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    So as it says on the box :) I looked and we don't seem to have a thread about this yet. Not to speak about people we're working with, unless in context and 100% de-identified.. and this is the www so not at all then.

    Just.. like.. its really fucking hard working in this sector when the governments seems dead set on killing people one way or another. And what with vicarious trauma, not to mention all the other kinds that can effect us! well, I reckon we deserve our own thread.

    Right now there are really major changes happening in the sector where i work. End of financial year, new contracts etc... sure that's usual for this time of year, expected even.

    In the area where i live and work some bright spark (who lives in Canberra) has decided to take this to the next level. Actually not some bright spark but many, a positive explosion of bright sparks, who although having the same boss (government) at the end of the day... do not appear to be communicating on any level whatsoever..

    These bright sparks have literally managed to create a bomb here! Yes it's exciting and challenging but really :facepalm::(:mad::confused:

    Right now where I live is topping the top ten shit chart in the state, and not doing so badly nationally either. Top for mental health issues, suicide, domestic violence, child protection, suicide, obesity, ice use, drug use, kids not at school, gambling, unemployment, youth unemployment sitting at 25%, homelessness, youth homelessness, fucking gonorrhoea:hmm::eek:

    The percentage of Indigenous people experiencing these same issues (as well as their own) increase by up to 50% in some things. Like the number of indigenous children being taken into care is almost double that ( a new stolen generation? ) as is indigenous people incarcerated. Oh and I forgot to mention we have a jail here that's supposed to sit at 500 max and is sitting at 650 population at present.

    All this in a place that has the best climate in the world and looks like paradise. Only of course once you've lived/seen the underbelly you can't un-see it..

    if you're still reading i'll tell you what those bright sparks are doing here, right now. All at once..

    Introduction of the national disability insurance scheme (ndis) Its not going well and hundreds of thousands of people nationally aren't doing so well with this happening. It arrives here on July 1st. Taking away funding for community programs because they are using the money to pay for the ndis. People aren't doing so well with this either. This ndis is a complex, bureaucratic maze with limited eligibility

    New rules around benefit, almost total elimination of disability support pension, sanctions for missing appointments. Still talk of mandatory random drug testing for recipients. Automated centrelink/dole office not working.

    They have been trying for over a year to introduce the cashless debit card here, for people under 36 on any benefit other than disability or carers. So 80% of welfare on card and 20% in cash. basic dole is around $335 p/w (190 pounds) here (including rent assistance) This card can't be spent on alcohol or gambling in the usual place. It doesnt work in lots of places and is a total breach of human rights amongst many other things. They are just about to have a second go at getting it through Parliament. We'll know by June 29th. I have it on good authority that if it doesnt get in this time then they'll be abandoning here as a trial location. *fingers crossed*
    Its very stressful for people on benefit who ime are the best budgeters in the world. Our dole hasn't increased since the 1994, and is waay below the poverty line. And now the bastards have said all new claimants won't the $8 energy supplement ffs! So its going down not up:mad:

    AND on top of this many government departments are in the process of a massive restructure, as is the large org i work for.. massive restructure! I like my orgs restructure but i'm not sure about the government departments one, time will tell. I think I like it in theory:hmm: Its about de-centralising people and programs and centralising the admin and technology part.

    and b.r.e.a.t.h.e........
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    Aaaaaaaaaaagh that sounds such bollocks icey. Centrelink are like WINZ here I think, incompetent by design and vindictive by nature.

    I now work for a government department, as an advisor for local schools. I'm lucky(?) enough to be working with the schools where I live, which is rare in a city this size. It's good because I'm heavily invested in helping these schools and the kids they teach get everything they're entitled to (and more if I can help it ;) ) but bad because if I thought I knew what was happening on the ground before, I certainly know now. My area of Auckland has some of the highest population density in the city, the lowest government spending, the lowest incomes, life expectancies etc. etc. You get the drill. The stuff these kids have to deal with, and how tied our hands are in terms of support and funding, breaks my heart every day.
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    I think if you live and work in the same place you can't help but be heavily invested, after all your child may be going to school locally so... All our work is becoming place based, no one knows better than the locals.

    Your job sounds very hard, like how can we not be investing in our young people!! Are teachers mandatory reporters to child protection in nz? How do you deal with a heart that breaks every day hey :( What's your self care :)

    I'm too exhausted for any more than the basics like eating, couch and Netflix lol. Though I try to find time for at least one of sunrise, sunset, moon, stars and ocean every day.. Oh and dogs. And I had a fire last night..rock and roll :D
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    I had some EAP counseling after nearly getting carjacked(!) by a couple of kids I was working with about this. Trying to make peace with the fact that education is one slice of a very big pie and what my professional boundaries are WRT what we can actually do. The professional development teachers get around child protection is pretty woeful in NZ if I'm honest and there's a lot of institutional racism that doesn't help. Still, there's a lot of good happening in the system.

    We're moving from an apartment to a house next month and I'm going to have a decent garden for the first time as an adult. Already planning where my veggie beds and chicken coop are gonna go, figure it'll do heaps in terms of self care :)

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