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The referee for the Euro 2008 final is.....


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Italian referee Sandro Rosetti. The 40-year-old hospital director officiated at the Croatia v Turkey quarter-final and the opening match between Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Rosetti was an official at the 2006 World Cup finals. Also UEFA announced that Swiss ref Massimo Busacca will take charge of Germany v Turkey and Belgian Frank De Bleeckere will oversee the other semi-final between Spain and Russia.

BBC Sport - Euro 2008

I thought that it would be Lubos Michel, the Slovak official on the basis of his brave, but totally correct decision (with help from his linesman - assistant ref) to reverse the sending off decision on Russian defender Denis Kolodin's alleged tackle on Wes Sneijder at a crucial stage in normal time against the Dutch. But it looks like Michel has paid the price for changing the original decision.

Seems a quite good decision, i wonder what the Spanish will think of this piece of news provided? If they get to the final.


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Fucking stupid decision. This just seems like they're trying to fuck spain over for ruining their hopes of a germany v italy final.