Things to look out for in Lidl and Aldi

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by Shirl, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Shirl

    Shirl Brexit my arse

    I'm just drinking some New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon that's very nearly as nice as my favourite Cloudy Bay. Cloudy Bay costs around £21 a bottle. This costs £5.87 :)
    I'm also still wearing Lidl perfume at £4.99 that I bought 3 bottles of last year. People compliment me on it regularly.
    I think we need a thread for Lidl and Aldi great finds :D
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  2. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    What's the wine called?
  3. minnyp

    minnyp Active Member

    Aldi, great;I don't really go in Lidl,dont understand their banter.
  4. Callum91

    Callum91 Digital dystopian dweller

    Their Christmas gingerbread is fantastic! Lebkuchen, if I'm correct? Well worth buying a few (dozen) bags.
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  5. catinthehat

    catinthehat Failed VK = Replicant

    Lidl do big jars of roasted red peppers which are great for pasta sauces and soup and suchlike. And the jars are useful.
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  6. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    Sadly I don't have either a Lidl or an Aldi nearby, otherwise I would definitely use them. Apparently one or perhaps both of them are planning lots of new stores so maybe I will have some choice in due course. Usually I shop in my local little Tesco but I am really bored by the offer there now, yesterday I went to the next nearest supermarket, a much larger Waitrose, and the much bigger choice was very appealing although the prices were a tad higher.
  7. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Aldi is very good for wine.
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  8. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    The thing that puts me off both of them are the queues. It's probably OK in the week but Saturdays are horrendous.
  9. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    The one near me is very good at opening more checkouts when they get busy. I've started waiting to unload a basket till the last min, ready to anticipate them doing so.
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  10. clicker

    clicker nanook rubs it....

    Aldi's pimms is called Austins and a fiver a bottle - indiscernible once you chuck all the fruit, mint, lemonade and ice in.
    Also their tortilla chips are better than doritos imo. And they do five tubes of Trebor extra strong mints for 99p.
  11. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    Aldi French blended Pinot Noir - About £4.50 I think - been hooked on it for months now - almost wish they would drop it so I can start on my backlog of wine I stashed previously.

    I hope they get their canned veggie hotpot and stew back in - that was very nice.

    Aldi's wholemeal breadmix is reliable - though best eaten hot from the machine.

    Unfortunately their peanuts and cashews and other fattening Xmas stuff are all good quality. :(
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  12. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    The woman after me in the queue in Aldi today bought at least three large bottles of gin and very little else. :hmm:
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  13. Shirl

    Shirl Brexit my arse

    This is it Geri
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  14. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn, Seagulls and Wasps are Brilliant!

    I think that is a perfectly normal shopping list myself. :D
  15. tony heath

    tony heath Banned Banned

    4 corn for a pound seemed like a seasonable deal in my Lidl
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  16. Shirl

    Shirl Brexit my arse

    The Lidl one we bought last year was called Jeeves. Also very good :)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
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  17. tony heath

    tony heath Banned Banned

    The man in front of me in the queue bought a big bottle of cider for about £2. He had the exact money ready, everyone was happy, it's so efficient in there
  18. tony heath

    tony heath Banned Banned

    Anyone tried the Putinov they have in Lidl?
  19. muvva

    muvva Well-Known Member

    Aldi gems:
    Chocolate cheesecake
    Posh pasta
    69p fruit/ veg
    Pinot Grigio
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  20. Espresso

    Espresso Well-Known Member

    Was it me?
    No. Can't have been, because I've not been in Aldi today, but that sounds certainly like something I'd do - three bottles of gin and some of their tins of mackerel.

    I'll second the approval of the Christmas stuff. That bloody Stollen is like crack to me. Maybe it has got crack in it, wrapped up in the marzipan. :D
    It is completely splendid. A pal of mine advised me to try slices of it toasted last year, which makes it even more ridiculously deliciously fantastic. God. I'll have to avoid buying any this year because I've lost a lot of weight this year and I can easily eat whole one all to myself and they are MASSIVE.
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  21. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 Well-Known Member

    -every now and again aldi come out with desktop pc's that are amazing for the price
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  22. Thora

    Thora Differently Ethical

    I find Aldi better generally but Lidl do the best greek yoghurt in kilo tubs. I feed my children almost exclusively on it :D
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  23. trashpony

    trashpony Ovaries and tings

    Their cheese/cold meats are excellent.

    And Saskia fizzy water from Lidl is the best (and cheapest)
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  24. clicker

    clicker nanook rubs it....

    This weeks haul...choc bics for packed lunches, figs, baby corn, lemsips and rum ( medicinal and only one bottle - had to make mojitos ) to get some vitamin c :)
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  25. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    Don't really do Aldi, but Lidl essentials are:

    Ecuador dark chocolate and Ecuador with orange zest - make wonderful truffles with their own brand rum and double cream
    Nuts - brasils, almonds hazelnuts and wallnuts cheaper than anywhere else I can find
    Their oatcakes are as good as any other and cheaper than anywhere else
    Avocados - their 2 ripe ones are far cheaper than anywhere else
    Fruit and veg generally is cheaper bar some market stalls
    Baskets of the big garlic, just one big fuck off clove in a whole bulb
    tins of pole caught tuna steaks in oil are pretty good
    their tinned anchovies are much cheaper than elsewhere
    They're now stocking capers much cheaper than anywhere else
    sometimes do cheap decent arborio rice. when they do have it I stock up
    They do a lush soft goats cheese, but I try not to buy it as it goes too quickly
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  26. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    Aldi - nice halloumi with chilli in. All their cheese is nice but I don't like buying it as I just nom it all.
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  27. izz

    izz Madam, to you. :-P.

    You say that like its a bad thing. No, wait, are you criticising the absence of tonic ?
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  28. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    I was trying not to be seen to be staring, so I didn't see if there were lemons.

    I couldn't get The Fast Show out of my head. :oops:
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  29. Shirl

    Shirl Brexit my arse

    I can now vouch for their champagne as well. hic :oops:
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  30. izz

    izz Madam, to you. :-P.

    Aldi do a stonking peanut butter, excellent fruit and veg, some particularly delicious smoked salmon fillets with dill and oh just loveliness, I had a stonking tea last week, aldo filled pasta and pesto with some warmed cocktail sausages, sounds odd but drooooooooooooolsome.
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