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Things To Do In Sheffield When You're (Almost) Dead....

Harry Smiles

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.... Well, 44 years of age, overnight business stay before a 8am meeting in Derby tomorrow.

I'm bang in the middle and walk anywhere around here or get in a cab. I'd seen that there was a comedian/writer doing a talk, but I'll be buggered if i can find it online now

Cheers for all suggestions


Urban's Village Idiot
Yeah, that's a nice pub. :)
- I concur. I got banned from there years ago, it has a seriously impressive range of craft ciders (I don't drink these days but, when I did, it was more cider than beer, don't really like beer/lager/ale/stout/bitter/anything-beery). It has a fair range of perries, too, but I seem to recall the cheapest was summat like £13 for a beer-sized bottle. :eek: