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    All but a few standing with the Rabble will know of the true origins of the Rabble, for that we must look back into the mists of the clubs history, nearly thirty years.

    February 1990 marked one of those monumental periods in world history, Nelson Mandela had just been released from Roben Island. Thatcher had taken time off from her fight with the Jacques Delors in Europe, to lecture Hermit Kohl over German reunification and attacking NHS ambulance workers on strike to buy a house in Dulwich(a house she never set foot in) and Snead O'Connor's "nothing compares to you" was number one ..oh and “The Rabble” was established.

    This was a period when dark clouds were descending over Champion hill, with the old stadium literally falling down and large sections cordoned off on safety grounds. The Hamlet were experiencing one of those all to familiar post Christmas dip's in form which left them languishing close to the relegation zone.

    It was against this backdrop that on a cold and very wet Tuesday night in February (13th February 1990) a small group of hard core Hamlet fans choice to miss their weekly dose of TV viewing (Porridge and The Bill) and instead venture deep into the home counties to watch a London Senior Cup 2nd round game against Hoddesdon Town, a team comfortably a number of steps below them in the South Midlands League .
    The Dulwich Hamlet team sheet that fateful night at the Lowfield stadium that read
    Perry Skinner, Terry Gale, Wayne Kerrins, Ronnie Stevenson, Ray Purvis (Captain), Paul Docherty, Ian Paterson, John Egan, Matt Norris, Martin Gillings, Chris Sharpless
    Subs: Andy Gogan and Phil Smith
    with John Langford newly appointed manager that season

    Although according to the match report Dulwich Hamlet enjoyed more possession Hoddesdon had more pace and took the lead in the 8th minute with a 20 yard shot from Swaby. Dulwich Hamlet responded after 63 minutes when Ray Purvis applied the finishing touch to a left wing cross. Only for Cumins to restore the hosts lead. Hamlet drew level again on 73 minutes when Matt Norris converted a low cross from the right wing. The game then went to extra time and Hoddesdon ran out winners with a further two goals in each period of extra time

    Shaun Dooley who is now a pillar of the establishment at the Club heading up the 12th man and Herculean task of away day coaches recalled
    “It was a night game, It was pouring with rain all night, but we stood behind the goal in the mud, and (Bill Andrews – Dulwich Hamlet Treasurer) apparently looked over in disgust, and said 'look at the state of that rabble behind the goal!'. After that the name stuck. That is the game that after we really all started pulling together behind the goal, and started friendships that last to this day."

    Mishi “Previously some of us knew each other to chat to, or just to say hello to....but adversity in being totally shit and ending up comfortably bottom of the table brought us collectively together.”

    After this defeat things spiraled downwards, With the Hamlet from February 17th to the end of the season on 5th May, securing not a single victory and being forced to play its remaining fixtures at Bromley due to the ongoing safety concerns. Dulwich Hamlet finally and unsurprisingly were relegated with 26 points, ironically along with their ground hosts Bromley. Fortunately, Bromley bounced back the following year and Dulwich Hamlet the year after

    However, it is from this ignominious defeat on 13th February 1990, that on a cold wet night, forged in adversity and passion "The Rabble" was born a flame that ignited a passion for the Club that would one day propel Dulwich Hamlet and the Rabble to new levels of support for the club

    "we score a goal and the Rabble go wild"
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    So is today the actual 28.5th anniversary, then?

    That’s a quarter of the way to 114 :cool:
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    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    Bloody 'ooligans!
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    The photograph is an amazing find and well done to Ben for posting and now an important part of Dulwich Hamlet history in my opinion.

    This post was really only notes for a longer article I was was working on and needs to include reminiscences from other key people on that fateful night - you know who you are - hopefully they will be willing to share them on this thread, would also welcome information on who made the excellent banner and was its first outing on this fateful night
  6. PartisanDulwich

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    rabble dulwich hamlet version 3 established day of 13 feb 1990 dhfc.jpg
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    Bill Andrews, who accidentally christened the Rabble, played an unwitting part in a largely forgotten corner of Hamlet history. In the mid 90's the South London Press printed one paragraph reports local recreational teams sent in. The supporters team often featured. Then, over a pint or ten, a totally fictitious Dulwich Hamlet WFC were invented, match reports were submitted, and printed.

