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  1. trevhagl

    trevhagl Famous author , company CEO

    got a 7" in a job lot of recs and it's got a Thee Hypnotics stamp on white labels with no pic sleeve, anyone know what this is and did it come in a PS?
  2. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls


    And a fucking fantastic song.
  3. Divisive Cotton

    Divisive Cotton Now I just have my toy soldiers

    i used to love that track

  4. Casual Observer

    Casual Observer binoculars

    I thought Justice In Freedom was 12" only. I therefore reckon the mystery 7" single could be their very first record - Love In Vain/All Night Long. Not a bad record if I remember correctly. They were quite good to begin with, although hugely derivative obviously. Probably peaked with their early singles and EPs before the first album came out.
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    They were good. Saw them at that Mutoid Waste squatted fire station in Waterloo which is now a poncey wine bar.
  6. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    good band, first uk act on sub pop.

    singer jim is now enjoying a bit of succes with 'jim jones review'. guitarist ray is still recovering from thee hypnotics' shenanigans and rarely sees the sun. when he leaves his flat he is a great guy though.
  7. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    Saw them play at ULU iirc, must have been 1988 or '89
  8. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    They were very good when I saw them supporting someone at Brixton Academy once. So good I can't remember who the headliner was. Once they got a good repetitive thing going live they'd stick with it for ages. I like bands that can pull that off.
  9. trevhagl

    trevhagl Famous author , company CEO

    its defo a 7" this one , had a listen and on one side its mainly instrumental and when he does start singing its hard to hear , made out the odd "C'mon" and on the other side there's lyrics like "show me the way now , Show me a sign"
  10. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Justice in freedom had a hand-stamped no cover 7" white label - click the link i put in to see this - and then see if either side sounds like the vid DC put up. Simple.
  11. Casual Observer

    Casual Observer binoculars

    Sounds like you've got hold of a very rare 7" of Britney Spears "Kiss me baby one more time".

    Joshing aside, Thee Hypnotics' Soul Trader single also came out on 7" as well. I seem to remember a bit of "C'mon" urging in that song as well.
  12. trevhagl

    trevhagl Famous author , company CEO

    ta for info ,its similar but that video has vocals up front , the record has the vocals hidden behind the wall of noise , does that sound like Soul Trader?

    the record is white label with hypnotics logo stamp on one side
  13. trevhagl

    trevhagl Famous author , company CEO

    looks like it's Soul Trader , anyone know if the pic sleeve version also had a handstamped label?
  14. purves grundy

    purves grundy ambient clown remix

    Ah I really enjoyed some of their stuff :) got me all wistful
  15. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    ha has trevhagl finally found a record worth more than 99p in one of these job lots!!
  16. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    Great band!
  17. trevhagl

    trevhagl Famous author , company CEO

    here's hoping!
  18. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Re-union in the pipe line says jim jones on mark riley
  19. badseed

    badseed Mighty but thin.

    I saw them supporting Gaye Bykers, not too shabby as I recall.
  20. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    I doubt Jim Jones could do a shabby guff if he tried.

    Edit: shabby gig! Bloody phone. I'm not that big a fan.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  21. Smangus

    Smangus comatose at a desk

    Saw them a couple of times back in 89/90, can't remember where but all I can think of is smoke black leather and sunglasses. Got some albums somewhere.
  22. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    And it's now happening - well a 15 date tour to accompany a release of a Beggars Arkive box set/anthology thing at least.

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