope I can find the receipt.
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  12. maomao

    maomao 四月她爹

    It's true, they're shit. I bust mine digging out a cordyline stump about two weeks after I bought it.
  13. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Lidl wine recommendation: I've just tried one called Tulga from the Toro region of Spain. It has an 87 point rating and I can see why. Very nice indeed, and exceptional value at £4.99. As good as most £8 bottles anywhere else IMVHO.
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  14. mango5

    mango5 Endeavour era

    Calloo callay! Biterol is back in Lidl!
  15. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    Aldi have pointy peppers back in stock :)
    For a while I wondered if Tesco had bought up the entire production so they could charge double for them.
  16. muvva

    muvva Well-Known Member

    What's the Aldi Version of Pimms like please?
  17. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    me and felixthecat think it's nicer than real Pimm's. It's not as sweet :)
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  18. muvva

    muvva Well-Known Member

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  19. mango5

    mango5 Endeavour era

    I rejoiced in haste. Been back twice since for another bottle with no luck. Cheaper and nicer than Aperol ime
  20. Dovydaitis

    Dovydaitis Official fishco fish groupie

    Austins or Jeeves
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  21. clicker

    clicker nanook rubs it....

    I also much prefer Austin's from Aldi's to the real Pimm's. My local one stopped doing it and I became a real stalker going in there on random forays, coming out with random cookware. It's back in for Wimbledon season :thumbs:.
    Lidls do Jeeves, not as nice imo. Tescos do Summer Cup...pure filth; don't bother.
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  22. trashpony

    trashpony Ovaries and tings

    Austin's is really nice.

    We got some sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenses (clear, orange and reflective), a pouch to put them in (with little pockets for all the lenses, belt loops and a hook), cleaning cloth and neck chain thing for £4.50!

    Also they now sell free range Blue Eggs which are my favourite hen's eggs ever.
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  23. felixthecat

    felixthecat are we there yet?

    Austins ftw:cool:
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  24. muvva

    muvva Well-Known Member

    I bought the Austin's and it's lush. I'm having it with mint from the garden and strawberries.
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  25. WWWeed

    WWWeed Bandwidth Bandit

    Just got back from my local ALDI and they have a load of cleaning products in this week:
    Thursday 27th July - ALDI UK

    Anyone know what the dishwasher tablets and dishwasher salt is like? I've just stocked up on it so am hoping it is ok!

    Also got a few boxes of oven pride a £2.49 a pop as my oven is a bit of a state atm.
  26. hippogriff

    hippogriff Imposter

    Dishwasher tablets are good, have been Which best buy. Salt's salt :)
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  27. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    Finally, been waiting months for them to restock that, every time i go in Tesco I forget! :facepalm:
  28. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    I'll give you something to look for in Lidl. Went today and bought (among other stuff obviously) a doughnut and a cheese twist. Till person rings up 72 doughnuts at £20.88. But hey, with over a £2 discount for multi-buy. 72 is apparently the code for a cheese twist. Only really noticed coz I'd seen the running total just before this which was nearly £20 and she charged me £39.

    That could have been one expensive doughnut. They are lush. But not £20.88 lush.
  29. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    I have become obsessed by a fizzy bitter orange drink that Lidl were selling for 35p a can. Trouble is last time I was in they only had a few left. I should have bought them all!!
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  30. bubblesmcgrath

    bubblesmcgrath Well-Known Member

    Just got two giant bottles of freeway lemon tea.
    Hope it's nice.....

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