    Most of the players names were plays on the then committee, Billie Andrews was one of their top scorers if I remember correctly. Brenda Shannon and Terrie Stephens also played I think.

    I seem to remember Mishi was behind this one. Should confuse someone researching the club's history in a hundred years or so.
  8. Roger D

    Roger D Well-Known Member

    Well, the perpetrator of the legendary/infamous (delete as applicable) concrete football incident features prominently in that photo.......
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  9. Pink Panther

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    I'm fairly sure Paula Hobdell got onto the scoresheet at least once.
  10. pettyboy

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    Mishi propagating a totally fictitious football team? How times change...
  11. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I wonder whether he's responsible for Streatham Rovers too?
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  12. Dulwich Mishi

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    I like to think that it was a short-lived joke, with the joke more being on people at The Hamlet & on the South London Press, who fell for the reports.
    No shirts, stickers or other capitalist profits were made in that attempt at humour.
  13. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Thinks Gavin Rose is great

    In the photo the fella on the far left (PP) has the most luxurious indulgent hair style. Was he the original hipster? Also I notice Jocky Wilson was part of the Rabble in those days. I bet the Dulwich Hamlet supporters darts team won every game!
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    Who made the original Dulwich Hamlet (Rabble) banner ?

    Mishi Dulwich Morath We made it....newspaper to protect the tables in the bar, some tins of paint, proper homemade. Left it to dry overnight, unfortunately some paint soaked through onto the tables a little, the Club wern't happy with that, but there you go. Some of us were volunteer bar staff, and had keys to the ground, so we had the run of the place, when we wanted to, back in the days of the old ground when everyone mucked in together.

    Richard Watts There was a large club crest on the floor of the hallway inside the entrance to the main stand and I think we copied that using tracing paper. Didn't your mum sew together the three separate sections of material, Mishi?

    Mishi Dulwich Morath Proably, not sure if it was her, or my (ex) sister-in-law. Now, in the 21st century, just need to find someone who can sew patches onto my denim jacket! [​IMG];-)
  15. PartisanDulwich

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  16. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    Is that "Jimmy Glass"?

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    We did actually play a darts game once, away to Chertsey Town. They couldn't raise a supporters football team so challenged us to a darts match instead. Our cunning plan of taking nearly an entire team of people who had never played in a darts match before in an attempt to cause them to lose concentration whilst laughing at our ineptitude mis-fired. They kept a straight face and knew how to play darts. We got absolutely stuffed.

    Also to back up Mishi, the fictitious DHWFC was definitely a wind up at the expense of the committee and no more. Some of the committee and Rabble didn't exactly see eye to eye. They thought we were an embarrassment to the club and we thought certain of them were more interested in swanning around the board rooms of the league than putting in any effort and probably couldn't run a bath never mind a football club. (Some of them, not all.) There was a mutual incomprehension really.

    One small example, the WW1 research came out of a few of us going nuts in the clubhouse after we had a Saturday game on 11th November and didn't bother with a minutes silence. We decided to make sure that could never happen again. I then proceeded to get drunk and forgot about it but someone had told Jack and he kept asking me when I was going to do the promised research. Ooops. (The war memorial was in reception then and usually had chairs stacked in front of it.)
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    Yes. He was aged 16/17 at the time and on loan from Palace.
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  19. Dulwich Mishi

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    We also played Chertsey town in a half time penalty shoot out. I scored did yours go Jamie Wyatt ? ;)
  20. Jamie Wyatt

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    :facepalm: I have no idea, but I would imagine I missed!! :hmm:
  21. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    Scored one of the ones that mattered at Hitchin
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    All that's bad about Dulwich Hamlet right here. Or "The Hamlets" as we called then when Peter Crouch was just a goalkeeper trialist. Bloody nouveau. I bet they're all Communists too.
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    Mishi posted pic of Rabble at the Valley playing Uxbridge 1999

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